Prepared? Life Is In Your Hands

How do you know if you are fully prepared? Answer: you don’t. Not a very informative answer, but it is true. As you all know, I’m über excited about the return of fall. I know we are only 4 days in to September w/ a few more weeks of summer, but starting tomorrow, the weather is getting cooler. Beautiful. Looking at highs in mid 70’s, I can’t wait.

So, the return of fall also means the return of hockey. Not only NHL hockey, which I love watching, but local hockey. MG scouts for the OHL (Ontario hockey league) and he is helping coach minor midget (click for links to explain). Since he is coaching, I am training. This means I have the responsibility of handling repairs of equipment, skates, water bottles, but most importantly all injuries. Yikes! I did this 2 yrs ago, so I’m more confident, but are you ever prepared. These 15 yr old boys rely on me to help them. No matter how big or small, they need you to fix them or get them somewhere to be fixed. We had an exhibition game today (3rd game so far) and I had a funny feeling before the game. Something kept telling me to get ice bags ready. I don’t usually have ice so readily at my feet. Today I followed my gut and it sure paid off.

In the first period was when it all went down. First a kid broke his wrist in 2 places. Hard to look at b/c it obviously was deformed from the break. I get him off the ice, splint it, put him in a sling and off to the ER w/ his dad. Come back to another kid bent over in pain. I start to check on him and I am told to check another first. He got a puck to the cheek. Luckily, he was ok, put some ice on it and no cut, so good. Back to kid bent over. He has pulled a hip/abdominal muscle, can’t put any pressure on it, can’t move. Skate him to the locker room, put ice on and off to the ER w/ his parents. Go back just to see another get a stick to the ribs (instant swelling and bruising, but ok), ice for him. And the last was an overextended elbow, again ok and given ice. Ice is the cure all in many situations to help swelling and pain. I am not a doctor, so I can only do so much and then I have to hand them to someone else for insurance reasons.

Phew, busy! The whole time I’m on the bench, I’m thinking–if something really serious happens, am I ready? Everyone is waiting for you, looking at you. Pressure? Ya think? Don’t know if you remember the guy, Ben Fanelli, who was severely injured during a hockey game (click his name here for full story). The trainer had to be on his game. Had to be in the moment and follow the training he had, but had to rely on his gut. You can be trained all you want, but do any of us know how we will act, feel, respond in a real emergency? I stand on the bench watching the game, but in the back of my mind trying to ask myself what I would do, making sure I know where all my emergency equipment is, my emergency plan (parents, coaches, etc to go get help). We all like to think we could handle it. Could I? If someone is bleeding everywhere, convulsing, could I deal w/ it? It would be so scary, but I’d like to think my mind would go on autopilot and get the job done. Anyway, so far so good. Some concerning injuries, but dealt w/ very well. Hopefully there won’t be anymore. I know there will be, so I have to stay prepared.

Now, take this thinking off the bench and bring it in to everyday life. Are we prepared? Life moves at a rapid pace, so we have to live every moment. We have to be ready for the ups and downs of life. Make sure you tell/show your loved ones/friends how much you care, you never know. Always be on the lookout for any problems whether driving, biking, hiking, whatever, have a backup plan, escape, look for things that don’t seem right and be prepared to help yourself. Even w/ your job, never stop searching for your passion and connecting w/ others. You never know when you may need a new job. See where I’m going? Don’t live scared or worried, but try to be prepared. Get things in order and always have a plan B, always be ready for what is thrown your way. You should allow yourself time to grieve, but then you have to get up, get going. No regrets. Try to live w/ no shoulda, woulda, if only’s. Enjoy life, but try not to get too high, just to come back down. Live your life the way you want, for yourself and always be prepared!


“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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