Independence Day–Happy To Be Free!

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What an exciting day. Today is our July 4th, Independence Day. I may live in Canada now, but I’m still so proud to be an American! What memories I have of growing up and heading to the festivals and fireworks through our downtown. My friends and I would always be sick from all the ice cream, slushies and the oh so delicious cotton candy. Actually, I still get teased for going to hockey games and sometimes grabbing a bag of cotton candy. Nothing but sugar and devilish calories, but a must have every now and then. I am so lucky for my freedom. I am so thankful to everyone who fought so that I can have rights and freedoms, my grandfather being one of them. Something we tend to forget about, take for granted, but can you imagine life w/o all the freedoms we have now. Geez, I can’t imagine and the price all the soldiers have paid. Some lost their lives, some injured w/ disabilities forever and the ones who came out seemingly unscathed, have horrible memories and thoughts that plague them every day! Thanks to you all! I have the freedom to be American and live in Canada. I do love Canada and I really enjoy my life here, but in my heart my American pride is strong!

I am also thankful for a girl on my hockey team bringing me Ketchup Chips. We had a discussion last week about the fact that in the states we don’t have ketchup chips. Here in Canada they are rampant and everybody loves them. She was kind enough to not only remember that I had never had them, but to also bring me my own personal bag. It took me no time to rip into those. They are very good. See how something so small as a bag of chips can make you feel so good. This is what I mean…do kind things. Even the small gestures can make someone happy, make them feel special, important. Thank you!

Another thankful item on my “things I am thankful list” is that a little woodpecker we found at my in-laws house is doing better. This poor little bird was injured and laying in the grass when we found him. No one knows what happened, but he was not in good shape. He could not fly or walk. We have since adopted him, until he can go conquer the world on his own, to feed him, water him and take care of him. It is crazy the things we all do for animals. MG’s mother and father have done an unbelievable job caring for this little guy. He has a steady diet of blueberries, banana, water and earwigs (bugs). He goes out on the grass to be w/ other birds, peck on the trees and adventure. He is improving every day (it has been about a week) and he is very feisty. He is getting around better and I think he will be back on his own soon. I’m so thankful to my in-laws for the amount of time, care, concern and overall babying they have given this helpless little animal.

So, a little lesson to all. Be thankful and if you are having a bad day, rather than focusing on the bad, make a list of all the good in your life. I bet there is a lot more good than you realize. Making a list helps you to visually see what the good is and how much there is. So, don’t sit around and feel bad for yourself. Make the list, be happy, thankful, kind, helping and enJOY life. You’re lucky to have every day and to have your freedom!  Go live, go help and feel good.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jayme @ Runner-n-Spice
    Jul 05, 2011 @ 07:34:25

    Aw! So glad that you guys were able to save that lil’ woodpecker!

    Have a wonderful day!



  2. Kristy
    Jul 05, 2011 @ 08:46:53

    Too funny that we both posted about our quinoa salads! Your salad looks yummy! I’ve never tried kale. i think it’s time I add it to my shopping cart. do you use it like lettuce???



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