Life with 2 Babies Under 2 yrs old….

Well, I’m 3 months in to being a mom of 2 under 2. I have to say I love it. It’s so strange that until 6 years ago I never wanted to have children. This was just not something that ever interested me. I never followed the norm of wanting to be married and have children. Now, don’t mistake this as not enjoying my relationship thoroughly. I do and always have. I love my relationship, but I just never thought I needed a piece of paper (marriage license) to prove my relationship or happiness.

My grandmother really pushed for us to get married, as she felt we were already living as a married couple. So, as she was getting sick and we knew her time with us earthside was shortening….we decided to get married. We planned our first wedding in NC in just 9 days and we had a blast! So many family and friends and it was just as we wanted it. Just perfect. Our Canadaian family couln’t make it on such short notice, so we married again in October in Canada. Completely different than the NC wedding, but just as amazing. So, here’s the girl that never wanted to get married having 2 weddings to the same man. Funny isn’t it?


Wedding in NC




Well, here I am again….never wanted children, now have 2. I guess I’m not the best at always knowing what’s best for me. Gotta say…. I love being married and I LOVE being a mom. To my surprise, I’d love to have 6 babies. We won’t have 6, but I seriously could. That’s how much I love being a mom. Not to say I don’t want to have 3, but that has be agreed on by both parties.


Wedding in Ontario, Canada

Either way, I’m ecstatic to have the 2 babies I have and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

This has got me thinking. How much you can change your whole thought process on life. How life can take you in a total different direction. This is can be things that are happy or not. Sometimes we’re thrown curveballs. They can happen in an instant, so we have to be willing to change. Willing to see other ways. Willing to adjust and adapt. It may not always be what we wanted or dreamed of, but it may just be….just be what is inteded for us. Roll with the good and the bad. Not always easy, but sometimes we don’t have choice. We have to learn to grow. We have to learn to help one another. Not stay so bottled up and worried about what others think of us. Just reach a helping hand, a listening ear and help.


My 2 under 2!

Help others. Doesn’t matter if you agree with what they think/feel. Just help. You never know what others are going through. Be patient and try to have sympath and openness. You never know what can change you and your path.¬†


Lots to Learn–Come Journey with Me! ūüĎĪ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹūüĎ∂ūüź∂




The Amazing Human Body!

First, my last post was misleading to those who know me. I am not currently pregnant. I mentioned in my last post that I never fully relaxed during my pregnancy. After the molar pregnancy, I was a bit on edge during this¬†pregnancy. In feeling like this, I did not¬†feel comfortable talking¬†about, writing about my pregnancy while I was pregnant. We didn’t even tell family we were pregnant until I was around 18 weeks, which was after the anatomy ultrasound.¬†

I don’t know if my feelings are¬†normal, but after the pain of having a molar pregnancy, I¬†just couldn’t feel “safe” during this pregnancy. I did try to remind myself to enjoy this time. I didn’t have too rough of a pregnancy. I felt as though I had a mild case of stomach flu until around week 20. Then, I felt amazing. This mild flu feeling¬†returned around week 32. The Human Body just amazes me. It really wasn’t until I went through this pregnancy that I realized how truly incredible our¬†bodies are. The way our bodies move and open to accept this life growing inside. I was in awe watching my ribs widen to make space for baby, my hips opened, the veins you see so visible throughout your body, which shows the¬†transportation of food and life. Our hormones…oh those hormones. I didn’t notice my mood changing very much, but I noticed my cravings and dislikes.¬†This was crazy to me. I’ve always liked room temperature water…now it had to be ICE cold w/ lemon. I could only drink light¬†coloured soft¬†drinks, I COULD NOT tolerate any coffee or tea, which I am a true coffee¬†connoisseur. I’ve been a¬†vegetarian for 8 years, but I craved meat during my

Abt 12 deer Matt was feeding at Iroquois--March 17, 2013 (2)

We see so many deer on our hikes! Beautiful, majestic creatures. Make me feel so peaceful.

pregnancy.¬†Just crazy stuff. Another is I LOVE to exercise. I didn’t do much of my normal routines as I wasn’t taking any chances of disturbing the life inside of me. I did hike an hour most every day, walked every night and did weight training. I just was¬†shocked at how¬†incredibly winded I would get. Hills on my hikes that might slow me a bit, now fully take my breathe away. I now have to stop and rest. What? Never had to do that in my life.

It’s just amazing to me how our bodies change, grow and just know what to do to protect and nurture the life inside. It blows my mind how¬†it all progresses. More fun is to get all the advice as¬†to what gender my baby is going to be. Everyone has a guess, an opinion and a reason for their opinion.¬†What a blast. What is the gender? Have to wait til next week…..


