Sauble Beach, ON–Aaaahhh the Beach!

We are getting away. Wooohooo!!! It is only 3 hours away, going further North in Ontario and only for a couple of days, but it’s a getaway. MG’s family goes to this cottage in Sauble Beach, ON every year. We get to tag along for a couple of days w/ them. We are only able to go for a few days b/c luckily work (real estate)  is very busy. Usually the housing market around here is not at the hottest in July/August, but this year it has been steadily busy. No matter–the next couple of days soaking in the sun, having fun, swimming, walking on the beach will be fantastic.

So, we came up late last night, which works out well. Just in time to get a good night’s sleep and be there ready to go for the first full day. Myself, MG and his sister woke up bright and early to get in some early morning sunshine and exercise. We welcomed the cooler weather. In Hamilton, ON we have been having record heat w/ over 90’s F every day of July. So, it was a pleasure to go for a jog outside and it was only in the 70’s w/ amazing beach breezes. Somehow exercise always seems much better at the beach. We went back and did some yoga and the day was ready to begin. By the way, we ran 1/2 of our jog on the beach–whoa! what a difference. We were all much more tired. It is way harder, but supposed to be much better for your joints. My legs were shaky for a bit after b/c of running in the sand.

Afterwards, we all headed to the beach. We played some soccer and football, but w/ the high winds it was too chilly to swim. In fact, we decided to go have a coffee and muffin on the patio. Beautiful! The good thing about all of us is that we can find the positive in anything. See it may be too chilly for the lake water, which is on Lake Huron, but there is this place called Oliphant that is fun! The water is generally very shallow for as far as you can see, so it is warm. The sun heats it up quickly b/c it is so shallow. You can walk out for miles and never be in water higher than your waist. We were able to catch a few creatures (turtle, sunfish, crayfish, etc), but of course we immediately turned everything loose. Don’t want to harm any animals. Then, we stopped to roll down a gigantic hill of sand and off to the cottage for some asparagus and grilled veggies.

After all of this, it was a serene night of fishing. Not a lot biting, but we caught a few and of course turned them loose. See a pattern going here? Doesn’t my sis-in-law look like a pro?

Even the kids were fishing. Beautiful night. Then, it was off to a local ice cream shop for a tiny bit of yummy treats. Well deserved. Back to the cottage for some chill and relaxation and off to bed and ready to start a whole new day. Aaaahhh the beach–we make the most of time away. Heck, make the most of every day. Life’s a beach, but if it is too chilly, go make your own fun elsewhere. There’s always something else to do and be excited about. The weather is perfect, not so much for swimming, but for everything else–Magnificent!










Oh and a little shopping never hurt anyone. A pair of the most comfortable shoes ever and some adorable Diesel rainboots for only $40. Cool deal. Too bad we haven’t had rain in over a month. I’ll get to wear them sooner or later!










 “Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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