Getaway Is A Must!

Back from Sauble Beach and feeling relaxed and comforted. It was a really nice getaway. We got to swim, play, be a kid again, have coffee on the patio overlooking the water and just relax. We also got to spend some quality time w/ family members. It was nice b/c it wasn’t your normal beach vacation where you spend the days recovering from the night before. We got to relax, grill out, be a family and enjoy the days start to finish. It never gets old to feel the sand between your toes, but that is the only place I want to feel sand. Unfortunately, you do find it everywhere later in the day. Oh well, it is worth it.

We got our exercise by running on the beach and doing yoga. We got our laughs by chatting w/ one another and playing w/ the kids. Oh, and Woody the woodpecker–yes even he went to the beach. When we were at the cottage, he nestled outside on a tree, eating all the bugs he could find. When away he went in his cage. He even made improvements–he can now fly a good distance–not enough to be on his own yet, but getting there. He even gave us a big scare one day when he climbed about 10ft up the tree. He’s never gone that high and we all thought something terrible happened. Then, we heard the rustling in the tree. There’s Woody–all high and mighty. Next was trying to get him down. I won’t get in to that, but that was pretty difficult.

Even though I love my job, my life and all my surroundings; I still feel so refreshed w/ a few days away. You just feel in such awe and delight. I got to do new things, try things and learn more about the places around me. I also got to learn some new things about my fiance’s side of the family. We really had a blast and I recommend everyone go on a getaway. No matter how big or small, expensive or inexpensive, just get away. It makes you focus better when you are back and you learn a lot. Thank you to everyone for making our vacation a blast! We really enjoyed it all.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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