Our Australian Shepherd Furbabies out on our hike!



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Oh To Be A Kid Again….

Well, another magnificent jog w/ MG and his sister this morning. Not that many people were out exercising as early in the morning as we were, so it was¬†nice and quiet. We ran on the road and on the beach again. Might as well use the sand while we have it to intensify our jogs. Followed up w/ some more yoga. I’m really enjoying being back in to yoga. It helps w/ breathing, sinuses, toning, stretching, strengthening and more.

After a healthy breakfast of coffee and cinnamon buns, it was out to play. Ok, so I get to cheat a little while on vacay. I just really enjoy going for a coffee on a patio overlooking the beach. I got to be a kid again for just a little while. We blasted the ipod player and danced around to whatever song was chosen next. Free of concern or care of what I looked like or what others thought. It was just all of us. All of us having fun and being free. Back like the days of when we were kids. Now sharing our dance moves w/ the little ones. We drove around and found a park w/ a nice area to see some fish and tiny waterfalls. There was even one area where you jump off the rock and in to a deep water hole. In this pic the lady was actually pushed off by her daughter. You might notice her turning to say something while in mid flight. See, being a kid again. Jumping, playing w/ a little nudge from her daughter.

We all got to wander around from waterfall to waterfall, looking for fish and other animals and exploring like a kid w/ the kids. Loads of fun!

Then, it was off to the amusement park. We went w/ our nephew b/c our niece was shopping to find new shoes. My kind of girl, already loves her shoes and she’s only 7 yrs old. It is so nice to feel like a kid again. I got to go down the big slide w/ our nephew and MG took him on the big go carts. We all had a great time and so much fun.

These couple of days away are not only fun and relaxing, but have reminded me of some very important life lessons. We can’t always be so serious, uptight, worried about what we look like and who is watching. Make time to be a kid again. Have some fun, be silly, dance like no one is watching. Nonetheless, just make sure you are having more fun in your life than stress. Get out and enjoy! Feel young, be young!

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Sauble Beach, ON–Aaaahhh the Beach!

We are getting away. Wooohooo!!!¬†It is only 3 hours away, going further North in Ontario and only for a couple of days, but it’s a getaway. MG’s family goes to this cottage in Sauble Beach, ON every year. We get to tag along for a couple of days w/ them. We are only able to go for a few days b/c luckily work (real estate)¬† is very busy. Usually the housing market around here is not at the hottest in July/August, but this year it has been steadily busy. No matter–the next couple of days soaking in the sun, having fun, swimming, walking on the beach will be fantastic.

So, we came up late last night, which works out well. Just in time to get a good night’s sleep and be there ready to go for the first full day. Myself, MG and his sister woke up bright and early to get in some early morning sunshine and exercise. We welcomed the cooler weather. In Hamilton, ON we have been having record heat w/ over 90’s F every day of July. So, it was a pleasure to go for a jog outside and it was only in the 70’s w/ amazing beach breezes. Somehow exercise always seems much better at the beach. We went back and did some yoga and the day was ready to begin. By the way, we ran 1/2 of our jog on the beach–whoa! what a difference. We were all much more tired. It is way harder, but supposed to be¬†much better for your joints. My legs were shaky for a bit after b/c of running in the sand.

Afterwards, we all headed to the beach. We played some soccer and football, but w/ the high winds it was too chilly to swim. In fact, we decided to go have a coffee and muffin on the patio. Beautiful! The good thing about all of us is that we can find the positive in anything. See it may be too chilly for the lake water, which is on Lake Huron, but there is this place called Oliphant that is fun! The water is generally very shallow for as far as you can see, so it is warm. The sun heats it up quickly b/c it is so shallow. You can walk out for miles and never be in water higher than your waist. We were able to catch a few creatures (turtle, sunfish, crayfish, etc), but of course we immediately turned everything loose. Don’t want to harm any animals. Then, we stopped to roll down a gigantic hill of sand and off to the cottage for some asparagus and grilled veggies.

After all of this, it was a serene night of fishing. Not a lot biting, but we caught a few and of course turned them loose. See a pattern going here? Doesn’t my sis-in-law look like a pro?

Even the kids were fishing. Beautiful night. Then, it was off to a local ice cream shop for a tiny bit of yummy treats. Well deserved. Back to the cottage for some chill and relaxation¬†and off to bed and ready to start a whole new day. Aaaahhh the beach–we make the most of time away. Heck, make the most of every day. Life’s a beach, but if it is too chilly, go make your own fun elsewhere. There’s always something else to do and be excited about. The weather is perfect, not so much for swimming, but for everything else–Magnificent!










