I’m Done…No More Eating S*!t!

Sorry for the anger in the title, but I was so frustrated today. I went for a 5 mile (8km) jog today and felt terrible. When I arrived back at home, I realized that I actually had shaven off 2 mins from the last time I did this jog, but I felt awful during the run. Let me rewind….last night I had no control or will power over bad foods. I wanted chips, cookies, chocolate, ice cream. Problem, I didn’t say no to much. My fav ice cream shop opened back up for the summer and they are just around the corner. I enjoyed a lovely pineapple-orange scoop of ice cream. Then, I needed something salty, so I had a few ruffles potato chips. Oh, a little later, I felt like a couple of Oreo’s. Shame, shame. Well, after the ice cream, I felt pretty sick on my tummy.

I’ll back up a little further. When I went vegetarian 1.5 yrs ago, I started by reading The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. Fantastic book w/ lots of info and recipes for every level of someone considering vegetarianism and/or vegan. In this book she says to see how meat/dairy cause issues w/ your digestion by going off of it all for one week and then try it again and see how you feel. Well, I have given up all meat, but the reason I am vegetarian not vegan is b/c I have not fully given up dairy. I am so close, but not totally. I still have a dash of milk in my coffee. By the way, ever since my post regarding agave, I have cut out most sugar, but I don’t have any in my coffee at all now. Anyway, now that I don’t have much dairy, I have noticed that ice cream really upsets my stomach.

This book, as well as many other things I’ve read, discuss how changing your diet to a healthier one can make you feel sick. Sometimes you can get a bad cold when you start cleaning out your body or foods that you used to be able to tolerate before, you can’t anymore. I think that I am going through this. I dropped all meat instantly and have not had any since. But, dairy I have had a harder time parting with, so now that I am almost fully off of dairy, I think larger amounts of it make me sick. Weird, but actually a good thing. Dairy has a lot of steroids, antibiotics and a bunch of other yucky stuff. I’m not telling anyone to get off of it, but try something. Don’t have any dairy or meat for a week, then have a glass of milk and see how you feel. Also, I want to stop dairy b/c anything that makes their young grow to 400 pounds, I don’t want. Cows give their calves their milk to make them grow to 400 pounds, therefore, do you think it makes us heavier? I think so. Another thought is that we are the only species that drinks milk from a different species (meaning not just from our mother’s milk). Weird? I think so.

So, I felt terrible all night last night. Then, I go for my jog and I was feeling sick on my tummy before I left. I thought after running a bit it would go away. It didn’t. This is where my frustration comes from. During my whole jog, all I could think about was if I didn’t eat all that junk food, I wouldn’t feel so terrible during my run. Also, why exercise so much just to ruin it on all my junk food. Now, I’m not saying that I’m never going to have another chip or ice cream or chocolate. What I am saying is that I am going to start practicing more self-control, more will power. I think this is good for all aspects of life. We can’t give in to every desire. We need to learn to say no to ourselves. Especially when we really, really want something. This comes to clothing, food and much more. I am going to start focusing on not getting everything I want. I need to be able to walk away from things. Yes, this includes Lululemon clothing. On a side note, I read last night that Lulu is raising their price on Scuba hoodies from $99 to $148, so now is a really good time to learn self-control. I won’t be paying $148 for a sweatshirt. Just like I won’t feel crummy on a jog anymore due to my sweet tooth. I will continue to put good, healthy foods in my body and the reward will be the goodness I feel from it. The happiness my body gives back during my workouts.

So, here’s to controlling myself and feeling much better and much happier. I’m going do it. I’m hoping others of you will join me. I’d love to hear from you guys if you do try going without meat/dairy and if you try it later, how did you feel? I will teach myself will power and control. I got to my breaking point this morning. I don’t want to feel like that again. I want to get the most out of my workouts and I don’t want to do it all for not anymore.

Oh, I had an offer to do on one of our country properties, so we stopped by our in-laws. I snapped a quick pic of their dog. This is what all dogs should look like at the end of the day. He went to run at the dog park for 2 hours today and was absolutely wiped. Think he had a fun day? I do! Enjoy!

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”



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