Heading to NC!

I am pleased to announce that I have just arrived in NC. Yes, it is 11:30pm and we got a super late start, but I am here, that is what counts.

Today started out a little rough b/c neither of us slept at all last night. MG was not feeling very well, so we didn’t sleep. We were going to leave at 5am (normal time for us to leave), but we decided to wait and check in w/ our family doctor to see if he needed any meds. Luckily, he did not and all is ok! Since we were still in town, we kept getting real estate calls w/ things we needed to get caught up on. We ended up leaving around noon. We actually made really good time. It is usually an 11 or 12 hour drive. Here are some pics of the Virginia Mountains. They look beautiful b/c everything is in full bloom. The lush forests seem to go from the ground to the skies. Amazing!

MG made some Mediterrean Orzo, which is fantastic (check out the tab at top–recipes). This is a cold dish, so we were able to eat it while we were driving. We had a Greek Salad for dinner that we also made and packed. This is a smart way to travel b/c you don’t eat like crap while not burning anything.

I really don’t have much to say b/c we spent the day in the car mostly, so enjoy the pics and I look forward to telling about my days back at home. Very tired–going to get sleep!

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stephanie
    Jun 04, 2011 @ 07:18:31

    How exciting! Hope you have a wonderful time with your mother and all of your family and friends. I also hope you bring some cooler Canadian breezes with you as it has been quite hot here. 🙂



  2. inspirehealth16--Suzanne Williams
    Jun 04, 2011 @ 19:55:30

    Thanks! Very excited to see my family and friends. Yes, cooler, they are calling for 90’s all week.



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