Go Topless!!!

I’ve got to be honest. I am so sick of hearing about all these groups coming together to march topless to prove a point. What point? In Canada, women are allowed to be in public topless. Point done! Just a few weeks ago, there was a march in Venice Beach, California to promote being topless. Great–you marched, you went topless, now what? I hope to not offend anyone if you are one of the one’s marching to go topless. That is not my objective.  I just don’t care. I personally have zero interest in walking, jogging, lunging, whatever topless in public. I really enjoy fashion, therefore I wear clothes. Top to bottom. I believe most everywhere has places you can go to be topless or fully naked if you want. I don’t feel that we have to join together to march, when chances are high that most of the people protesting, really don’t want to be topless in public on a general basis.

I also feel that these types of protests attract the wrong crowds. I have never been a part of this, but I assume you just get a lot of gawkers. I don’t think the real people (ie. politicians)  that need to hear about your desire to go topless will be attending. I’m not sure if you are really proving a point by doing this. You probably will mostly get people who just want to see a bunch of topless people. Either way, I just don’t get the point. Now, obviously it can work. That is how Canada decided to allow women to go topless in public–through protest.

This is actually a pic of my brother (used to be in the Air Force) and I.

Anyway, my point is that I just don’t care what others do. If it makes you happy to be topless, do it. Find a place where it is allowed. I don’t feel it needs to be allowed everywhere.  There’s many things that make us happy, that we can do in the right place, but can’t do everywhere. Insert pause for you to use your imagination…..  Now back to me. Do what you want. Just please stop protesting everything. If you are nice, pleasant, fun, positive–I like you. It doesn’t matter to me what your race, sexual preference, interest in amount of clothes you are wearing–people either like or dislike you. Going topless, hating people for their race or religious beliefs, marrying someone you love no matter what, are very important, but aren’t “serious” in the big picture. Stop marching, stop protesting and start living. Just be happy. We don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Let’s worry more about peace, feeding children and countries that don’t have enough food, decreasing the amount of animals that are euthanized every day or tortured for us to eat their meat, bringing soldiers back alive, protecting our planet. These are the issues that I care about. These are the issues that if all of us cared more about would make the world a much better place to be. Just be. Be you, be happy. Don’t judge others and just let them be. It is not our business what others want to do w/ their lives. Just please–focus on the issues that will help others and each one of us to live longer, happier, healthier. I’m done w/ my vent. Enjoy the weekend and for now–put on a shirt!!!


Staying Positive About Being Negative

Well, I had my 3 month check up w/ my oncologist a couple of days ago and my HcG levels are still negative. That is a great thing. So, I’m almost at 5 months of having my beta levels (hormone levels) below zero. My oncologist is very conservative and has advised me to not try to get pregnant again until sometime in 2012. Oh well, at least everything is moving in the right direction.

I look back on this last year and I just can’t believe it. At this time last year I was clueless to a lot. I had no idea how it felt to be pregnant. I was completely unaware of all the difficulties involved w/ pregnancies (molar pregnancy, tubal, miscarriage, etc). I certainly never knew how “perfect” everything has to be in order to just get pregnant and how difficult that is for some.  I had never even heard of all the things that can go wrong. I was oblivious to how and what it was like. Even more strange is that I never ever knew I would be so excited about being pregnant or the idea of bringing another human in to the world. I wasn’t even sure at this time last year that I ever even wanted children. When I saw the “stick” change and say positive, this strange elation overcame me. I remember thinking—how and why am I so excited? I wasn’t even sure 5 mins ago that I would ever want children. I’m just being honest here. I quickly realized that in a moment everything can change. I went from not wanting children to full-blown over enjoyment when seeing the word “positive”. Then, the horrible emotions after realizing that I would not be having a baby. This all happened in a few minutes and a few weeks. I love roller coasters, but I never want to be on that emotional coaster again. Ever! It really makes you think. Hearing my oncologist say that I shouldn’t “try” again until 2012 was a bit of a relief. I am very nervous about trying again. I don’t know if I could handle another molar pregnancy. It truly was horrible and only MG and I will ever understand. Others want to be there for you, but most don’t even know what it is and can’t fathom what it is like. It is different from a miscarriage. Unfortunately, my story seems gentle when you hear about the stories from other people. As bad as I thought I had it, it could have been much worse.

