Back and Ready!

New Recipe on home page under “Recipes” tab at top for 15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta. This recipe was posted by Oh She Glows blog. Yummy and delicious!

Game 6 tonight of Stanley Cup Playoffs…Go Canucks!!!! What an exciting series so far!

I’ve been back in Ontario, Canada for a day and a half, but I’m mentally back. The 1/2 day on Saturday was recovery, unpacking and sleeping. The whole day was spent jogging, sleeping, working, sleeping, recovering. Today, I’m back. I feel great. A little sniffly, but great! I always come back from NC pumped, rejuvenated and happy. We did our workouts w/ Jillian. She is amazing and I didn’t get to do any of her DVD’s while away. Seriously, after not doing this for a week, it is a butt kicker. Next, was time to get our yard in order. It was amazing to see how much all of our plants grew in one week. We had to do loads of weeding, mowing, watering, you name it. Real estate is going well, but I did a good amount of work in NC, so that part doesn’t feel any different.

A few new things came my way while I was gone. I’m excited to tell you all about them. First, I was notified just before I left for NC that I won a Mavea water pitcher. This was extremely exciting. I follow @therealdishto  or and read her blogs regularly. She has tons of good info on eating healthy, vegetarian recipes and overall good info to know. She offered a chance to win this pitcher and since I am reading her blog all the time, I figured why not try to win. Well, I did! My beautiful, red pitcher was at my house waiting in a big brown box. I quickly opened it, read the manual and got it set up.  This pitcher filters your water and makes for delicious, fresh water. The filter goes inside and there is a button on top that tells you when to change the filter. The cost of the filter is $8 and only has to be changed about every 2 months. I have been using it constantly and love it. Also, you pour the water right from your faucet and there is a valve that closes when you have enough water inside to be filtered. Then, you just pour right from the pitcher into your water bottle. Voila! I love it and highly recommend you checking out the blog from above and the company, Mavea.  Thank both of you, I love it!

Next, on the new list are my Mizuno running shoes. I love these shoes. I have been using Asics and I really liked them, but for me, they don’t compare to my Mizuno’s. These shoes have an extra bit of bounce in the shoe and seems to just motivate you along. It feels like I float and I don’t feel the heaviness of the pavement under my feet. They are also very light. These shoes are great for me and I look forward to every run in them. No, I didn’t win these, but I sure would love anything this company would send my way.

While in NC I thought I would try Oil of Olay’s new under eye concealer. It is a bit expensive for concealer, but happened to be cheaper in NC. So, of course I bought and figured I’d try it out. It actually works really well. I was very surprised the first time I used it. It does smooth out the lines just enough and definitely helps w/ dark circles. Trust me, after my vacation, I need to hide my dark circles. This product seems to do what it says it does and I really like it. I’ve tried it for a couple of days now and still see its benefits.

So, I guess it is back to reality in Canada now. The good part is that our outdoors looks amazing at our house. We are outside all day and most of the night now. It is so nice to see the animals, the flowers, etc all while sipping coffee at our table or doing work on the laptop. I love it and I am looking forward to a fantastic summer. We have a lot planned and I can’t wait to try some new things and adventures. So, it is time for a good night’s sleep and I thought I’d leave you w/ this lovely picture. Summer is here and I am ready for it!

“Have A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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