The Amazing Human Body!

First, my last post was misleading to those who know me. I am not currently pregnant. I mentioned in my last post that I never fully relaxed during my pregnancy. After the molar pregnancy, I was a bit on edge during this pregnancy. In feeling like this, I did not feel comfortable talking about, writing about my pregnancy while I was pregnant. We didn’t even tell family we were pregnant until I was around 18 weeks, which was after the anatomy ultrasound. 

I don’t know if my feelings are normal, but after the pain of having a molar pregnancy, I just couldn’t feel “safe” during this pregnancy. I did try to remind myself to enjoy this time. I didn’t have too rough of a pregnancy. I felt as though I had a mild case of stomach flu until around week 20. Then, I felt amazing. This mild flu feeling returned around week 32. The Human Body just amazes me. It really wasn’t until I went through this pregnancy that I realized how truly incredible our bodies are. The way our bodies move and open to accept this life growing inside. I was in awe watching my ribs widen to make space for baby, my hips opened, the veins you see so visible throughout your body, which shows the transportation of food and life. Our hormones…oh those hormones. I didn’t notice my mood changing very much, but I noticed my cravings and dislikes. This was crazy to me. I’ve always liked room temperature water…now it had to be ICE cold w/ lemon. I could only drink light coloured soft drinks, I COULD NOT tolerate any coffee or tea, which I am a true coffee connoisseur. I’ve been a vegetarian for 8 years, but I craved meat during my

Abt 12 deer Matt was feeding at Iroquois--March 17, 2013 (2)

We see so many deer on our hikes! Beautiful, majestic creatures. Make me feel so peaceful.

pregnancy. Just crazy stuff. Another is I LOVE to exercise. I didn’t do much of my normal routines as I wasn’t taking any chances of disturbing the life inside of me. I did hike an hour most every day, walked every night and did weight training. I just was shocked at how incredibly winded I would get. Hills on my hikes that might slow me a bit, now fully take my breathe away. I now have to stop and rest. What? Never had to do that in my life.

It’s just amazing to me how our bodies change, grow and just know what to do to protect and nurture the life inside. It blows my mind how it all progresses. More fun is to get all the advice as to what gender my baby is going to be. Everyone has a guess, an opinion and a reason for their opinion. What a blast. What is the gender? Have to wait til next week…..


Our Australian Shepherd Furbabies out on our hike!



“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”



Cinco De Mayo

I’m sad to say that this fantastically fun day came and went and I didn’t (for the first year) do anything to celebrate. I’d love to hear what any of you did!

I did however get a lot of great real estate accomplished today. Also, we got to see our nephew and play a bit of hockey w/ him, then had a delicious dinner w/ my mother-in-law, nephew and fiance. Actually, I did celebrate it a bit by having such a wonderful time w/ the above mentioned people. Even got my nephew to strike a pose. No, I’m not holding up a gang sign, that is actually a “W” I’ve been working on to stand for my last name, Williams. Can you see it, sorda, maybe?

Come to think of it, it was a magnificent day. My kind of perfect day–about 16 Celsius and 61 Farenheit for all my American friends. I did an interval session on the treadmill (1 min at 6.7, 1 min at 8.7, 30 sec at 6.7 and 30 sec at 9.3) totalling 3 miles. This always starts my day off right, great cardio in just over 20mins. Then, we spent the morning outside. This is one of the first days we could really exit our caves (houses) in a long while.

We started to pick weeds out of our flower beds. Let me back up. Until last August, we didn’t have flower beds. Here’s a few pics, you’ll be able to figure out the before and after. First, MG and I made a decision last summer to do a full overhaul on our outside. When we purchased our house, the previous seller had fully re-done the inside, but the outside was not very nice at all. Just plain grass, old concrete patio and sidewalks. We brought in Tumbleweed Landscaping (owner is a close friend of MG, but does the best work of anyone I’ve ever seen). We started off w/ a few small things we wanted to do. It turned into a 3mos long ordeal, and everything was done, even the front and back grass was completely removed and put back down. We added flower beds, widened our driveway w/ interlock, did interlock down both sides and back patio, built a cabana, put tall wooden fences on all 3 sides, made a bubbling fountain. Basically, you name it we did it. Phew! This went from June-Sept 10′. So, we really didn’t get to enjoy it much last summer. If there’s one thing I learned, its get it all done at once. I am so glad that there is nothing left that we want to do. It’s so nice to go outside and everything is done. All we have to do is maintain it. Two, we know landscaping helps bring buyers to your home, but they aren’t going to pay more for it, generally. So, enjoy it while you live there.

Best feeling in the world right now to go outside after months of being inside and see all the fully done landscaping. Even better is that our flowers and things are starting to grow again. I just love spring and all the new life that comes with it. I’m having a hard time w/ not having Stryker and Tazz around though. They were always running around outside w/ us, going for hikes and knowing that soon they would be going to the beach for a swim almost every day. I’m really having trouble dealing w/ this first spring without them. On the flip, I’m enjoying my first spring as the “new” me. I’m really taking it all in now. I am appreciating life in general and every opportunity it gives us. I have a whole new meaning to my life after this last year and all we’ve been through. I’m looking forward to what awaits us!

 “Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

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