Also, at this time last year, life had its hiccups, but I had no idea what else was ahead of me. The horror of hearing that my mom had breast cancer and would need a mastectomy. Losing my best friend (Tazz, my dog) only 9 months after losing my other best friend (Stryker, my dog). Not to mention the heartache that MG has felt during all of this. The men in our lives tend to be overlooked, but this was all just as difficult for him. His emotions have been tossed upside down as well. Actually, it may be worse for him. At least I knew how I felt, if my body was ok, my mind, etc. He was a silent bystander. Just waiting to hear every bit of news from me or the doctor or whoever. It wasn’t “happening” to him, so it actually was probably more difficult to stand by me, trying to stay positive and not knowing what was going on.

So, who knows what tomorrow will hold and what I will be writing about at this time next year. All I know is that I could not be more proud of my fiance, my family (in-laws included) and friends. Somehow we have gotten through some of the worst tragedies in our lives to date, all in a 9 month period, w/ our heads high and anxious to see what our future holds. I have learned a lot about a lot. I have come out of all of this w/ such knowledge, strength, positive feelings and ready to grab life and hold on to it. I’m a little gun shy about some things and I have had my breakdowns, but I’m a better person. Stronger. Happier. Somewhat more sure. I at least know that I can handle a lot and can survive. I’m a very different person in many ways than 9 months ago. I’m ready to move forward. I’m staying positive. Don’t get me wrong, I still have some sorrows. I always will, that’s life. The point is–I’ve learned, grown, changed and I’m trying to help others. I’ve come to some realizations and I still have many more to go. Stay strong, stay positive and keep chugging. Take the blows that life gives you, we all have them. Learn from it, dust yourself off and get going. The longer we sit and worry, stir, stay angry–the less we are living. Trust me, you don’t want to miss anything. Life is too short. Get going or miss out. Even the hard times are lessons and worth taking in.


“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

Thank You LuluLemon!!!

Yesterday was a perfect day! This may not have been everyone’s idea of a fun-filled day, but it couldn’t have been any better for me. We had our first taste of fall, which is my most favorite season. I love the cooler temps, sunny days, light breeze and change of colors. I also have a load of fabulous sweatshirts (most of them being from Lululemon) that are waiting to snuggle me again. It is only a taste b/c the rest of the week is slated to be around 27C. That is still pretty warm and defining of the end of summer.

Anyway, back to my perfect day. The forecast was not looking very good for an outdoors type of day. Luckily, it only rained for about 10 mins around 7pm. It affected my day zero percent. So, there’s this amazing company I discovered when I moved to Canada. It’s name is LuluLemon. Yes, that is me w/ a huge smile (pic to right) in the grey top and orangeish-red Lulu shorts.  They make yoga and athletic clothing, but I use the clothes for everything. I use it for running, rollerblading, yoga and for work (selling real estate). You can easily dress it up w/ a nice jacket or dress pants and a nice pair of high heels. Not only does this company make attire that makes anyone look good (somehow their luon pants hide cellulite), but they also give back to the community. MG and I always try to attend events that others have gone out of their way to put on. We try to go to festivals, charities, you name it. This is an annual event that Lulu puts on. They call it the tri-lulu. This means that there will be 3 different events and 3 local Lulu stores put it on. It is between the stores located in Square One, Sherway Gardens and Oakville. The stores and all the employees do such a magnificent job and work so hard. They even have cheer stations along your run to keep you motivated (pic to the right). It is all free. That’s right, FREE!!! We did a 5km run led by local marathon runners. Then, we had 45 mins of Zumba by a local hard-core ambassador. Lastly, was a blissful 1 hr of yoga led by Eoin Finn (click on his name to view more from him and he is pictured here to the left). MG and I do yoga everyday in our cabana to his DVD. His is a great yogini and we really enjoy his expertise. Well, he was just as good live. Just when you think this company has given enough, they give you a free, delicious, catered lunch. Can you believe it? How lucky!!! Well, this was a blast and we are so greatly appreciative to all who helped put this on and we had an absolute perfect day. Thank you!

