The Amazing Human Body!

First, my last post was misleading to those who know me. I am not currently pregnant. I mentioned in my last post that I never fully relaxed during my pregnancy. After the molar pregnancy, I was a bit on edge during this pregnancy. In feeling like this, I did not feel comfortable talking about, writing about my pregnancy while I was pregnant. We didn’t even tell family we were pregnant until I was around 18 weeks, which was after the anatomy ultrasound. 

I don’t know if my feelings are normal, but after the pain of having a molar pregnancy, I just couldn’t feel “safe” during this pregnancy. I did try to remind myself to enjoy this time. I didn’t have too rough of a pregnancy. I felt as though I had a mild case of stomach flu until around week 20. Then, I felt amazing. This mild flu feeling returned around week 32. The Human Body just amazes me. It really wasn’t until I went through this pregnancy that I realized how truly incredible our bodies are. The way our bodies move and open to accept this life growing inside. I was in awe watching my ribs widen to make space for baby, my hips opened, the veins you see so visible throughout your body, which shows the transportation of food and life. Our hormones…oh those hormones. I didn’t notice my mood changing very much, but I noticed my cravings and dislikes. This was crazy to me. I’ve always liked room temperature water…now it had to be ICE cold w/ lemon. I could only drink light coloured soft drinks, I COULD NOT tolerate any coffee or tea, which I am a true coffee connoisseur. I’ve been a vegetarian for 8 years, but I craved meat during my

Abt 12 deer Matt was feeding at Iroquois--March 17, 2013 (2)

We see so many deer on our hikes! Beautiful, majestic creatures. Make me feel so peaceful.

pregnancy. Just crazy stuff. Another is I LOVE to exercise. I didn’t do much of my normal routines as I wasn’t taking any chances of disturbing the life inside of me. I did hike an hour most every day, walked every night and did weight training. I just was shocked at how incredibly winded I would get. Hills on my hikes that might slow me a bit, now fully take my breathe away. I now have to stop and rest. What? Never had to do that in my life.

It’s just amazing to me how our bodies change, grow and just know what to do to protect and nurture the life inside. It blows my mind how it all progresses. More fun is to get all the advice as to what gender my baby is going to be. Everyone has a guess, an opinion and a reason for their opinion. What a blast. What is the gender? Have to wait til next week…..


Our Australian Shepherd Furbabies out on our hike!



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Door 1 or Door 2–What Would You Choose?

Well, life is ever changing. Strange as it is…it always gets stranger. I’ll go in to this deeper later on. I was presented w/ a choice. Actually, it wasn’t even a choice.choice.preview[1] It was more like do this to achieve this or aforementioned “this” won’t happen. What???? It will all be clear one day. Another blog for another day.

What I’d like to know is what most of you would do. If given the choice of keeping something you love or giving that up to have something you want. This happens in every day life. It could be a job, relationship, house, whatever. You currently have something special and you KNOW you love. Could/would you give that up for something you KNOW you WOULD love, but don’t have and possibly never will.Abt 12 deer Matt was feeding at Iroquois--March 17, 2013 (2)

I choose to keep what I currently have and love. Hopefully, all else will fall into place. If it does, that’s great! If it doesn’t…well, at least I know what I have and that means the world to me. Life isn’t always easy and those are the times we learn the most. You might as well learn to bend or else.

Happy Easter and welcome to Spring!

Springtime[1] (2)

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It’s Been A Month? Time Flies!

I took a look at my blog page for the first time yesterday in a long time. I was surprised to see that my last entry was a month ago. Where does time go? I was amazed at how many of you are still reading and checking in w/ me to see if I’ve posted again. So, thanks to all of you and I will try to be better.

