Back in Canada and So Tired!

Well, we still woke up at 8am and went for a 3mile (5km) jog w/ 2 sets of 400 stairs. Luckily, we both really enjoy exercise and it makes us feel better. It is really hot here in Canada as well. Although we are in the mid to upper 80’s, it is sunny and humid. It is nice to continue on w/ getting up early and getting our workouts done right away. This way there are no excuses. We can’t say it is too hot, work doesn’t get in the way–simply nothing–no excuses. Also, there is a peacefulness in the mornings. I noticed this in NC as well. People are up and about, getting their workouts in before work, school or just life happens. Everyone has a special glow, a smile. We all encourage each other silently to keep going, pushing. It is nice. No one speaks much, just a simple wave or head nod, but we all get it. WE are all working towards our own goal. Could be weight loss, toning, health issues, training, who knows. Doesn’t matter–we are all out there together getting in whatever workout it is that we need for that day. Wow, it is so powerful!

So, my week  in NC is over, I am already missing everyone. Although, I did get a great sleep in my Tempurpedic and woke up somewhat refreshed. I’m supposed to have an open house today, but we sold the home, so we are now free to relax and catch up. A quick re-cap of the week. I got to see all of my amazing family and most of my friends, ate the foods and shopped the shops I can’t get here in Canada, got in loads of vitamin D and exercise, overall had a phenomenal time! I sold 2 houses and got an interested buyer on one of our commercial properties. I still have plenty of listings and hungary buyers, but it is nice to be able to take care of my business while I am away. It’s like I never left.

Thank you to everyone from NC and I can’t wait to see you all again either here in Canada or my next visit to NC. I also appreciate MG for his patience, hockey training and keeping up w/ this crazy schedule in order to see everyone. We have a fun time and keep things easy for one another. We also motivate one another for exercise, healthy eating and just keeping going. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the pics, they are all special memories of our visit that have not previously been posted. No matter how much life changes, continues, moves–I will always have my family/friends and a lifetime of memories. I learned a lot about myself, about others and even met a few strangers. I came back w/ a new wealth of knowledge. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired. MG and I have had a few naps today and have fallen asleep a few times on the couch (which we never do). We fit a lot in to this trip and never stopped or missed a minute of any day. I feel like I haven’t slept in 3 wks, but it is all worth it. I loved every second of it and I’m ready to do it again. Well, not yet, but soon! No amount of exercise prepares you for the week we’ve just had. I loved it and had a blast!










“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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