Then, we headed to my in-laws for a bbq and some swimming w/ our friends and their kids. Great time, laughs, convos, etc. My day doesn’t stop here. Oh no! MG had more in the works. This band called Godsmack was playing at the coliseum about 10 mins from our house. We decided if we went to the concert and got tickets great, if we didn’t we’d have a coffee and go for a stroll. Well, we did get tickets and the concert was amazing. This band sounds better live, they really enjoy and appreciate their fans and they had a drum solo. Not just a drum solo, but a double drum set drum solo w/ african drums as well. How did they know that I love drums. I especially love 2 drum sets. I really love African drums. Does it get any better? No! There’s your answer, no! The pics aren’t the best, but I tried to get a picture of the singer on the drums w/ the drummer on drums duelling beside one another. Fantastic!!! Seriously, if you ever get to see this band live, do it!

The singer brought a very good point. There’s so much technology now that it seems most stay home, watch events on the computer rather than live. People tend to play video games rather than get outside. This is so true. It seems people don’t get out to live events–concerts, festivals, sporting events–like they used to. It is so important. Please get out and support. Even at the Lulu event, it was not that busy. It seems when events are put on and people work so hard to organize, it is the right thing to do to get out and support. Also, if you don’t get out to live events, you are really missing the true feeling. There’s nothing like a live concert. The computer will never do it justice. Same w/ sports. Get out and support, show your appreciation, if nothing else just go be social. It’s hard sometimes to make yourself do it, but you are always thankful after you do. You always learn something, meet someone, just feel overall good. We gotta get away from the computers, the phones, TV, video games and go experience life again. The real world. The sun, moon, nature. People. Just experience! You’ll be thankful you did.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

Enjoying the Gems in Life!

After a long day of real estate w/ some ups and downs, MG made a fantastic dinner followed up w/ a great suggestion. He wanting to change-up our exercise regimen and go for a rollerblade down by the water. Magnificent idea! We haven’t been rollerblading for a while. We both enjoy it, but when we had our dogs, we wanted to include them and rollerblading was a bit too fast for them to go. So, off to the water we went. It was so nice. Imagine–water to the side of us, others out for a stroll, bike, run, you name it. Dogs and kids everywhere. Nice, breezy day, about 80F. This was a great way to unwind. Got a few blisters, but that’s ok, just shows the hard work. We went for almost an hour and around 6.5 miles. Just perfect!

We try to spend as much time as possible outside enjoying the summer while we have it. I have to quietly admit that I’m über excited about the approaching fall weather and sites. I just love all the colors as the leaves change, the crispness in the air and the holidays around the corner. But, until then, we will get out, get our Vitamin D and enjoy nature. Nature is all around us where we live.

For instance, the next night, we went to another free course at our local health food store. Colin De France was the speaker and did an excellent job. I got a lot out of what he had to say. He discussed changing up workouts and how to eat healthier. One of his main topics was how stress, worry, lack of sleep can all really affect our health. He discussed a very interesting topic that really stuck w/ me. He said to treat every person as if they were a Zen Master. What this means is that every time someone does something you don’t like (cut you off in the car, honk the horn, anything not nice), rather than get angry, stop and think–maybe they are here to teach me a lesson. So true! It actually works really well. I had a real estate appointment and the buyer was 30mins late. No call. No anything…just late. I was pretty annoyed and turned it around. Maybe this person was teaching me patience. I got to catch up w/ my seller, get a coffee across the street and still wasn’t late for my next appointment. My Ah-Ha! moment. Believe it or not, I went from really irritated to very cordial in a matter of moments. He taught me patience, he taught me to control my emotions. So vital. It is not good to get angry, mad, frustrated. It really hurts our overall health. I have too much of a tendency to let my emotions build up too quickly. I was pleasantly surprised at how well this worked. Give it a try. See if you can reduce a little stress in your life. Let others teach you w/o them even knowing it.

Afterwards, we went to another park to walk around and enjoy a coffee. In looking at these pics, it is hard to believe that this is just a 10 mins drive from my house. It feels like a vacation area. Just lovely. Enjoy the views and try treating others as if they are a Zen Master. If that doesn’t work try getting outside. Be out amongst others, nature, sites–you always feel better. Just going for a walk really helps reduce stress, anxiety, frustrations and your burning a few calories at the same time. Try to find some nice, overlooked places around you. Like where we are in this pic–most take it for granted. Most are in too much of a hurry to realize the beauty here. Slow down, take it in and enjoy the views. Find a new hidden gem around you and enjoy it!