Oh and a little shopping never hurt anyone. A pair of the most comfortable shoes ever and some adorable Diesel rainboots for only $40. Cool deal. Too bad we haven’t had rain in over a month. I’ll get to wear them sooner or later!










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You Said What????

I find it funny how very similar my hometown of Greensboro, NC and my new hometown of Hamilton, ON, Canada are to one another. Even when family and friends come to visit–they remark on how familiar it all feels. It is only a 12 hour drive passing by¬†Niagara Falls and¬†through the lovely mountains. You would just assume that they would be completely different.¬† The weather is relatively similar. This year especially, NC has been a bit cooler at times than here in Canada. This seems weird b/c it seems that Canada would always be colder, but not so. NC seems to have warmer, longer summers, and warmer, shorter winters, but on average the temps are pretty close.

Some of the biggest differences I have noticed are racial issues. Where I live in Canada, there aren’t any race issues that come up, or at least that you hear on a common basis. In NC, we have advanced a lot, but let’s face it, race is always¬†there in most people’s minds. It is overheard all the time. Another is that here in Canada, most all¬†the people are well-traveled and have a lot of knowledge about other places in the world. In the states, we seem to travel outside the country, yes, but not a lot. Most vacations are to another state. We know a lot about our country, but not so much about the rest of the world. Both places have a ton of positive things to offer and I can happily live in either place.

One of the most troublesome differences is language. In both places we speak English, but have different meanings for some words and simply don’t even use others. For instance, I use the word commode. Most people here in Canada look at me like I have 3 heads. Especially if I am showing clients around homes and throw out that there is a 2 piece bath w/ a new sink and a commode. What? w/ some confusion. Apparently, commode is a funny word meaning something other than toilet. Another that just really throws people off is when I proudly state that “I am wearing my toboggan to stay warm”. What? You said what? How the heck do you wear a toboggan? All you Canadians are thinking right now–how can a toboggan keep you warm? All you Americans are thinking, well of course a toboggan keeps you warm. Well, apparently up here a toboggan is a sled. MG had a long discussion w/ some of my friends who just didn’t believe that a sled is a toboggan. No, they said, it is a sled. Anyway, right around the corner from my home in Ontario is this sign. It certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a hat.

Oh well, I don’t think I’ll ever change. MG would really like me to take up some of the Canadian terms, such as toboggan meaning sled-like, but I just can’t. I feel like a traitor or like I’m trying to “be Canadian“. Yes, I live here now and I’ve certainly picked up the saying “eh” (if you don’t people don’t realize you are asking for a response) and a few others, but I have to stay true to what I know. It may seem silly here, but that’s who I am.¬†I may not be in North Carolina now, but the North Carolina will always be in me.

Love to hear thoughts from any of you. Have you ever moved and picked up different ways of speaking or words? Did you change? Either way, I’m lucky to have 2 hometowns w/ loads of people who care about me in both and even though they may giggle at me a bit, they enjoy what makes me different or the differences they notice in me now.




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Back and Ready!

New Recipe on home page under “Recipes” tab at top for 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta. This recipe was posted by Oh She Glows blog. Yummy and delicious!

Game 6 tonight of Stanley Cup Playoffs…Go Canucks!!!! What an exciting series so far!

I’ve been back in Ontario, Canada for a day and a half, but I’m mentally back. The 1/2 day on Saturday was recovery, unpacking and sleeping. The whole day was spent jogging, sleeping, working, sleeping, recovering. Today, I’m back. I feel great. A little sniffly, but great! I always come back from NC pumped, rejuvenated and happy. We did our workouts w/ Jillian. She is amazing and I didn’t get to do any of her DVD’s while away. Seriously, after not doing this for a week, it is a butt kicker.¬†Next, was time to get our yard in order. It was amazing to see how¬†much all of our plants grew in¬†one week. We had to do loads of weeding, mowing, watering, you name it. Real estate is going well, but I did a good amount of work in NC, so¬†that part doesn’t feel any different.

