Thank You LuluLemon!!!

Yesterday was a perfect day! This may not have been everyone’s idea of a fun-filled day, but it couldn’t have been any better for me. We had our first taste of fall, which is my most favorite season. I love the cooler temps, sunny days, light breeze and change of colors. I also have a load of fabulous sweatshirts (most of them being from Lululemon) that are waiting to snuggle me again. It is only a taste b/c the rest of the week is slated to be around 27C. That is still pretty warm and defining of the end of summer.

Anyway, back to my perfect day. The forecast was not looking very good for an outdoors type of day. Luckily, it only rained for about 10 mins around 7pm. It affected my day zero percent. So, there’s this amazing company I discovered when I moved to Canada. It’s name is LuluLemon. Yes, that is me w/ a huge smile (pic to right) in the grey top and orangeish-red Lulu shorts.  They make yoga and athletic clothing, but I use the clothes for everything. I use it for running, rollerblading, yoga and for work (selling real estate). You can easily dress it up w/ a nice jacket or dress pants and a nice pair of high heels. Not only does this company make attire that makes anyone look good (somehow their luon pants hide cellulite), but they also give back to the community. MG and I always try to attend events that others have gone out of their way to put on. We try to go to festivals, charities, you name it. This is an annual event that Lulu puts on. They call it the tri-lulu. This means that there will be 3 different events and 3 local Lulu stores put it on. It is between the stores located in Square One, Sherway Gardens and Oakville. The stores and all the employees do such a magnificent job and work so hard. They even have cheer stations along your run to keep you motivated (pic to the right). It is all free. That’s right, FREE!!! We did a 5km run led by local marathon runners. Then, we had 45 mins of Zumba by a local hard-core ambassador. Lastly, was a blissful 1 hr of yoga led by Eoin Finn (click on his name to view more from him and he is pictured here to the left). MG and I do yoga everyday in our cabana to his DVD. His is a great yogini and we really enjoy his expertise. Well, he was just as good live. Just when you think this company has given enough, they give you a free, delicious, catered lunch. Can you believe it? How lucky!!! Well, this was a blast and we are so greatly appreciative to all who helped put this on and we had an absolute perfect day. Thank you!

Then, we headed to my in-laws for a bbq and some swimming w/ our friends and their kids. Great time, laughs, convos, etc. My day doesn’t stop here. Oh no! MG had more in the works. This band called Godsmack was playing at the coliseum about 10 mins from our house. We decided if we went to the concert and got tickets great, if we didn’t we’d have a coffee and go for a stroll. Well, we did get tickets and the concert was amazing. This band sounds better live, they really enjoy and appreciate their fans and they had a drum solo. Not just a drum solo, but a double drum set drum solo w/ african drums as well. How did they know that I love drums. I especially love 2 drum sets. I really love African drums. Does it get any better? No! There’s your answer, no! The pics aren’t the best, but I tried to get a picture of the singer on the drums w/ the drummer on drums duelling beside one another. Fantastic!!! Seriously, if you ever get to see this band live, do it!

The singer brought a very good point. There’s so much technology now that it seems most stay home, watch events on the computer rather than live. People tend to play video games rather than get outside. This is so true. It seems people don’t get out to live events–concerts, festivals, sporting events–like they used to. It is so important. Please get out and support. Even at the Lulu event, it was not that busy. It seems when events are put on and people work so hard to organize, it is the right thing to do to get out and support. Also, if you don’t get out to live events, you are really missing the true feeling. There’s nothing like a live concert. The computer will never do it justice. Same w/ sports. Get out and support, show your appreciation, if nothing else just go be social. It’s hard sometimes to make yourself do it, but you are always thankful after you do. You always learn something, meet someone, just feel overall good. We gotta get away from the computers, the phones, TV, video games and go experience life again. The real world. The sun, moon, nature. People. Just experience! You’ll be thankful you did.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristy
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 08:20:26

    OH I am so jealous. Yoga with Eoin! Lucky Lady! That is my kind of perfect day too! So glad you got to enjoy it!



  2. Inspiring Life--Inspiring YOU!
    Aug 23, 2011 @ 10:50:22

    It truly was a fantastic day. Thanks to you, I now know who Eoin Finn is, love his DVD’s, feel better every day after doing them and got to enjoy him live. Thanks again!



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