Oh To Be A Kid Again….

Well, another magnificent jog w/ MG and his sister this morning. Not that many people were out exercising as early in the morning as we were, so it was nice and quiet. We ran on the road and on the beach again. Might as well use the sand while we have it to intensify our jogs. Followed up w/ some more yoga. I’m really enjoying being back in to yoga. It helps w/ breathing, sinuses, toning, stretching, strengthening and more.

After a healthy breakfast of coffee and cinnamon buns, it was out to play. Ok, so I get to cheat a little while on vacay. I just really enjoy going for a coffee on a patio overlooking the beach. I got to be a kid again for just a little while. We blasted the ipod player and danced around to whatever song was chosen next. Free of concern or care of what I looked like or what others thought. It was just all of us. All of us having fun and being free. Back like the days of when we were kids. Now sharing our dance moves w/ the little ones. We drove around and found a park w/ a nice area to see some fish and tiny waterfalls. There was even one area where you jump off the rock and in to a deep water hole. In this pic the lady was actually pushed off by her daughter. You might notice her turning to say something while in mid flight. See, being a kid again. Jumping, playing w/ a little nudge from her daughter.

We all got to wander around from waterfall to waterfall, looking for fish and other animals and exploring like a kid w/ the kids. Loads of fun!

Then, it was off to the amusement park. We went w/ our nephew b/c our niece was shopping to find new shoes. My kind of girl, already loves her shoes and she’s only 7 yrs old. It is so nice to feel like a kid again. I got to go down the big slide w/ our nephew and MG took him on the big go carts. We all had a great time and so much fun.

These couple of days away are not only fun and relaxing, but have reminded me of some very important life lessons. We can’t always be so serious, uptight, worried about what we look like and who is watching. Make time to be a kid again. Have some fun, be silly, dance like no one is watching. Nonetheless, just make sure you are having more fun in your life than stress. Get out and enjoy! Feel young, be young!

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jennifer h
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 16:48:45

    “after a healthy breakfast of coffee and cinnamon buns” ~ oh this made me laugh, thank you! glad you enjoyed your vacation time, it looks like great fun.



  2. Inspiring Life--Inspiring YOU!
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 23:11:18

    It was fun and only one day we let ourselves go to the local bakery for their fresh cinnamon buns. They are simply amazing.



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