Wow! A Lot Has Changed In 3 Years!

So, when I left off 3 years ago I was looking at 2 paths. Life was a whirlwind, but a good one. Now, life is the best it’s ever been. As many of you probably know, I started this blog as a way to help others especially with Molar Pregnancies. I had recently endured a turbulent many months full of wonder, fear and the unknown. I had to accept that I was not in control. I had no other choice BUT to accept that fact. Getting pregnant, staying pregnant, having a baby—I have found that all of this is out of my control.

Control: the act or power of controlling; regulation; domination or command. I’ve always had control of my life. My feelings, my job, how things were going to turn out. Yep, yep and yep–I had it under control.

Then, my hubby mentioned that we should start trying to get pregnant as we aren’t getting any younger. Rewind to the end of 2010 w/ the Molar Pregnancy and the many years since. Over these years is when I learned that some things aren’t and never will be in my control!

Sometimes the best things are worth the wait. For some those things may never happen and we have to find the happiness in what we have. May not always be easy, trust me, but sometimes that’s the way it is.

Since taking these 3 years off to go about my life and see which path would happen for me, I am hoping to start writing again. My life has changed in so many ways and I’ve had many wonderful compliments about this blog that I really want to put some information back out there. Even if I’m the only one that reads this blog at least I have my stamp on this blog. Something that anyone can look and realize that life throws many curveballs, ups and downs, but it’s all about how we deal w/ this life we’ve been given. Hope to keep up this time and not let life get in the way.


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Christmas Anyone?

No Scrooges allowed in our house. We love Christmas! I think we are usually the first on  our street to decorate and definitely decorate the most. One of the few homes without children, but w/ the most decorations. We enjoy it. What I don’t enjoy is taking them down. Does anyone else notice how fun, easy, and seemingly quick it is when the lights are going up? Well, we enjoy it. We have the pups around playing, the Christmas tunes cranked, the fireplace glowing, a steaming hot coffee nearby and a big box full of tangled lights, containers of forgotten ornaments and loads of “now where does this go again” conversations. We use a boxed tree, so I have a lovely smelling pine tree candle burning, so we get the feel of a live Christmas tree. I just love it. But then comes Dec 26th….all downhill from there. The lights still come on b/c of course you cannot remove them b/c of some superstition w/ waiting until after New Year’s Day. So, like w/ every holiday, once it is time for the decorations to come down, we get them down. We don’t have quite the glow, smile or sugar-plum fairies dancing in our heads, but we get them down. It is almost like a mission…a little minor war of our own. No Christmas music, dancing, still have the hot coffee, but not talking. Just boxing, removing, labelling and trying to find which box each ornament originally belonged in. It seems to take forever, but we bunker down and get it done.

I even enjoy all the hustle and bustle at the malls, stores, etc. It just keeps you in the spirit. Everywhere you go there’s lights, music, just joy in the air. Well, most of the time. If you save all your shopping until the last night—you may not have or see as much joy. Just remember the point to the season. For me, I will never take Christ out of Christmas and it does make me sad to see how much “he” is being left out of this holiday. Also, it is always about family, joy, being happy and of course presents. I still love presents. I don’t care about my birthday, but I’m still a kid when it comes to Christmas morning. I think I always will be. I enjoy giving and surprising others as much if not more than I enjoy receiving. One thing for sure…LuluLemon is definitely on my wish list. We’ve been so lucky here for weather as well. It is starting to get pretty cold here now, but no snow. The days are still very nice–cool, crisp, sunny, but the nights are COLD! Still, no snow yet. Usually, I’m excited for snow and I still am this year, but w/ the 2 pups around, I’m enjoying the warmer temps right now. It is much easier to take them out for their “washroom breaks” when it is not bone-chilling, snow-covered nights.

Anyway, please enjoy the holidays. Don’t take them for granted. Remember your loved ones, friends, others who don’t have anything (human and animal) and the true meaning of Christmas for you. Everyone has their own individual meaning for Christmas, so celebrate it and do what you want. This is the time for “wants” not “needs”. Enjoy the time w/ family and friends and soak up every moment. You never know what next year may bring, so treat it like you won’t get this moment again. Live it, enjoy it and make the most of the entire season!

