Natural Facelift…Laugh!

It is amazing how our face shows all the good and bad, the wear and tear, the joy and the tears in our lives. I notice when I’m stressed or working too hard and not enjoying life, not taking it in, that my face seems to look droopy. Amazingly, the reverse  shows clearly when life is full of fun and laughter. I’ve realized that until my late 20’s I laughed all the time. Even though I was in school, working, etc, I seemed to make the most of every day and really had no worries. My days consisted of joy, laughing w/ friends and ease. My friends used to tease me that the corners of my mouth naturally turned upwards like a smile. I enjoyed that. Now, I still have a ton of joy and laughter, but it is woven between “real life”. Real life throws curveballs. A little stress, concern, frustration, sadness is all mixed in now w/ the laughter. This change has only occurred in the last few years. It’s natural. This is the age when you start living. Really living. This means paying bills, having a job, family getting older, you get the jist.

So, I have realized that I need to smile more. I need to figure out what I am thankful for. People tend to focus on the bad and not the good. I have always been an advocate for praising someone when they are really good. For example, we tend to complain to the manager when the waiter/waitress did something wrong, but how often do we tell the manager when the waiter/waitress does a great job. This is what I mean. It is ok to speak up when something is wrong, but please also speak up to let people know when they are better than the norm. I am going to stop worrying and start focusing on doing things I really enjoy. Incorporate the two. Intermingle the stress w/ the happy.

A few months ago, MG and I were almost home when we noticed a LOT of people looking in to the sky on the escarpment (about  2 mins from our house). Of course, we stopped. It was the “Super Moon”.  Before I explain what this is, these are 2 of the pics I took of this huge moon over the city from the escarpment views.  I am not a star gazer or galaxy person, but I had to see what the big deal was and why so many people were around. We got lucky, by the time we pulled up–the moon arose 5 mins later. So, this occurred on March 19, 2011. The biggest and closest to Earth in the last 20 years. Amazing! We pulled over w/ a smirk on our face, but left w/ a huge smile. Wow, we were just a part of something, by accident, that only occurs every 18 yrs or so. Pretty neat. Here’s a link if you’d like to learn more Made me smile for a long time.

For a natural facelift–all I need is a good comedian. I used to go to the Comedy Club every other week. I love comedy and I laugh like a kid the whole time. I have not been to a comedy show in a while. The last one I went to was to see Gerry Dee (pic here). He is hilarious! I watch Last Comic Standing every summer on TV. Gerry was one of the finalists and he is from Toronto. If you get a chance, go see him live doing stand up. You will be sure to laugh all night. Some of my other favorites are Kevin James, Ellen DeGeneres and Mitch Hedberg. Hedberg is no longer w/ us, but you tube him sometime. Amazing! Love comedy. We all have different likes, but comedy has always been a big one for me.

In looking at things that make me smile–I see that there is a lot that makes me smile. Thinking of family/friends, my teammates, beautiful sites of trails and beach. So, I smile a lot, but I need to incorporate that gut wrenching, almost painful laughter that I enjoy. This summer, I am making it a mission to do some travelling and get to see some comedy.

I am an overall very happy person and have a wonderful life w/ magnificent people around me. I just need to incorporate the silly,the goofy, the fun and outrageous laughter again. I take myself and my life a little too seriously now that I am an adult w/ responsibilities and have a demanding, but very rewarding job. So, make sure you do your adult responsibilities, but add in a nice mixture of joyous fun and laughter like the kid that is still inside of us all!

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

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