On Friday I decided to bypass going to my soccer game to enjoy a night at a local festival. In Ancaster, ON the Festival of Friends (this link shows you all about it) was occurring all weekend long. It is a free festival w/ loads of shopping (a lot are local artists), food, drinks and bands. Some of the bands are pretty well-known. We always try to take advantage of these festivals to support and to have fun. It is amazing to see some of these bands for free and only a 20mins drive. So, there we were at 6pm on Friday night w/ a nice breeze, the sun shining and the crowds small. We found out later how lucky we were to have gotten there so early. We had a great parking spot, so it was easy to get back to our car quickly to grab our lawn chairs for sitting in between the bands.

We walked around for a while, had some delicious fresh-cut fries and a grilled cheese from Gorilla Cheese. Gorilla Cheese is this new business that grills up sandwiches in a van and is at a different location every day. I’ve been dying to try this place b/c I LOVE grilled cheese. To be honest, the sandwich was fantastic, but for $5.00 it was very tiny. They advertise huge, but it just wasn’t. Very tasty though.

Next, we watched Shad a rapper, very good and nice beats. Then, the Sheepdogs came on stage. This was huge b/c just the day before they won the cover of the Rolling Stones magazine. They were phenomenal live and sounded perfect. The crowd was getting larger and larger. It was fun to sit back and watch all the people coming to support. The headliner was City and Color. This is the lead singer of Alexis on Fire who has now started his own solo project. Interesting thing about this is that the next day after they played, news broke that Alexis on Fire has now broken up. It was a news breaking weekend and we were seeing it all live. Pretty exciting! City and Color sounded great as well, did a great job, just not my type of music. Unfortunately, it was such a good line up that a lot of people never made it in to see any of the show. There is only one entrance in to this park, so b/c of these 2 bands there was not enough room for people to enter. There were over 50,000 people at this festival just on Friday night. They estimated it could have been closer to 70,000 if all the people stuck on the overpass had ever made it in. Wow, were we lucky to have gotten there early and seeing everything. It was a blast!!!

We did a lot of real estate the rest of the weekend and relaxed. I got to do some yoga before going for a swim at my in-laws. The little, private yoga session turned in to a party when my niece, nephews and a few of their friends decided to join in w/ me. I loved it and they had fun. It is nice to see kids give new things a try. They did only a few minutes, but it was fun to do it w/ them and so cute!

And look what we got today….rain! We haven’t seen much rain at all this summer. No one is complaining b/c we need it so bad and rain on Tuesday…no biggie. I’m enjoying it. I did my interval workout for 21 mins on the treadmill–1 min at 7mph and 30 sec at 10mph. Did a 20 mins Ripped workout w/ Jillian Michaels. Then, finished off a tremendous and difficult workout w/  20 mins of yoga outside under the cabana w/ the sound of raining falling. Delightful!

We have to make the most of every day b/c there’s nothing we can do to change it. The way I see it is that this summer has been so hot and dry, I am welcoming a cooler, rainy day. Good for the grass, the plants and my blueberry bushes. Hopefully, we can find the Joy in every day b/c we will never get this day back. Live it like it is the best day and find ways to enjoy it.


“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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