“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


On Friday I decided to bypass going to my soccer game to enjoy a night at a local festival. In Ancaster, ON the Festival of Friends (this link shows you all about it) was occurring all weekend long. It is a free festival w/ loads of shopping (a lot are local artists), food, drinks and bands. Some of the bands are pretty well-known. We always try to take advantage of these festivals to support and to have fun. It is amazing to see some of these bands for free and only a 20mins drive. So, there we were at 6pm on Friday night w/ a nice breeze, the sun shining and the crowds small. We found out later how lucky we were to have gotten there so early. We had a great parking spot, so it was easy to get back to our car quickly to grab our lawn chairs for sitting in between the bands.

We walked around for a while, had some delicious fresh-cut fries and a grilled cheese from Gorilla Cheese. Gorilla Cheese is this new business that grills up sandwiches in a van and is at a different location every day. I’ve been dying to try this place b/c I LOVE grilled cheese. To be honest, the sandwich was fantastic, but for $5.00 it was very tiny. They advertise huge, but it just wasn’t. Very tasty though.

Next, we watched Shad a rapper, very good and nice beats. Then, the Sheepdogs came on stage. This was huge b/c just the day before they won the cover of the Rolling Stones magazine. They were phenomenal live and sounded perfect. The crowd was getting larger and larger. It was fun to sit back and watch all the people coming to support. The headliner was City and Color. This is the lead singer of Alexis on Fire who has now started his own solo project. Interesting thing about this is that the next day after they played, news broke that Alexis on Fire has now broken up. It was a news breaking weekend and we were seeing it all live. Pretty exciting! City and Color sounded great as well, did a great job, just not my type of music. Unfortunately, it was such a good line up that a lot of people never made it in to see any of the show. There is only one entrance in to this park, so b/c of these 2 bands there was not enough room for people to enter. There were over 50,000 people at this festival just on Friday night. They estimated it could have been closer to 70,000 if all the people stuck on the overpass had ever made it in. Wow, were we lucky to have gotten there early and seeing everything. It was a blast!!!

We did a lot of real estate the rest of the weekend and relaxed. I got to do some yoga before going for a swim at my in-laws. The little, private yoga session turned in to a party when my niece, nephews and a few of their friends decided to join in w/ me. I loved it and they had fun. It is nice to see kids give new things a try. They did only a few minutes, but it was fun to do it w/ them and so cute!

And look what we got today….rain! We haven’t seen much rain at all this summer. No one is complaining b/c we need it so bad and rain on Tuesday…no biggie. I’m enjoying it. I did my interval workout for 21 mins on the treadmill–1 min at 7mph and 30 sec at 10mph. Did a 20 mins Ripped workout w/ Jillian Michaels. Then, finished off a tremendous and difficult workout w/  20 mins of yoga outside under the cabana w/ the sound of raining falling. Delightful!

We have to make the most of every day b/c there’s nothing we can do to change it. The way I see it is that this summer has been so hot and dry, I am welcoming a cooler, rainy day. Good for the grass, the plants and my blueberry bushes. Hopefully, we can find the Joy in every day b/c we will never get this day back. Live it like it is the best day and find ways to enjoy it.


“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

tatTOo? Or No tatTOo? That Is The Question!

Well, I write about conquering fears all the time and how to handle them. I’m trying to conquer one of my fears, but it will be a while before I do it. I’ve conquered a lot of fears this year…surgery, deaths, playing ice hockey, but I’m terrified of needles, but I’m really wanting to get a tattoo. A lot of people I know have tattoos and love them. I am not sure what to expect and I always over research things. I wish I could just let go. Want something and jump in w/ both feet. I’m jealous of people like that, but that is not who I am. What is the long-term damage, if any, of the ink? How to make sure the place doing it is über clean? These are the things I’m trying to find out.