Family Christmas 2011

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How High Can You Count?

Sometimes I feel like I can’t count higher than 10. Growing up I was a dancer. Ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop and African. African was amazing b/c it as so free and there were live drummers. Fantastic! Anyway, in dance you generally count to 8 and repeat. You may add in an “and a”, but that’s it. I noticed the other night when watching the hockey team we help, play their game, I only count up to 5. So, now my counting is getting even lower. Since I’m the trainer for the team, I’m always counting to make sure I see 5 players standing when on the ice. If they aren’t standing, that means they may be hurt and may need my help. Ok, getting even stranger…we ate at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries. Even restaurants don’t count higher than 5. Wanna guess how many workers were there?…..You got it–5! By the way, first time at this place and I had the most amazing grilled veggie sandwich!

This got me thinking about how much of our brains we don’t use. Or maybe we do. See, I may not use numbers, a lot or math, but I use my knowledge in other areas. We learn so many things in school and basically in my opinion, it just lays the base for where we want to focus our attention. Some use this knowledge to be doctors, scientists, accountants, teachers, etc. I use mine for socialization in real estate (people skills), healthy eating, dog training. We all have skills and we use them in the areas we are most interested.

No matter where you choose to focus your attention, do it and do it well. There’s no need to feel like you are less b/c you didn’t choose one thing over another. It takes just as much skill and thought to use the more “artsy” side of ourselves than to use the perceived “business” side. I used to wonder what my career would be b/c I was more drawn to what most see as hobby than career. Now, I sell real estate, but I continue w/ my hobby jobs and love them. I train dogs, teach exercise and nutrition (hope to get back in to both of these soon) and dance. The dancing tends to stay in private or at weddings. You can’t help but dance at weddings.

My whole thought has changed. I think there is a need for every choice of career. If you are passionate about something you are doing, you will be good at it and there will be a need for it. People want to trust and if you are skilled at what you are doing, they will trust you. Your love for what you are doing will ooze out of you. Use what you have and turn it into your life, your career. Don’t let anything stop you. So, the fact that I don’t count higher than 10 in my every normal day doesn’t matter. I’m doing things I love w/ people I love and that is the best feeling in life.

Thought I’d leave you w/ one of my favorite vines in our back yard. It was green all summer, but is now turning beautiful shades of red, purple–all the colors of fall.

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It’s Getting A Little Spooky!!!

Around this house, we decorate. We don’t have any kids, probably one of only a few on this street that don’t, but we decorate better than anyone. We love it. I know my fiance’s family enjoy decorating and they do a lovely job. My family was always very interested in decorating. I remember some phenomenal Halloween’s growing up and looking forward to all that sugar. Now, the thought of all that candy makes me nauseous. Just the thought, ugghhh, tummy churning, tummy churning. We love handing out all that candy though. We decorate a lot, even change the color of our outdoor lights to match the holiday. We always dress up and hand out candy. Then, it’s off to whatever activity happens next.

So, as you will see, one of the busy things in my life is decorating and buying more decorations. The good thing is that some of my newbies are on sale. 50% off. Score! and I don’t have to do too much explaining to the King of our house. By the way, he will definitely not like being called “King”.  Anyway, here are some pics. They don’t do it justice, but still fun. MG even spent hours hand painting the 2 coffins. They look magnificent. Sometimes you get caught up in your own work. This paintbrush just kept following him around.

I also really enjoy haunted houses. My best friend and I used to go to every haunted house, trail, hayride, you name it. I still try to make it to one or 2 during the season. I can’t stand the anticipation. It always gets me. I still scream like a 4 yr old every time I go. I know they can’t hurt me, but it is that darn anticipation that something around that next corner is going to get me.








When it comes to holidays, I’m still a kid. I like to enjoy them, decorate, etc. They make me really happy. This is part of why I love fall. I’m anticipating the good around the corner. Since I’m a US citizen in Canada, I get to enjoy TWO Thanksgiving’s. How lucky is that? Darn lucky for someone who loves holidays. I enjoy the family time, the hustle and bustle, the crispness in the air and all the other decorations at people houses. You should see the looks as people pass by our outdoor skeleton. They give some pretty crazy looks. To make things worse, we added a spider in the tree that hangs down. Looks get a bit crazier. It’s all in fun. I love it and it makes me smile. Hopefully it makes others smile. Actually, it does. After the look of concern, every person continues walking w/ a smile. We’ve even had neighbors thank us for making their days happier. How much they enjoy looking at our decorations every day. That’s nice. I almost decorate now more for others than for us, but I still enjoy it more than anyone.

