Who We Really Are

Got up and went for a wonderful trail run today for 3 miles (5km). This was a great, difficult run b/c it was on a forested soft trail w/ lots of hills. Also, I have not taught myself how to run in the heat very well. It was already 72F at 7:30am when we jogged. Highs range  in the 92-95F every day. Afterwards, we went for a 45min hike w/ my dad. It is a great detox b/c I sweat bucket loads. It is really good for our pores to release all the gunk in our bodies.

We all went out for  a good breakfast and a nice afternoon. Then, it was on to shop at some of my favorite stores that I don’t get to shop at in Canada. Next we were off to dinner w/ a childhood friend of mine. She and I have been friends since we were 4 yrs old. One of my closest friends. She travels a lot for her job and I live in Canada now. The last time I was in NC we were not able to get our schedules to work out. It was great to see her and catch up again. We spent hours together and had so many amazing laughs.

During these laughs down memory lane, you start to think about who you used to be. She and I discussed several times how much we’ve changed. For the better. We both used to have short tempers, a bit selfish, not real sympathetic and overall we were great kids, but just had that attitude. You know the attitude of being invensible, on top of the world, chip on the shoulder. Now, we both have great relationships, great jobs, wonderful family, etc. We are so thankful!

This got me thinking about who we were, who we are, and who we will be in the future. I have evolved into a better person. I care about others more, give back to my community and all of my goals have changed. I want to continue my journey of becoming an even better person. Unfortunately, I see a lot of people who go backwards. They become less happy, less driven and work to survive not to live.

I feel that we should work to be better in all avenues of our lives, but to enjoy ourselves at the same time. In order, to evolve for the better, you have to take care of your physical and mental health. If you are happy w/ yourself inside and out, you will be of more benefit to everyone around you. I see people who were so full life, had great dreams, good family connections and then they get older and….they become miserable. Miserable w/ job, family, relationships and ultimately themselves. This is sad. We need to be thankful. Realize what we have and elaborate on that. Be better. Most important–be happy!

Get re-connected w/ people from your past and find out who they thought you were. It is very interesting to hear how others perceive us then and now. Find out if you have improved who you are. If you haven’t, do so. Start now. Start improving yourself. People who knew us when, are always happy to disclose their thoughts of who we were. We don’t always remember what we acted like and how we’ve changed. Get to know the old you as well as the new  you and make a difference.


“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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