The Amazing Human Body!

First, my last post was misleading to those who know me. I am not currently pregnant. I mentioned in my last post that I never fully relaxed during my pregnancy. After the molar pregnancy, I was a bit on edge during this pregnancy. In feeling like this, I did not feel comfortable talking about, writing about my pregnancy while I was pregnant. We didn’t even tell family we were pregnant until I was around 18 weeks, which was after the anatomy ultrasound. 

I don’t know if my feelings are normal, but after the pain of having a molar pregnancy, I just couldn’t feel “safe” during this pregnancy. I did try to remind myself to enjoy this time. I didn’t have too rough of a pregnancy. I felt as though I had a mild case of stomach flu until around week 20. Then, I felt amazing. This mild flu feeling returned around week 32. The Human Body just amazes me. It really wasn’t until I went through this pregnancy that I realized how truly incredible our bodies are. The way our bodies move and open to accept this life growing inside. I was in awe watching my ribs widen to make space for baby, my hips opened, the veins you see so visible throughout your body, which shows the transportation of food and life. Our hormones…oh those hormones. I didn’t notice my mood changing very much, but I noticed my cravings and dislikes. This was crazy to me. I’ve always liked room temperature water…now it had to be ICE cold w/ lemon. I could only drink light coloured soft drinks, I COULD NOT tolerate any coffee or tea, which I am a true coffee connoisseur. I’ve been a vegetarian for 8 years, but I craved meat during my

Abt 12 deer Matt was feeding at Iroquois--March 17, 2013 (2)

We see so many deer on our hikes! Beautiful, majestic creatures. Make me feel so peaceful.

pregnancy. Just crazy stuff. Another is I LOVE to exercise. I didn’t do much of my normal routines as I wasn’t taking any chances of disturbing the life inside of me. I did hike an hour most every day, walked every night and did weight training. I just was shocked at how incredibly winded I would get. Hills on my hikes that might slow me a bit, now fully take my breathe away. I now have to stop and rest. What? Never had to do that in my life.

It’s just amazing to me how our bodies change, grow and just know what to do to protect and nurture the life inside. It blows my mind how it all progresses. More fun is to get all the advice as to what gender my baby is going to be. Everyone has a guess, an opinion and a reason for their opinion. What a blast. What is the gender? Have to wait til next week…..


Our Australian Shepherd Furbabies out on our hike!



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Enjoying the Gems in Life!

After a long day of real estate w/ some ups and downs, MG made a fantastic dinner followed up w/ a great suggestion. He wanting to change-up our exercise regimen and go for a rollerblade down by the water. Magnificent idea! We haven’t been rollerblading for a while. We both enjoy it, but when we had our dogs, we wanted to include them and rollerblading was a bit too fast for them to go. So, off to the water we went. It was so nice. Imagine–water to the side of us, others out for a stroll, bike, run, you name it. Dogs and kids everywhere. Nice, breezy day, about 80F. This was a great way to unwind. Got a few blisters, but that’s ok, just shows the hard work. We went for almost an hour and around 6.5 miles. Just perfect!

We try to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the summer while we have it. I have to quietly admit that I’m über excited about the approaching fall weather and sites. I just love all the colors as the leaves change, the crispness in the air and the holidays around the corner. But, until then, we will get out, get our Vitamin D and enjoy nature. Nature is all around us where we live.

For instance, the next night, we went to another free course at our local health food store. Colin De France was the speaker and did an excellent job. I got a lot out of what he had to say. He discussed changing up workouts and how to eat healthier. One of his main topics was how stress, worry, lack of sleep can all really affect our health. He discussed a very interesting topic that really stuck w/ me. He said to treat every person as if they were a Zen Master. What this means is that every time someone does something you don’t like (cut you off in the car, honk the horn, anything not nice), rather than get angry, stop and think–maybe they are here to teach me a lesson. So true! It actually works really well. I had a real estate appointment and the buyer was 30mins late. No call. No anything…just late. I was pretty annoyed and turned it around. Maybe this person was teaching me patience. I got to catch up w/ my seller, get a coffee across the street and still wasn’t late for my next appointment. My Ah-Ha! moment. Believe it or not, I went from really irritated to very cordial in a matter of moments. He taught me patience, he taught me to control my emotions. So vital. It is not good to get angry, mad, frustrated. It really hurts our overall health. I have too much of a tendency to let my emotions build up too quickly. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this worked. Give it a try. See if you can reduce a little stress in your life. Let others teach you w/o them even knowing it.

Afterwards, we went to another park to walk around and enjoy a coffee. In looking at these pics, it is hard to believe that this is just a 10 mins drive from my house. It feels like a vacation area. Just lovely. Enjoy the views and try treating others as if they are a Zen Master. If that doesn’t work try getting outside. Be out amongst others, nature, sites–you always feel better. Just going for a walk really helps reduce stress, anxiety, frustrations and your burning a few calories at the same time. Try to find some nice, overlooked places around you. Like where we are in this pic–most take it for granted. Most are in too much of a hurry to realize the beauty here. Slow down, take it in and enjoy the views. Find a new hidden gem around you and enjoy it!





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OM…Spring is Coming!!!

Spring is nudging its magnificence through. Sure signs of spring: Chipmunks, Robins, Street Hockey, Patio Furniture, Mosquitos & much more! On this last day of April….these are all things I’ve seen.
So excited to see this is a chipmunk and a dove under the bird feeder. Below is the chipmunk trying to climb the pole. My first sighting of a chipmunk since the fall. Chipmunks do hibernate. They borough in holes & eat off the supply they have stored away. They aren’t true hibernators, but they do hide through the winter months. Similar to humans. We don’t get to hide away from the cold, but it’s apparent that spring is here. My street is suddenly full of road hockey, kids on bikes and playing, & birds are everywhere.
MG, his sister and parents had to do the annual stick pick up around his parents’ 18acres. I am usually a part of this, but real estate was a bit too busy today. I had to finish up a few listing appointments and an offer. I went over after the appointments for a lovely dinner and visit. MMMM….dinner was a yummy veggie pasta, pizza, crusty bread and caesar salad. Everyone was pretty tired and sore. See, I make it sound simple, picking up sticks, but it’s a lot of raking, carrying, bending down to get the sticks. You get the idea.  Afterwards MG and I took a walk through the woods. We love to walk back there. It’s so quiet and peaceful and we always see animals. There were so many hoof prints from very large deer, tons of birds and wildlife. It’s our little getaway from the city. It’s just beautiful here. We don’t even talk. Just enJOY the silence, the beauty. A little slice of Heaven.
Everyone needs their quiet place. We just happen to both really enjoy the outdoors and the nature. We get outside for hikes, walks, jogs year round, no matter the weather–snow, rain, shine. It’s just magical to feel the aura of the crisp breeze, nature and longer days. These pics were around 7:30pm and still bright out. I’m not sure if I’ve made it clear how excited I am for Spring. I love all 4 seasons and get excited as a new season starts to approach.
I’m ready for spring! I can’t wait to start blogging from a Starbucks patio again. To start seeing the shades of color appear in my own backyard. I love seeing all the kids out playing rather than sitting in front of the TV. I’m ready and it looks like it is beginning. Now its time to share and smile…we all know what’s around the corner.


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