First came my little red merle

Two weeks later my little blue merle boy was 8 wks old and ready to come home…

So, what has been keeping me busy…..well, these 2 boys. After the loss of our previous 2 Australian Shepherds we took about a year to heal. For us, we needed this time. Unfortunately, we have a lot of friends and aquaintances we see on our hiking trail every day who have also lost pets (family members to all of us). Some need to find a new member of the family immediately, some have waited 15 yrs to make the addition. For MG and I it was a year. He nor I spoke of getting a new pup for a long time. I train in obedience and agility and do some herding, so I always have my eyes on breeders that I like. I do a lot of research before I decide on a breeder, pup, etc. So, I had been researching for when we were ready, I would be up to date w/ what was going on in the Aussie world. Well, a few months back MG brought up that he wanted a pup, he missed the friendship and happiness that dogs bring to our lives. Even though I had been researching, I thought it would be a couple of years before I made the addition. I just never really let myself think of it. I still hurt, miss and think of Stryker and Tazz every day. It hasn’t gotten easier and I have realized it just never will. I will never get over losing them. Once MG mentioned it, I started thinking. At first, I wasn’t sure I was ready, then it really grew on me. I began to look inside myself and realize the sadness and lack of life I had. This is because we are DOG people. We need them and love them.

Fast forward a bit and I fell in love w/ 2 breedings. We bagan to look at the option of getting 2 pups at the same time. I liked this b/c we travel, sit on patios, go for visits, etc a lot. I don’t want to have a dog that is 3yrs old, perfect and trustworthy and start all over w/ a pup. I would rather have 2 that are close in age, but once they are trustworthy, they both are. So, that’s what we did. They are 2 wks apart in age. One is from here in Canada (Orillia) and the other is from Michigan. We love them. Funny thing is that both have important meanings and I wasn’t looking for this at all. My oldest (11 wks today) is from Pink Ribbon Kennels and she named her kennel this b/c of her mother’s struggle w/ breast cancer. As you know, my mother survived breast cancer a year ago. My youngest (9wks old yesterday) was born on 9/11. This was the 10 yr anniversary of the 9/11 event. Obviously I’m an American, so this date is very significant. Ironinc? Maybe.

Anyway, my life is full w/ 2 bundles of joy and we could not be happier. I could use more sleep, but these boys are pretty perfect. We now get up at 6am everyday and stay up until at least midnight (I’m a real estate agent–we work all the time). Fortunately, if MG and I do decide to have children, this is a great warm up to prepare us. Get ready, you will be getting a lot of pics and stories about these 2 Australian Shepherds. It is never a boring day around here.

At least someone around here gets some sleep….

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More Fun In September!

As I mentioned in my last post, September was full of fun and busy. We got to go see a Tiger Cats (CFL football game). They won big which was also really nice. It was a very chilly day, a bit of overcast, but that really didn’t matter. What mattered was the fun! The family! The togetherness. You simply cannot ask for a better place to take kids and let them be as loud and free as they wanna be. They got to dance, run, play, scream and much more. All the while we could watch the game and have a few adult conversations. It was also neat that they fly the fighter planes over to open the game.

September has been a fabulous family month. It’s nice b/c w/ real estate, some other possible new adventures, life has been crazy busy. Taking time to enjoy socializing and just getting out is very needed. I find that I tend to get a bit obsessed w/ things, so I have to pull myself away. If we are really busy w/ real estate, I tend to focus all my time to work and being at my client’s every beckoning call. It’s ok to do this every so often, but you have to spend time w/ those that matter as well. This means not cancelling on plans. This is challenging b/c I am afraid of missing out on a deal or client or whatever. What I need to realize is what I’m missing out on when I cancel w/ those that really matter to me.

My meaning is that no matter what, take care of yourself. Make YOU happy and those around will be happy. It is always fun to be around someone who is positive and relaxing. It is never fun to be around negativity. It is never fun to be w/ someone when you feel like they are always in a hurry to get somewhere else to do something else. It is also not enjoyable for those around you to feel like you are too important and they need to book an appointment just to see you. So, make plans and keep them. Done!

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Getaway Is A Must!

Back from Sauble Beach and feeling relaxed and comforted. It was a really nice getaway. We got to swim, play, be a kid again, have coffee on the patio overlooking the water and just relax. We also got to spend some quality time w/ family members. It was nice b/c it wasn’t your normal beach vacation where you spend the days recovering from the night before. We got to relax, grill out, be a family and enjoy the days start to finish. It never gets old to feel the sand between your toes, but that is the only place I want to feel sand. Unfortunately, you do find it everywhere later in the day. Oh well, it is worth it.

