David vs Goliath

You know the Biblical story of David vs Goliath. The smaller man had to defeat the giant. Well, MG and I had a similar, but much more minor sense of this today. And we don’t know if we “won” or not. This morning we went to CAMVAP. This stands for Canadian Motor Vehicle Arbitration Plan. Basically, we bought a brand new 2009 Chrysler Town and Country back in September 2009. In just 3 short weeks of owning the van, we have had issue after issue. There was a problem w/ the RPM’s revving very high for no reason–resolved, next came cold start noises in the engine area–this has been repaired twice, but never resolved–still makes noise, in a year and a half the brakes have failed 3 times–just as recently as one week ago, all turn lights have burned out and replaced, sliding door mechanism replaced, window cracked b/c of faulty plastic—see why we took Chrysler to court?  All of this in just a year and a half. We tried multiple times to get the dealership to buy back at a fair price, we talked to Chrysler as a whole–every time nothing. No one wanted to help us out at all. They all kept closing doors and saying that it is all normal wear and tear and they would not help us at all. We were left w/ only 2 choices. One, do nothing but sit back and bitch and complain and achieve nothing OR two, do something. We chose to do something and that ended us in arbitration this morning w/ the 2 of us, a Chrysler rep and an arbitrator.

The way this works is that MG got the ball rolling and made the multiple calls to Chrysler w/ no luck and then to CAMVAP. You then have to write letters, send all your receipts and they decide if you have a worthy case. If you do and we did, they set a date for arbitration. Problem is that you need to use your vehicle. Every km used deducts from the price of the buyback of the vehicle. We’ve been scheduled for this for 2 months. Therefore, we lost money in those 2 months. So, we gave our evidence, talked of why we should have something done for us, we took videos of the van starting and brought in speakers to make sure the videos could be heard. Our cold starts are much more obvious in winter, so mid July–we need videos to prove our case. They asked some questions and after an hour we all left. We will hear in a few days if we won or not. Ultimately, we want Chrysler to buy the van back at a fair price. Who knows what will happen. Lesson here is to do something. No matter what happens, we tried, our voice was heard, we didn’t just sit back and complain. I see it as a win either way. Obviously a bigger win if we get the buy back. Oh well, the more consumers stand up to the big guy, the less they will get away with and stop making things so cheaply just to save a dollar.

In the meantime, I have hockey tonight and I’ve been resting a sore back. Sometimes my back slips out of place and my left hip visually gets about 1.5 inches higher than my right. This is insanely painful. All due to a slipped disk on my left side that flares up. I have tried yoga and it helps, but I cannot bend forward, so it can only do so much. I did a 30 mins swim at my in-laws pool and that helped, but…..it still hurts. We’ll see how hockey goes. I’ve got a great team of girls and I sponsor the team, so here we are! What a great group of girls we’ve put together. I am lucky b/c I put together some of the girls from last summer as well as some from my winter team. Everyone gels very well and we are competitive, play hard, but have a lot of fun no matter what. We always go upstairs after for a drink, some food and loads of laughs. I’m sure my Swedish Berry drink on the patio will make all better.

I would also like to give a massive cheer to the USA women’s soccer who just defeated France in the semifinals of the women’s world cup soccer. They now will move on to the finals on Sunday to play either Sweden or Japan. I will be watching, so gooooo USA!!!!

So, remember to always take a chance. We never know the outcome as long as we try, but we always know the outcome if we never try. Do it! You have nothing to lose. Be proud no matter what happens, at least you gave it your all and you did something about it. Maybe if you don’t reap the rewards, the next person will!


“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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