Feeling like Mexican!

Well, another beautiful day! Around 87F. We got an early start again this morning and did our 4mile jog w/ loads of hills. Phew! It takes a while to get used to these hills. The mind says go, but the legs say NO! Well, I ignored my legs and we went all the way. Afterwards we had another lovely hike w/ my mother. This is a ritual by the way. Pretty much every time we are here, ever day MG and I do a workout and then meet my mom for a hike, then go to a patio for coffee, breakfast and some wonderful chat.

During our morning on the patio, we met a girl sitting there w/ her great dane puppy. We began to talk and found out she is from Vermont, but living here in NC now. Very nice girl and the cutest puppy. For some reason, the sun brings out happy people. Everyone has a little extra pep in their step. We of course talked a bit of hockey b/c Vermont is so close to Canada that a lot of the people who live there cross over the border. I love meeting new people. Most of the time I will never see them again, but I always leave with some sort of new knowledge. I suggest that you try to meet someone new when you can. Even if it is just a simple hello or a few sentences. Everyone has a story, has knowledge and brings something new in to your life. I’ve learned from strangers more than I ever learned in school. Something about being in the moment, listening and taking the time to pay attention, makes things stick better. Try it and I’d love to hear some of your comments regarding what a stranger has taught you.

Then, it was time to shower up and head over to my dad’s. We went to their house for a bit to enjoy some convo and get caught up w/ one another. Next, it was my Father’s day treat to take him to a delicious Mexican restaurant. There were so many vegetarian options, so eating here is very simple for me. I like everything. My only difficulty is that the portions are HUGE! So, I take half of my meal home to my mother. She always enjoys it.  We had a lovely meal and a great time. I can already tell that a week is not going to be long enough. It never is. We have plans for pretty much every minute of every day and I’m still not going to get to see people who are very important to me. Oh well, I will make the most out of every minute and savor every second.

After, we went back to my mother’s and watched the Memorial Cup Final in hockey. Now, it is off to bed for me. Another early day full of plans. I wouldn’t change a thing. May have to take a vacation when I get home b/c of my vacation.



“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”



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