We got our exercise by running on the beach and doing yoga. We got our laughs by chatting w/ one another and playing w/ the kids. Oh, and Woody the woodpecker–yes even he went to the beach. When we were at the cottage, he nestled outside on a tree, eating all the bugs he could find. When away he went in his cage. He even made improvements–he can now fly a good distance–not enough to be on his own yet, but getting there. He even gave us a big scare one day when he climbed about 10ft up the tree. He’s never gone that high and we all thought something terrible happened. Then, we heard the rustling in the tree. There’s Woody–all high and mighty. Next was trying to get him down. I won’t get in to that, but that was pretty difficult.

Even though I love my job, my life and all my surroundings; I still feel so refreshed w/ a few days away. You just feel in such awe and delight. I got to do new things, try things and learn more about the places around me. I also got to learn some new things about my fiance’s side of the family. We really had a blast and I recommend everyone go on a getaway. No matter how big or small, expensive or inexpensive, just get away. It makes you focus better when you are back and you learn a lot. Thank you to everyone for making our vacation a blast! We really enjoyed it all.

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It Is About How You Feel After….

My last night of inspiration from the lecture from Kary Odiatu and Dr. Uche is all about getting up and making change. It is about how you feel after you start to make these changes. At first it all feels uncomfortable, like too much work, too much money and you can keep going w/ the excuses. These are all excuses by the way. I have a rebuttal for all of these. Uncomfortable–it is good, it means change and change is always welcome–the same is boring. Too much work–anything that is worth something is work. No friendship, relationship, job, whatever is easy–you have to work for the good things in life. Too much money–initially, but imagine the money you save when you aren’t having to be treated by the doctor for sicknesses. So, please save all the excuses b/c that is what it is and get up and make change. Do something. Anything. Just do it!

Again, you only have to change one thing at a time. Trim back the calories, start to walk and turn that in to something bigger. Next step, only have chocolate every 10 days, turn the walk in to a light jog and so forth. A great motivational tool is to have a friend or partner to do the workouts w/ you. Find a walking group, running group, hikers, dog walkers, etc. There’s many people who want to get out and enjoy life, take in all the glorious nature and things around. You will find someone. MG and I are each other’s motivation. On days that I don’t want to do anything, he pushes me and vise versa. Here we are doing 400 stairs on the escarpment. Also, we try to help one another curve the bad food cravings. We don’t stop completely eating all the fun things, but we just trim back. This is what it is all about. Doing something good for you and hopefully encourage a loved one, friend, even stranger to take the reins and live a longer, healthier life.

I love to work out. Even though I truly enjoy it, I don’t wake up every day wanting to go for a jog or do the stairs or whatever workout it is that day. I do it b/c I know it is helping me stay healthy, stay in shape and most of all:  I like the way I feel after. After you do some exercise you get endorphins. Endorphins give you energy, excitement and an overall “take on the world attitude”. It doesn’t matter how vigorous your workouts are, just do something. Get out for a 30 mins walk, do some situps, something! You have to get the blood circulating. Inactivity is the number one cause for many things–cancer, diabetes, just to name a few. When our blood sits stagnate, it is not moving and passing infections through and out. I don’t want to get too technical and you don’t have to take my word, research it for yourself, but inactivity is the worst thing you can do for your health.

Paying attention to what you eat and drink. You do have to count what you drink b/c unless it is water, it probably has calories or fat or something. Try to start making healthier choices and you can cook one meal that can last you 3 days. That is great b/c you have dinner ready for half of the week, just off of one preparation. For instance, we made the Creamy Avocado Pasta (under my recipe tab) and it only took 15mins. So easy and oh so delicious. Try it! Quick, easy and healthy. Can’t ask for much more. Also, just b/c you do a workout doesn’t mean to eat more. Don’t slip in to the mindset that b/c you were active you can eat whatever. If you are trimming back, eating healthy and doing exercises you will notice positive changes in your body (physical on the outside) and overall healthier on the inside. Try it and I hope to hear some great, inspiring comments after you do.

Take a look at this picture. There’s all ages in this photo and every one of them feels good. Every one of them goes for walks or hikes or something daily. One of the older gentlemen in this family photo has gone through some rough health issues (he is in his 80’s), but walks at least 30mins a day no matter what. He claims it is why he is still here today!



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