The Last Day Is So Hard! :(

Today was beautiful! It got up to 85F, but not until around 1ish. MG and I went for our normal jog around the trails. All of sudden as we were running we saw a huge commotion w/ a Doberman Pinscher. People were swinging sticks at this dog and yelling. Of course, I grabbed a stick just in case, but I couldn’t allow these people to keep doing this. The dog was getting very worried and to our left was a very busy road. I was so worried she was going to run in to traffic. I called her over and she was so sweet, just pretty scared. Luckily, she had a tag w/ a phone #. We called and the husband said his wife was jogging and the dog got loose and ran away. We called her on her cell and she came to get the dog. She was so shaken over losing her dog, but extremely thankful. Goes to show, you should always have tags on your dog, just in case.

So, we finished our jog and went 5miles (8km). It was only around 57F , sunny and perfect! Then, my mother and best friend showed up to go for our walk. What a great day was still ahead of us. After the walk my mom had to go for a checkup, so we (MG, myself and my best friend) went for coffee and breakfast. Next, was something very special to me. In an earlier post I wrote how my best friend’s mother had passed away. I was in Mexico and unable to go to the funeral. This has and still makes me sick that I wasn’t there for her. So, today, I did the next best thing. We went, just the 2 of us, to visit her mother’s grave. I took a beautiful array of flowers and got to say my goodbyes. I have known her mother since I was 4yrs old. I really need to have finality and pay my respects. We beat ourselves up for not being everything to everyone, but we have to just do the best we can.

Then, off to my father’s. We only had time to stop by while they were grilling out. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to eat, but it sure smelled yummy! They have a ton of humming birds that feed right beside the table, but darn are they hard to get a pic of!

Lastly, we went shopping w/ my mom and I got 2 new fabulous pairs of Jessica Simpson shoes. MG gets credit for the black ones. Nice job! The sad part was going back to pack up and go to sleep. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow–5:30am wake up, on the road by 6am.  Good night!









“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

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