Go Topless!!!

I’ve got to be honest. I am so sick of hearing about all these groups coming together to march topless to prove a point. What point? In Canada, women are allowed to be in public topless. Point done! Just a few weeks ago, there was a march in Venice Beach, California to promote being topless. Great–you marched, you went topless, now what? I hope to not offend anyone if you are one of the one’s marching to go topless. That is not my objective.  I just don’t care. I personally have zero interest in walking, jogging, lunging, whatever topless in public. I really enjoy fashion, therefore I wear clothes. Top to bottom. I believe most everywhere has places you can go to be topless or fully naked if you want. I don’t feel that we have to join together to march, when chances are high that most of the people protesting, really don’t want to be topless in public on a general basis.

I also feel that these types of protests attract the wrong crowds. I have never been a part of this, but I assume you just get a lot of gawkers. I don’t think the real people (ie. politicians)  that need to hear about your desire to go topless will be attending. I’m not sure if you are really proving a point by doing this. You probably will mostly get people who just want to see a bunch of topless people. Either way, I just don’t get the point. Now, obviously it can work. That is how Canada decided to allow women to go topless in public–through protest.

This is actually a pic of my brother (used to be in the Air Force) and I.

Anyway, my point is that I just don’t care what others do. If it makes you happy to be topless, do it. Find a place where it is allowed. I don’t feel it needs to be allowed everywhere.  There’s many things that make us happy, that we can do in the right place, but can’t do everywhere. Insert pause for you to use your imagination…..  Now back to me. Do what you want. Just please stop protesting everything. If you are nice, pleasant, fun, positive–I like you. It doesn’t matter to me what your race, sexual preference, interest in amount of clothes you are wearing–people either like or dislike you. Going topless, hating people for their race or religious beliefs, marrying someone you love no matter what, are very important, but aren’t “serious” in the big picture. Stop marching, stop protesting and start living. Just be happy. We don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Let’s worry more about peace, feeding children and countries that don’t have enough food, decreasing the amount of animals that are euthanized every day or tortured for us to eat their meat, bringing soldiers back alive, protecting our planet. These are the issues that I care about. These are the issues that if all of us cared more about would make the world a much better place to be. Just be. Be you, be happy. Don’t judge others and just let them be. It is not our business what others want to do w/ their lives. Just please–focus on the issues that will help others and each one of us to live longer, happier, healthier. I’m done w/ my vent. Enjoy the weekend and for now–put on a shirt!!!


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