Going Strong!

We joke about the amount of visiting we do while we are here in NC. It is go, go, go all day every day. Again it was 94F and hot! It is still really nice in the shade. We are outside most of every day no matter the heat, we just stay out of the direct sun for extended periods of time.

We had another jog around the park w/ all the hills. Of course, we walked w/ mom after and headed for our favorite breakfast and coffee spot. So nice out on the patio. We went shopping for some of the things we do not have in Canada. MG got some new running shoes that will help him feel even better on his jogs.

Then, it was back to shower up and go for dinner. Myself, MG, mom, my grandmother, aunt and uncle all headed to Texas Roadhouse. We all love and enjoy this restaurant. We usually all get together to eat here when we come to town. Luckily, there is still something for me, the vegetarian, at this yummy steakhouse. We surprised my mom by making the dinner for her retirement. We treated everyone and they were all so thankful. My mother could not believe it was for her when the wait staff came out to give her the ice cream, brownie and of course the retirement song. What a great time. Yes, my mom and aunt are identical twins.

We all went back to my grandmother’s house and had a lot of laughs, stories and memories. Then, it was off to meet up w/ some of our friends at a local bar. Some new people I didn’t know were there and we had a great time getting to know one another. Everyone has a story and I find it fascinating to hear about others’.

You start to really remember how wonderful my family/friends are here. Yes, of course a steakhouse has a grill and a saddle and yes, my fiance wanted this picture just for this blog. One thing you have to pay attention to is if someone changes and being aware of the changes. Someone I am very close to seems to be a bit depressed, sort of down. I have not picked up on this through our phone conversations. Maybe I did, but didn’t realize b/c of all the crazy in my life lately. I am going to have to bring it to their attention, but it is difficult. What if I’m wrong or if they don’t realize it themselves and get angry for me bringing it up. I don’t know. At the end of the day, I always discuss being honest and true to ourselves. I also think we have to be honest and true to those we care about. I heard a few weeks ago that we should not always feed people what they want to hear. Most of us would prefer for others to tell us the truth. No, I don’t like that haircut as much, yes you could get a bit healthier, yes I think it is positive if you do lose some weight. If we all want the truth, I think we have to give the truth. Therefore, I will talk to this person the next day or two and see if I can be of help. I’m sure I’m not wrong, it’s just if they are willing to admit it internally.

I feel that this person is very important in my life and by me showing my concern and extending the olive branch, it will be good for both of us. For them, it will make them realize and hopefully open up; for me, it will help me w/ being honest about sensitive subjects. Sometimes the most difficult things to admit or speak up about are the ones that could change someone’s life. Or it could get the hairstylist fired. Either way, you can feel good that you helped and didn’t go down that comfortable, complying, lying road that we don’t appreciate from others.

Always pay attention to others and be aware of any warning signs that someone else may need you. We can get wrapped up in our own world, problems, concerns, that we forget about the ones we care about.

On a funny note, this is painted on the wall at the steakhouse. My mother and I thought this would be a cute…maybe interesting photo. Enjoy!

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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