Soft Drinks–The Good and Bad–Plus My HcG Results

This post was a request from my sis-in-law. Today is her birthday, so what better day to answer some questions regarding soft drinks. I have done a good amount of research and believe it or not, I have found good and bad of soft drinks.

Sometimes on a hot day, there is nothing more refreshing than an ice cold Mt Dew, root beer, or whatever soft drink you prefer. I used to be the biggest soft drink junkie out there. For quite a good number of years now, I have started eating healthier and paying attention to what goes in my body. Since making the healthy eating change, I have put soft drinks to bed. I do still have one here and there and I enjoy it, but certainly not like I used to. I could easily drink 2 liters of pop in one day. Now I have a can every few weeks or months. I solely drink water and coffee now. I first ended soft drinks due to trying to lose weight years and years ago. Well, I should say I ended full soft drinks and made the switch to diet soda. Then, you hear word that diet soda can be worse for your health and weight loss than regular soda. I will try to break down soda and let you come to your own conclusions.

First off are the benefits of soft drinks. On a couple sites, I found some positive reasons to drink a bit of soda. I don’t think a lot of soda consumption is good no matter the benefits. If you are drinking a lot, then the negatives outweighs the positives. So, in small amounts the caffeine in soda can benefit some weight loss, can help open airways to prevent asthma attacks and can help those who have a problem w/ chronic fatigue. In saying this, caffeine is under scrutiny for health risks as well. Moderation is key. Also, the sodium in sodas can be beneficial. As long as the product has less than 35mg of sodium and most sodas do, it can be a vital component in the body for muscle contraction, and it helps keep calcium in the blood, while stimulating the adrenal glands. Another benefit is carbonated water. This is one of the main ingredients and has a high water content, leaving you feeling refreshed and hydrated after having a soft drink. Carbonated water is used to treat constipation. It also can help settle an upset stomach and ease nausea. These are the benefits that I could find. That’s all, not many, but a few.

In researching health risks, I have to warn you that I noticed contradictory statements. You will see what I mean after reading this paragraph. Oh well, get what you can out of it. Now for the reasons not to drink soda. There are a good amount more of these. Carbonation from all soft drinks causes calcium loss. Carbonation irritates the stomach, the stomach eases the irritation by adding the only antacid it has which is calcium from the blood, the blood (now low in calcium) replenishes itself from the bones. Now your bones are low in calcium, so they become more soft.  Can cause diabetes–sugar dissolved in to liquid gets carried quickly through the bloodstream, causing extreme overload on the pancreas. Trying to prevent nerve damage the pancreas pumps out insulin. Our bodies don’t know how to deal w/ and what to do w/ the processed sugars in a can. Then, we move on to cancer where research has shown a large correlation between soft drinks and esophageal cancer. The reason–the fizz makes you burp, this produces acid reflux, doesn’t get flushed out and gunk sits in our esophagus. These are some pretty major reasons to keep me from a regular diet of soft drinks.

Now–if you are going to drink, which is better–regular or diet? It seems that overall regular soda is all around better than diet. The artificial sweeteners added to diet are more unsafe for your health, tend to get you more addicted, trick your body to think it needs sweet and b/c it is diet–you think you can drink more of it. The more you drink, the more you take in the fake sugar and the heavier you get, much less the damage that the fake sugar causes to our bodies, organs, brain, etc. It is called “artificial sweeteners” for a reason. Our bodies can handle the fructose syrup in regular better than the artificial and we know when to stop. Our brain reacts to the sugar in regular and tells us when to stop. You don’t have those same reactions to diet.

So, there you have it. Enjoy a soft drink every so often, just don’t make it a habit. If you are going to have a soft drink, make it a regular one. The diet drinks really do some yucky stuff to our bodies and actually put weight on us.

We enjoyed a nice dinner to celebrate another negative reading on my blood work. My HcG levels are still negative, so moving in the right direction after my molar pregnancy. We also went to our favorite ice cream shop. MG finally got them to get his most delightful and enjoyable flavor–GRAPE!!! I still love my orange-pineapple. All natural, creamy ice cream. Yum!


“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kristy
    Jul 23, 2011 @ 08:21:12

    My husband and I debate over which is better for you – Diet or Regular Soda – all the time! You post helps me score extra points in my battle. If your going to treat yourself, have the real thing 🙂



  2. Inspiring Life--Inspiring YOU!
    Jul 23, 2011 @ 10:19:37

    Yes, have the real thing. The artificial things in the diet are just really not good for you and your body doesn’t know how to handle them. Well, try to get through this heat wave and enjoy the weekend.



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