Dog Training

I come from a family of dog trainers.  My mom, dad, grandmother, aunt all train.  My parents got me my own dog, a border collie when I was 6yrs old. I am still training today some 20yrs later.  I have taken all of my dogs through obedience titles and agility titles. I hope to provide some tips here as often as possible.  I would love to receive questions from anyone reading this and I will post the answers here.  Hope to hear from you soon!

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April 19, 2011

Try to make your pup wag it’s tail just by using your voice.  You have to use a high pitched voice to make your dog happy. A lower, stern voice is only used to let them know they are doing something they should not be doing. You should learn how to make your dog happy, wagging it’s tail without having a toy or food, just use your voice. This is important to build a loving relationship.  You and your pup should have a verbal, friendly relationship. Also, it can help in situations you don’t have a toy or food. For example, your dog runs in the street and a car is coming.  You will only have your voice as persuasion to get your pup out of harms way. Figure it out and use it everyday!

April 16, 2011–Leader of the Pack

Dogs like to be part of a pack.  The only difficulty is that if you don’t show that you are the leader right away, they will take on the responsibility.  Dogs need a leader and if you aren’t going to be the leader, they will take it on for you and that can lead to trouble.  Therefore, you need establish dominance right away.  Here are a few of the best ways to show your puppy/dog that you ARE the leader.

First, everytime you feed your puppy, make them sit. They are not to eat until you release them by saying “ok”.

Second, when you are going outside togther whether for your puppy to go to the washroom or going to run and play, make your pup sit, you exit the door first, then release your pup to exit the door by saying “ok”. Never let the dog go out the door before you.

April 15, 2011–Learning how to “Settle”

A #1 rule to help teach your dog to behave, relax and understand their role in the family is the “Settle” exercise.  I prefer to start this as a puppy, but you can do it at any stage.  Dogs need to understand what settle means.  Pick a 30mins show, but don’t make it one of your favorites and sit on the floor with your puppy/dog.  You will tell them “settle” once and gently place them in a down beside you. The goal is for them to lay beside you quietly for a full 30mins. You can pet them, rub their tummy, but don’t talk to them.  You want them to get used to the quiet and being with you,but not needing all of your attention.  Try to keep them in the down position.  If the get up, just place them down again, but DON’T talk or tell them anything.  For the first week, this will be very challenging. Better by the second week.  They will not be able to achieve this w/o getting up at all for at least a month.  Remember, you are training a friend, member of the family for hopefully 10+ years.  What is 30mins a day for a well behaved member of your family.


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