I may end up like that friends episode. Do you remember? Rachel and Phoebe go to get a tattoo, Rachel goes first and gets hers done. Phoebe is next. They get back and start to show their tattoos to the other friends and Rachel’s is nice. Then, Phoebe…hers is a wee, little blue dot. What is that the other’s ask? She states that it is Earth as her mother sees it from Heaven. Truth, she totally chickened out. They started and it hurt too bad, so she left w/ nothing but the little ink dot they started. Hysterical! Seriously, check it out here on you tube, whole thing is funny, but the realization is around 2:50 mins in. Phoebe’s explaination is around 4:10 mins. Just watch it all, best 5mins of your day.

I tend to get a little bored and want change. My parents can attest to this–if I wanted a new piercing, I had to get straight A’s on my report card. I’m bored. I want some change. Sorry, not bored w/ my life, I love my life–I just want something different, unique.

Also, after the year I’ve had w/ the molar pregnancy, losing both of my dogs and my mom having a mastectomy, I want to symbolize overcoming things. I also, really want to overcome a fear. I’ve thought pretty thoroughly about what design I want, there will be a meaningful memorial to Stryker and Tazz, and where I want it. Now, I just need to follow through, go to a tattoo parlor and talk to an artist to see my options.

Any encouragement or discouragement is much appreciated. I will make up my own mind, but any help is great. If you know of anyone who has a tattoo or you have one yourself, please share your advice. Knowledge is powerful and if I go in w/ loads of info, I can make the decision and know that I made the right choice for me. So, it is time to possibly step up to my own plate. Act on the words that I write here. Hope to hear from you guys and thanks in advance! I need the inspiration from you. I try to inspire others and now I’m asking for some. Never hurts to ask.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

Always Give the Benefit of the Doubt!

Pretty annoyed as I was walking out of my house, running to a listing appointment and the heel of my shoe went through my brand new chiffon skirt. I mean a huge hole right through the bottom. The positive is that I almost went ass over tea kettle down the stairs and that could have ended up very badly, but I didn’t. I had about 2 seconds to growl and then sigh and move on.

So, as I watched my father-in-law miraculously sew the dress later that day I realized you have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. When MG and his mother said “give the dress to him (father-in-law), he’ll sew it up for you” my jaw dropped. I thought about it and hesitantly handed over my lovely skirt. Then, he proceeded to match up some string to match the dress color and away he went. Sewing and sewing and voila! hole be gone. Amazing! I doubted him. He’s not a homemaker. He was a school teacher. Worked his butt off at work everyday (now retired), but he doesn’t cook, clean, do laundry. All the things we typically think the mom does (I know it’s 2011, many men do these things–MG certainly does). But, sewing? Guess what–he did a fantastic job and you could never tell there was a hole. He did better than a seamstress would’ve done or at least as good. When done–he handed it to me and said that he could’ve done much better, but the type of material made it very difficult. Trust me, he did a great job. And I doubted him? Shame on me, never again.

Anyway, this gives me thought. There are many times in my every day life that I doubt people or situations. Sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong. In my business, real estate, you have to take everyone seriously. I have been proven very wrong in some situations. For instance, a young couple that just moved out of their parents home and looking at a $500,000 1st home. Well, I didn’t think this was possible, got them to check w/ a mortgage broker and they had plenty for this home. They since have become phenomenal clients buying/selling a few w/ us as investment properties and referring us to many of their friends. Luckily, we didn’t doubt them, maybe I did in my mind, but we took them seriously from the beginning and it worked out.

I even doubted myself the other day. MG and I went for a run by the lake and it was pretty hot. I told him after 3.5 miles that I was too tired to keep going. He knows me well enough that he knew I had a bit more left in the tank. He reminded me that if I didn’t finish the alloted 5 miles I would be disappointed in myself. So true. I would’ve stopped, had more left to give and felt a bit slack for quitting. Thank goodness he gave me the benefit of the doubt that I could give more b/c we finished the full 5 miles in one of our better times and I felt so good after for completing it.

On the other hand, there are times where I think someone will do what they say and they don’t. In these situations I do give them the benefit of the doubt and end up a bit disappointed. For instance, I’m told that they will take care of themselves (exercise, diet) and they don’t and probably never intended to. What can you do? At least you didn’t doubt them, they failed on their own account.

In the end, it is always better to give the benefit of the doubt. You never know who or what may surprise you. If it doesn’t work out, at least you know it wasn’t b/c of you. Some people just don’t have it in them.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

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