tatTOo? Or No tatTOo? That Is The Question!

Well, I write about conquering fears all the time and how to handle them. I’m trying to conquer one of my fears, but it will be a while before I do it. I’ve conquered a lot of fears this year…surgery, deaths, playing ice hockey, but I’m terrified of needles, but I’m really wanting to get a tattoo. A lot of people I know have tattoos and love them. I am not sure what to expect and I always over research things. I wish I could just let go. Want something and jump in w/ both feet. I’m jealous of people like that, but that is not who I am. What is the long-term damage, if any, of the ink? How to make sure the place doing it is über clean? These are the things I’m trying to find out.

I may end up like that friends episode. Do you remember? Rachel and Phoebe go to get a tattoo, Rachel goes first and gets hers done. Phoebe is next. They get back and start to show their tattoos to the other friends and Rachel’s is nice. Then, Phoebe…hers is a wee, little blue dot. What is that the other’s ask? She states that it is Earth as her mother sees it from Heaven. Truth, she totally chickened out. They started and it hurt too bad, so she left w/ nothing but the little ink dot they started. Hysterical! Seriously, check it out here on you tube, whole thing is funny, but the realization is around 2:50 mins in. Phoebe’s explaination is around 4:10 mins. Just watch it all, best 5mins of your day.

I tend to get a little bored and want change. My parents can attest to this–if I wanted a new piercing, I had to get straight A’s on my report card. I’m bored. I want some change. Sorry, not bored w/ my life, I love my life–I just want something different, unique.

Also, after the year I’ve had w/ the molar pregnancy, losing both of my dogs and my mom having a mastectomy, I want to symbolize overcoming things. I also, really want to overcome a fear. I’ve thought pretty thoroughly about what design I want, there will be a meaningful memorial to Stryker and Tazz, and where I want it. Now, I just need to follow through, go to a tattoo parlor and talk to an artist to see my options.

Any encouragement or discouragement is much appreciated. I will make up my own mind, but any help is great. If you know of anyone who has a tattoo or you have one yourself, please share your advice. Knowledge is powerful and if I go in w/ loads of info, I can make the decision and know that I made the right choice for me. So, it is time to possibly step up to my own plate. Act on the words that I write here. Hope to hear from you guys and thanks in advance! I need the inspiration from you. I try to inspire others and now I’m asking for some. Never hurts to ask.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elias Cresh
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 01:57:44

    Most places that are on the up and up have an aura about them that are pretty clean and professional (i.e. they’re not swigging tequila and spitting while doing your tattoo with something that looks like they formed it in prison). Business practices being what they are, they’ve had a good affect on that industry. So don’t really worry about that.

    Worry more about the nature of what you want on you forever. It better jump at you. It better be close to your heart. And it better be meaningful in a way you can real off when asked about it. Nobody likes the douche that liked the symbol on the wall when he was high as bejeezes that one night.

    There are many things you can change. Take this one seriously.



  2. Inspiring Life--Inspiring YOU!
    Aug 05, 2011 @ 10:43:03

    Thank you for you comment and for stopping by. Do you have any tattoos? This, obviously would be my first and would be a dedication to my 2 dogs (both passed last year and were like children to me) and a symbol from where I’m from NC. I agree, if it is just something to say you have one, I’m not in to that. Thanks again, good to know.



  3. Shannon
    Aug 09, 2011 @ 21:10:38

    I feel the same way. I want one but what? The amazing FeFe Jazzmond is top on my list. I just saw a lady with her child’s foot print and it was adorable. Maybe that when the time comes. I’m still undecided.



  4. Inspiring Life--Inspiring YOU!
    Aug 10, 2011 @ 11:43:50

    So great to hear from you. Think if I’m gonna do it, it will be on Tazz’s (would’ve been 12 yrs) bday–Oct 27th. I’m thinking a sea turtle w/ angel wings on the shell w/ an S and T on each wing. Or sea turtle w/ the yin/yang symbol w/ S and T in each one. I just want a memorial for Stryker and Tazz. It kills me every day and miss them so much. This way they’re w/ me always. You know me, I worry too much about everything. Get up here to Canada and come see–you always have a place to stay!



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