Oh, a picture that is spooky w/o having anything to do w/ Halloween. We were driving down the highway the other day just as this plane was landing. Some see this every day b/c the airport is near the highway. Me, I don’t see this much and it is a little spooky to see this huge plane, flying so low and close to the cars. You never know if they are landing properly. All was good, but left me w/ a little thought. Well, enjoy the season and the decorating!



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More Fun In September!

As I mentioned in my last post, September was full of fun and busy. We got to go see a Tiger Cats (CFL football game). They won big which was also really nice. It was a very chilly day, a bit of overcast, but that really didn’t matter. What mattered was the fun! The family! The togetherness. You simply cannot ask for a better place to take kids and let them be as loud and free as they wanna be. They got to dance, run, play, scream and much more. All the while we could watch the game and have a few adult conversations. It was also neat that they fly the fighter planes over to open the game.

September has been a fabulous family month. It’s nice b/c w/ real estate, some other possible new adventures, life has been crazy busy. Taking time to enjoy socializing and just getting out is very needed. I find that I tend to get a bit obsessed w/ things, so I have to pull myself away. If we are really busy w/ real estate, I tend to focus all my time to work and being at my client’s every beckoning call. It’s ok to do this every so often, but you have to spend time w/ those that matter as well. This means not cancelling on plans. This is challenging b/c I am afraid of missing out on a deal or client or whatever. What I need to realize is what I’m missing out on when I cancel w/ those that really matter to me.

My meaning is that no matter what, take care of yourself. Make YOU happy and those around will be happy. It is always fun to be around someone who is positive and relaxing. It is never fun to be around negativity. It is never fun to be w/ someone when you feel like they are always in a hurry to get somewhere else to do something else. It is also not enjoyable for those around you to feel like you are too important and they need to book an appointment just to see you. So, make plans and keep them. Done!

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Prepared? Life Is In Your Hands

How do you know if you are fully prepared? Answer: you don’t. Not a very informative answer, but it is true. As you all know, I’m über excited about the return of fall. I know we are only 4 days in to September w/ a few more weeks of summer, but starting tomorrow, the weather is getting cooler. Beautiful. Looking at highs in mid 70’s, I can’t wait.

So, the return of fall also means the return of hockey. Not only NHL hockey, which I love watching, but local hockey. MG scouts for the OHL (Ontario hockey league) and he is helping coach minor midget (click for links to explain). Since he is coaching, I am training. This means I have the responsibility of handling repairs of equipment, skates, water bottles, but most importantly all injuries. Yikes! I did this 2 yrs ago, so I’m more confident, but are you ever prepared. These 15 yr old boys rely on me to help them. No matter how big or small, they need you to fix them or get them somewhere to be fixed. We had an exhibition game today (3rd game so far) and I had a funny feeling before the game. Something kept telling me to get ice bags ready. I don’t usually have ice so readily at my feet. Today I followed my gut and it sure paid off.

In the first period was when it all went down. First a kid broke his wrist in 2 places. Hard to look at b/c it obviously was deformed from the break. I get him off the ice, splint it, put him in a sling and off to the ER w/ his dad. Come back to another kid bent over in pain. I start to check on him and I am told to check another first. He got a puck to the cheek. Luckily, he was ok, put some ice on it and no cut, so good. Back to kid bent over. He has pulled a hip/abdominal muscle, can’t put any pressure on it, can’t move. Skate him to the locker room, put ice on and off to the ER w/ his parents. Go back just to see another get a stick to the ribs (instant swelling and bruising, but ok), ice for him. And the last was an overextended elbow, again ok and given ice. Ice is the cure all in many situations to help swelling and pain. I am not a doctor, so I can only do so much and then I have to hand them to someone else for insurance reasons.

