Oh, The Great Outdoors!

So, I only come inside when I’m cooking or cleaning. My 2nd home is outside, anywhere outside. It has been really hot here, about 92-95F. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of humidity and there is a nice breeze, so in the shade, I’m perfect as a peach. Is that the right saying? I’m not good at sayings and quotes, I usually mix a couple together, but most get what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that the outdoors are alive and I’m so happy being out enjoying it.  Loads of Vitamin D!

For starters, we went shopping for bird baths. Anyone who reads this blog, knows how much I love our birds, squirrels, skunks, chipmunks and raccoons. Well, when washing the vehicles the other day–the birds were playing and bathing in the water. This got us thinking, so off to the garden store. We purchased the bird bath, the birds like to drink out of it, which is great, but I want them to swim and splash around. I know it is possible b/c both of MG’s aunts tell about the doves, cardinals, finch and even blue that jays splash around in theirs. Any suggestions, send them my way. Got the bird bath, got the water, got the birds drinking–need them playing.

The street we live on is bustling w/ all the kids out from school. We live on a crescent, so there’s not a lot of traffic. The kids play hockey, basketball, skateboard, you name it. So fun to sit out and watch them. Then, it was off to MG’s parents who live on 18 acres, mostly bush. They have a phenomenal place, pond, nature, etc. For instance, 2 yrs ago there was a turquoise frog that lived here. Don’t know where he went, but this one has to be a spawn of the other. The other was all turquoise, this one is only half. Really neat!  We snapped a few pics by the pond…

Had some good food and back to our house we headed.

About 1.5 months ago, I wrote about buying and planting 4 blueberry bushes.  I thought I would take a minute and update how they are doing. They are living and thriving, but the 2 in the back by the shed are growing tall, quickly, but aren’t sprouting blueberries. The 2 in the front are growing, but not as fast, but have a lot of blueberries. None that I have eaten yet (not really ready yet), but there’s a lot there.

Now, I need to figure out if the 2 up front are seeding together well, but maybe the back aren’t as kosher together. Remember, I got 4 different types of blueberry bushes and some work together better than others. On the other hand, sometimes they can take a season to start producing berries. So, we’ll see and I’ll keep you updated.

Next, we were off to a local festival. It was a blast. So much going on and we got to see one of our favorite bands. They last put out a CD 10 yrs ago. They released a new one now and they were fantastic. They are Big Sugar. So good. A little rock, some reggae, funk. Just perfect! So, get out and enjoy the outdoors. It is good for you and your soul. It clears your mind and makes you feel good.  Get out–you can find something do outside, so go–enjoy!

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jayme @ Runner-n-Spice
    Jul 06, 2011 @ 22:08:10

    I need to get outside more!! I’ve been depending on Jergens sunless tanner for my colour, ek. The joys of having fair skin – I’m always afraid of being burnt to a crisp!

    ps: ek! the frog! I used to love catching them in my backyard.



  2. Inspiring Life--Inspiring YOU!
    Jul 06, 2011 @ 23:10:48

    Yes, I have very fair skin as well. I just try to get a little direct sun ( a few mins at a time) and get my skin used to the sun so that I don’t get burned. Yes, the frog, I used to catch them as well. I love frogs. Did you see the turquiois?



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