A few¬†new things came my way while I was gone. I’m excited to tell you all about them. First, I was notified just before I left for NC that¬†I won a Mavea¬†water pitcher. This was extremely exciting. I follow @therealdishto¬† or¬†and read her blogs regularly. She has tons of good info on eating healthy, vegetarian recipes and overall good info to know. She offered a chance to win this pitcher and since I am reading her blog all the¬†time, I figured why not try to win. Well, I did! My beautiful, red pitcher was at my house waiting in a big brown box. I quickly opened it, read the manual and got it set up.¬†¬†This pitcher filters your water and makes for delicious, fresh water. The filter goes inside and there is a button on top that tells you when to change the filter. The cost of the filter is $8 and only has to be changed about every 2 months. I have been using it constantly and love it. Also, you pour the water right from your faucet¬†and there is a valve that closes when you have enough water inside to be filtered. Then, you just pour right from the pitcher into your water bottle. Voila! I love it and highly recommend you checking out the blog from above and the company, Mavea.¬† Thank both of you, I love it!

Next, on the new list are my Mizuno running shoes. I love these shoes. I have been using Asics¬†and I really liked them, but for me, they don’t compare to my Mizuno’s. These shoes have an extra bit of bounce in the shoe and seems to just motivate you along. It feels like I float and I don’t feel the heaviness of the pavement under my feet. They are also very light. These shoes are great for me and I look forward to every run in them. No, I didn’t win these, but I sure would love anything this company would send my way.

While in NC I thought I would try Oil of Olay’s¬†new¬†under eye concealer. It is a bit expensive for concealer, but happened to be cheaper in NC. So, of¬†course I bought and figured I’d try it out. It actually works really well. I was very surprised the first time I used it. It does smooth¬†out the lines just enough and definitely helps w/ dark circles. Trust me, after my vacation, I need to hide my dark circles. This product seems to do what it says it does and I really like it. I’ve tried it for a couple of days now and still see its benefits.

So, I guess it is back to reality in Canada now. The good part is that our outdoors looks amazing at our house. We are outside all day and most of the night now. It is so nice to see the animals, the flowers, etc all while sipping coffee at our table or doing work on the laptop. I love it and I am looking forward to a fantastic summer. We have a lot planned and I can’t wait to try some new things and adventures. So, it is time for a good night’s sleep and I thought I’d leave you w/ this lovely picture. Summer is here and I am ready for it!

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Back in Canada and So Tired!

Well, we still woke up at 8am and went for a 3mile¬†(5km) jog w/ 2 sets of 400 stairs. Luckily, we both really enjoy exercise and it makes us feel better. It is really hot here in Canada as well. Although we are in the mid to upper 80’s, it is sunny and humid. It is nice to continue on w/ getting up early and getting our workouts¬†done right away. This way there are no excuses. We can’t say it is too hot, work doesn’t get in the way–simply nothing–no excuses. Also, there is a peacefulness in the mornings. I noticed this in NC as well. People are up and about, getting their workouts in before work, school or just life happens. Everyone has a special glow, a smile. We all encourage each other silently to keep going, pushing. It is nice. No one speaks much, just a simple wave or head nod, but we all get it. WE are all working towards our own goal. Could be weight loss, toning, health issues, training, who knows. Doesn’t matter–we are all out there together getting in whatever workout it is that we need for that day. Wow, it is so powerful!

So, my week¬† in NC is over, I am already missing everyone. Although, I did get a great sleep in my Tempurpedic¬†and woke up somewhat refreshed. I’m supposed to have an open house today, but¬†we sold the home, so¬†we are now free to relax and catch up. A quick re-cap of the week. I got to see all of my amazing family and most of my friends, ate the foods and shopped the shops I can’t get here in Canada, got in loads of vitamin D and exercise, overall had a phenomenal time! I sold 2 houses and got an interested buyer on one of our commercial properties. I still have plenty of listings and hungary buyers, but it is nice to be able to take care of my business while I am away. It’s like I never left.

Thank you to everyone from NC and I can’t wait to see you all again either here in Canada or my next visit to NC. I also appreciate MG for his patience, hockey training and keeping up w/ this crazy schedule in order to see everyone. We have a fun time and keep things easy for one another. We also motivate one another for exercise, healthy eating and just keeping going. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the pics, they are all special memories of our visit that have not previously been posted. No matter how much life changes, continues, moves–I will always have my family/friends and a lifetime of memories. I learned a lot about myself, about others and even met a few strangers. I came back w/ a new wealth of knowledge. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired. MG and I have had a few naps today and have fallen asleep a few times on the couch (which¬†we never do). We fit a lot in to this trip and never stopped or missed a minute of any day. I feel like I haven’t slept in 3 wks, but it is all worth it. I loved every second of it and I’m ready to do it again. Well, not yet, but soon! No amount of exercise prepares you for the week we’ve just had. I loved it and had a blast!










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