Phew, busy! The whole time I’m on the bench, I’m thinking–if something really serious happens, am I ready? Everyone is waiting for you, looking at you. Pressure? Ya think? Don’t know if you remember the guy, Ben Fanelli, who was severely injured during a hockey game (click his name here for full story). The trainer had to be on his game. Had to be in the moment and follow the training he had, but had to rely on his gut. You can be trained all you want, but do any of us know how we will act, feel, respond in a real emergency? I stand on the bench watching the game, but in the back of my mind trying to ask myself what I would do, making sure I know where all my emergency equipment is, my emergency plan (parents, coaches, etc to go get help). We all like to think we could handle it. Could I? If someone is bleeding everywhere, convulsing, could I deal w/ it? It would be so scary, but I’d like to think my mind would go on autopilot and get the job done. Anyway, so far so good. Some concerning injuries, but dealt w/ very well. Hopefully there won’t be anymore. I know there will be, so I have to stay prepared.

Now, take this thinking off the bench and bring it in to everyday life. Are we prepared? Life moves at a rapid pace, so we have to live every moment. We have to be ready for the ups and downs of life. Make sure you tell/show your loved ones/friends how much you care, you never know. Always be on the lookout for any problems whether driving, biking, hiking, whatever, have a backup plan, escape, look for things that don’t seem right and be prepared to help yourself. Even w/ your job, never stop searching for your passion and connecting w/ others. You never know when you may need a new job. See where I’m going? Don’t live scared or worried, but try to be prepared. Get things in order and always have a plan B, always be ready for what is thrown your way. You should allow yourself time to grieve, but then you have to get up, get going. No regrets. Try to live w/ no shoulda, woulda, if only’s. Enjoy life, but try not to get too high, just to come back down. Live your life the way you want, for yourself and always be prepared!


“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

Go Topless!!!

I’ve got to be honest. I am so sick of hearing about all these groups coming together to march topless to prove a point. What point? In Canada, women are allowed to be in public topless. Point done! Just a few weeks ago, there was a march in Venice Beach, California to promote being topless. Great–you marched, you went topless, now what? I hope to not offend anyone if you are one of the one’s marching to go topless. That is not my objective.  I just don’t care. I personally have zero interest in walking, jogging, lunging, whatever topless in public. I really enjoy fashion, therefore I wear clothes. Top to bottom. I believe most everywhere has places you can go to be topless or fully naked if you want. I don’t feel that we have to join together to march, when chances are high that most of the people protesting, really don’t want to be topless in public on a general basis.

I also feel that these types of protests attract the wrong crowds. I have never been a part of this, but I assume you just get a lot of gawkers. I don’t think the real people (ie. politicians)  that need to hear about your desire to go topless will be attending. I’m not sure if you are really proving a point by doing this. You probably will mostly get people who just want to see a bunch of topless people. Either way, I just don’t get the point. Now, obviously it can work. That is how Canada decided to allow women to go topless in public–through protest.

This is actually a pic of my brother (used to be in the Air Force) and I.

Anyway, my point is that I just don’t care what others do. If it makes you happy to be topless, do it. Find a place where it is allowed. I don’t feel it needs to be allowed everywhere.  There’s many things that make us happy, that we can do in the right place, but can’t do everywhere. Insert pause for you to use your imagination…..  Now back to me. Do what you want. Just please stop protesting everything. If you are nice, pleasant, fun, positive–I like you. It doesn’t matter to me what your race, sexual preference, interest in amount of clothes you are wearing–people either like or dislike you. Going topless, hating people for their race or religious beliefs, marrying someone you love no matter what, are very important, but aren’t “serious” in the big picture. Stop marching, stop protesting and start living. Just be happy. We don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Let’s worry more about peace, feeding children and countries that don’t have enough food, decreasing the amount of animals that are euthanized every day or tortured for us to eat their meat, bringing soldiers back alive, protecting our planet. These are the issues that I care about. These are the issues that if all of us cared more about would make the world a much better place to be. Just be. Be you, be happy. Don’t judge others and just let them be. It is not our business what others want to do w/ their lives. Just please–focus on the issues that will help others and each one of us to live longer, happier, healthier. I’m done w/ my vent. Enjoy the weekend and for now–put on a shirt!!!

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