It’s Been A While!

We have been up to a lot lately. It has been very busy in real estate and in life. I find that the we go through stages as sales reps. It is a natural cycle. We get listing after listing and are very short on buyers, then you seem to have all buyers and not as many listings. Right now, we only have a few buyers, but a lot of listings. We tend to be very good at getting buyers from our listings. We are at about 50% at double ending deals, meaning that we tend to bring our own buyer to one of our listings. This has to do w/ where we advertise, the fact that we cover many areas rather than just working in one and the fact that there are 3 of us working together so someone is always available to show, help, answer questions. It takes a lot of patience to work in real estate. We had a buyer looking for 3 years. Once we did find her a home, it was perfect for her! Well worth the wait. Same w/ listings. We just listed a near million dollar home. This is a high value, so it may take some patience and probably a lot of advertising money to find that “right” buyer. Even though it is spectacular w/ over 5,000 sq ft of living space, 2 huge ponds, hot tub, indoor pool, 93 acres, not just anyone can purchase this home. You’ve got to pluck out that person who sees the value and has the money to make it happen. Patience!!!

Practicing patience is very difficult. I read last week how much deep breathing really helps. Sometimes you read that right information at that right time. Well, that’s what happened for me. The reading said to take 4 to 5 counts of breath in and 4 to 5 counts of breath out. Repeat this several times and really helps to ease you. These breaths need to come from deep down, the diaphragm, lower tummy. I’ve been working on this whether it was something frustrating in life (being cut off by a driver, traffic, etc) or in work. Try it out, see if it works for you. Definitely works for me.

For instance, we got an offer on our commercial listing the other night. I thought it was a joke. It was $520,000 less than asking price. You can’t even buy a house in this area for the price that was offered. Yikes! When we called the other agent to see if the price was a mistake–the agent replied like this and I kid you not, “no that’s the right price, what was the asking price?” Are you kidding me? What justice are you providing your client when you are writing up an offer for them and you don’t even know what the asking price is? Oh well, deep breath, deep breath. Anyway, we had to show this to our seller and we taught them some deep breathing exercises in order to get a sign back on this listing. They really had to practice patience w/ this buyer. Laughable. Tis life, you win some, you lose some and others you just have to laugh about and take action.

So, we treated ourselves to some delicious German food w/ some of MG’s lovely German relatives. Here’s to a good night and some good advice!

Patience–it is a virtue and it is work, but is worth it. It will save you a lot of stress, irritation, wrinkles and heart problems. You can work out, eat right, etc, but if you aren’t taking time to work on your mental stability–it is all for not!


“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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  1. Kristy
    Jul 14, 2011 @ 10:16:41

    You have been missed! What a beautiful home – wish we could buy it! Just this past week, I’ve starting saying “Namaste” to all the jerks on the road, in the grocery store, etc. My initial urge is to flick them off or call them a not so nice word. I realized it just makes me angry and they never even notice. It started off as a joke, but I’m liking it. I think it’s more of a “namaste” to myself. It also makes me laugh everytime I do it. So much better than being angry! Keep breathing! It’s so good for you!



  2. Inspiring Life--Inspiring YOU!
    Jul 14, 2011 @ 23:40:24

    You could not be more correct! When we get so mad at someone else, it always makes us feel even worse, but the person who made us mad at first, it never even bothers. Might as well make a joke out of it. I’m loving the breathing. It really does help. Oh yeah, got the Eion Finn video and I love it. Thanks for the advice.



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