The Almighty Dollar!

Obviously money is important. I get it. But that is all that matters right now. At least that is how I feel. Money, money, money! In my profession, real estate, you can take classes to move higher in your field. For instance, I am a salesperson and working towards my Broker license. What does that mean? Well, it means that I have a better title and can open my own brokerage if I wanted to. That’s about it. It is an accomplishment, but the overseeing school for real estate sees it as more money. I am awaiting results on a recent test, which I hope to do well on. This course costs nearly $500 & if I have to re-take the test it costs an additional $50. If you don’t pass after the 2nd try–you guessed it–you get to pay the entire $500 again. Yippee! Now, seriously isn’t that absurd?

Greed seems to be running the world right now. Look at gas prices, insurance, clothing, food, etc. Greed is so prevalent that you never know what to believe anymore. Do I take this supplement or is someone just selling it to me to make the money. There’s so many gimmicks out there. Wear this jewelry–it will solve all your problems. Give money to this man–he somehow can cure everything w/ a dab of special water. It just seems nuts, but the problem is that these people are marketing to others who are weak at that time. People who need help, not a con man.We all are guilty of wanting that quick, easy fix. I definitely am guilty!  We all are vulnerable at times and don’t take the time to ask specifics–we just act or maybe just react. Either way, it is someone’s greed preying on innocence.

The real issue is that as prices rise, people who normally just enjoying helping others stop doing so. You can’t afford to help as much. At some point you have to make ends meet. It’s all cyclical. I was at Lululemon, one of my fav stores. I was very interested in a dress they were selling. I was interested until I saw it in person. They are asking $100 for a piece of cloth w/ two arm holes. That’s it! To me, there was no style, detailing, nothing. That is what made me think to write this post. I love Lulu, 98% of my closet is Lulu. I’m not going to stop buying it, but I am going to start taking notice when they get too greedy. This company charged less money when all the clothing was being made here in Canada. Now that they have started having clothing made elsewhere they are asking more money. Isn’t that the exact opposite of what is supposed to happen? I know this may make some dedicated Lulu lovers angry, but it’s the truth. That’s how it is–can’t get mad at the truth. Like I said, I love the company, the clothing and all, but I have to start realizing when they are just asking for too much. That’s my stand–not buying things when they are obviously overpriced for what I think they should be.

Well, enough of my pedestal talk, but I just wanted to point this out.I wanted to put out a reminder to still try to help. It doesn’t go un-noticed. Of course, you have to take care of your own needs and in doing this you may not be able to do as much for free, but do some. Please don’t let the greedy people win. Stand up for things you belive in and do what you can . We all appreciate it.

To totally change the topic and end on a lighter note…doesn’t this pic get you in the mood for spring? Being outdoors, seeing all the bright new life that is growing. Very exciting. Also, we’ve been enjoying MG’s newest yummy creation of avocado, w/ spicy oil drizzled on and baked until golden. Insanely delish! Add a bit of asparagus w/ some oil, baked, sprinkled w/ parmesan and what a delightful meal. Full of vitamins, protein, good fats, folate, iron, calcium, just to name a few.

I even made some vegetarian tacos the other night. Pretty easy to do, as anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a cook, but they tasted great. Not necessarily packed full w/ vitamins, but a nice treat from time to time.

Thanks for listening and remember to not always think w/ your pockets!

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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