Heat Dome!

I believe this is what they are calling this wave of heat we are all experiencing. According to the meteorologists, the states are getting hit w/ this wave as well. I’ve got to be honest, I hate it this hot!!! We reached a high w/ heat index of 110F. This is ridiculous. I’m in Canada–hottest day on record! Even worse, we went to a listing evaluation at 1:30 (hottest part of day) and they didn’t have ANY air conditioning. Holy cow, hot! We were all drenched w/ sweat and not even hardly moving.  Everyone was stressed over the heat. There’s only one positive in temps this high–wait for it, I’m wiping my brow off–it is a free sauna. When you sweat like this, you release all the yucky, bad toxins in your body. It can actually be a good thing.

Sweating while working out promotes hormones that makes us feel good. Hot yoga is a great way to sweat while working out. Speaking of working out–the last 2 days before this one, I have done my workouts outside. I have been out for a run one day and the stairs the next. Both days, I got started at around 7:30am. It was already 78F, but felt like 88F. Anyways, I did alright on my jog, but the stairs, well….

It was strange, I did a 5km (3 mile) jog w/ 400 stairs. I felt good during the jog, but as I started my first flight of stairs (250 stairs) my heartbeat got really high. I did a light jog to the next set of stairs and was more tired than usual, but ok. Then, I started the next set of stairs and whoa! All of a sudden, I felt dizzy, nauseous, a bit disoriented and then my heartbeat went up. Problem was my heart was racing and I couldn’t get it to calm down. A lot of this I think was more due to becoming anxious b/c of how I was feeling. There were people all around doing the stairs, jogging, etc, but I couldn’t regain myself. I have never felt like this or had such anxiety. Luckily, I had the wherewithal to realize that I needed to gather myself, so I reverted to the yoga I’ve been doing lately.

Remember how I’ve written about doing yoga every day under my cabana w/ the fountain on. Well, thank goodness. I thought about deep breathing–counting to 4 inhaling and exhaling for 4 counts. After minutes of feeling anxious and sick, the breathing calmed me right down in about 45 seconds. Amazing! I was ok enough that I was able to continue my jog back home.

So, sweat and sweat a lot. It helps us feel good, our skin is better and we rid ourselves of about 30% of the toxins in our bodies. Don’t overdue it and know when to stop. I’m thankful for my indoor gym b/c I ran on my treadmill today and I will do the Elliptical tomorrow b/c it is just too hot outside. I learned a huge lesson. I learned how very, very important breathing is to us. I’ve written on it a lot lately, but I used it yesterday. It really helps and was the only way I calmed down. Use it for anxiety, stress, anger, etc. It is a little miracle we do all day every day, but don’t focus on. Try it.

Had a phenomenal dinner w/ MG at our commercial restaurant that we have listed. We had to show it to some buyers today, so we stayed after for a tasty dinner. Some cucumbers, tomatoes, egg, cheese, pickles, rye bread and a huge glass of water for me and a lovely German beer for MG. Very refreshing. Now, stop reading and go breathe.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

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