What I Love—Babywearing!

*Disclaimer: Any products I’m reviewing here are my opinions only and I am not certified in any way. Also, I do not and have not received a discount or any product from these companies. All have been purchased on my own. Although…I’m certainly not opposed to trying any product for review, but it will be an honest review!


Yes I’m in my pyjama bottoms. It’s nap time for my 2 babies, but one wanted to be worn for her to sleep. I was hoping to have a little shut eye myself, but instead I’m doing product reviews.

I started babywearing with my first baby, who is now 21mos old. I started with a stretch wrap. I was completely clueless about babies, motherhood and all the in between. Of course this would include babywearing. 

The stretchy wrap absolutely DID NOT work for me. I had the worst time trying to figure it out and it never stayed put. I was a beginner, so that could be the problem, but just not for me.


My current fav ring sling!

I found my way into woven wraps and slings and never looked back. My only regret is that I didn’t wear my first baby often enough b/c he was 5mos old before I discovered how to wear properly.

I have found some locally owned businesses that have taught me a thing or two about wrapping and wearing and different brands. I still have a lot to learn! The best is that I wear both my babies, now 21mos and 4mos, all the time. What a HUGE difference. I find that crying and fussiness is very low. The security the baby feels is so high and I can get things done…especially wearing my 4mos old and chasing my 21mos old. 

I have a love of woven wraps (for another review) and a love for ring slings.

This is a hand painted, custom ring sling. It cost me a lot of money, but it is well loved. Myself and both babies love having this around. What I like about ring slings is the convenience. Once you are comfortable with how to use them, they are a heaven sent. Baby goes easy in and out, I can nurse in it while walking, shopping, etc, very comfortable and the tail of the sling can be used as a nursing cover. This is to only name a few. 

Feel free to comment below with any of your likes, dislikes or any other helpful tips. I’m hoping to start reviewing products that I love so that all of you have a place to look  up all the different items on the market. Maybe I give you a new idea and maybe you give me some!


Look at that pretty mermaid tail at the end!

Comment below for more details on product, questions, opinion or anything you’d like to see reviewed.

👱‍♀️👶🐶Come explore this journey with me!✌️




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