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I wrote in to someone else’s blog that is discussing a 30 day challenge of clean eating. This is what I enjoy about blogging is all the learning you get out of it. During the 30 day challenge one of the big no-no’s is sugar. I mentioned that I have coffee w/ agave and a little cream. Another person replied to me w/ loads of info. Her blog is http://mslouc.wordpress.com/ and she informed me of how bad agave is for you. I started to do my own research and unfortunately she was bang on! I switched to agave in December b/c I kept hearing about how much better this is for you than sugar. I use to use sweeteners (Splenda), but those aren’t the best either. Agave is from a cactus, but now I realize that it is not natural like they claim. It has more fructose than high fructose corn syrup. Yikes and Yuk! Check out this website–it seems to have all the info you should read http://www.foodrenegade.com/agave-nectar-good-or-bad/. Needless to say, I have had trouble getting my weight down to where I want it to be since January. I am getting rid of my agave & going back to all natural sugar.

In staying on the topic of coffee, here’s a fabulous article that tells us how coffee is good. Not considered a vice! Hallelujah! I love coffee and to think that it is taken off the naughty list makes me elated. Check it out http://www.theatlantic.com/life/archive/2011/05/guiltless-coffee-the-drink-may-actually-make-us-healthier/239028/. Of course, I still think everything in moderation, but it is nice to know that for now it is not bad for you! Aaaahhh, this pic brings back phenomenal memories. We are at an outdoor cafe in Canazei, Italy (where we lived for 5 mos). We went every day (at least once a day w/ the dogs) to get a cappuccino. It was freezing out (you can see all the snow in the background), but the glass walls and the sun kept you warm enough to sit w/o a jacket. Italy–we love you and all you have to offer.

One late night that I was having trouble sleeping, I saw a show about curing cancer and other diseases naturally. The guest was discussing how the sun is actually not  to blame for skin cancer. He was talking about how Arizona (very hot, loads of sun) has the least amount of skin cancer. Strange? A state that is loaded w/ sun year round has less skin cancer than a cold place, where you are bundled up for 6mos  of the year? He indicated that sunscreen is actually the culprit of cancers. It blocks us from soaking up Vitamin D, which is a cancer preventer. Plus, the chemicals are hazardous to our bodies. Read for yourself  http://www.naturalnews.com/021903.html. Now, I’ve been raised to wear sunscreen, not to get burned, so I find it difficult to go w/o it. I am still on the fence about this b/c it seems no matter what you are talking about…there is a study that shows benefits and later a study that shows the opposite. I’m not sold 100%, but I definitely feel this is something to think about.

My last tidbit is from my dentist.  My teeth are in good shape, not many problems. Where I have issues are my gums. I have sensitivity in several of my teeth (really cold hurts). I was mentioning this at my last dentist appointment and yes, my gums are more receded than they should be for someone my age. Again, I was taught at a young age to brush w/ toothpaste, brush often and w/ a little force. Well, this was my downfall. My receding gums are partly inherited, but mostly caused by what I perceived as keeping my mouth clean. Words to think about–only use soft bristle brushes, don’t brush w/ force (pressing hard) and don’t use much if any toothpaste. I know, I know no  toothpaste!? That’s right. It is proven (actually Colgate admitted it) that toothpaste is like sand. It gets down under the gums and wears them down. A good way to brush is to use cold water and after brushing put a tiny bit of toothpaste on and brush your tongue, roof of your mouth and cheeks.  Or dip your toothbrush in clear, only clear scope and brush. Only use soft bristles, anything else is way too rough on your gums and you don’t need that stiff of a toothbrush. Also, brush using only your thumb and index finger and brush in circles. This way you don’t brush too hard and by using circles you get the junk out from between your teeth (sord of what flossing does).

Well, I am not a genius in any of these areas and I advise that you all make up your own minds to each of these tidbits. I’m just here to add some food for thought and share some really interesting things I have learned. I would love to hear from anyone who has something to add or has any questions. I am open to whatever and I enjoy hearing other’s opinions. This is how we all learn, so speak up and share.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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  1. Abby
    May 27, 2011 @ 20:04:12

    Hi my name is Abby and i saw your comment on “Little house of veggies” page about how the first time you become vegan you actually gained weight. Well i have recent become vegan and i feel like i am going through that same situation. I have read many book and i am trying as much as i can, to do what the books say but i still feel the same as i did 2 months ago when i started becoming vegan. Do you have any suggestions. What did you do differently the second time you tried out the whole vegan diet. Any suggestions and tips would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!



  2. inspirehealth16--Suzanne Williams
    May 28, 2011 @ 16:13:02

    Hi there,
    Thank you for writing. Yes, the first time I went vegetarian/vegan all I did was stop eating meat. I didn’t focus on replenishing the good things I was missing. What I mean is that I just replaced meat w/ meatless things. For instance, veggie burgers, fake bacon, fake deli meat, etc. This things are ok to have once in a while, but not too much. They are filled w/ fillers to make them taste good.
    This time around I make sure to get my protein and iron from protein powder (Vega), chick peas on salad in recipes, beans, spinach, kale and so forth. I eat quinoa and orzo now instead of pasta. See, the problem becomes that you get too many carbs if you don’t pay close attention to what you are eating. My energy is much better and I don’t need coffee or naps anymore (I drink coffee b/c I love it) and at bedtime, I generally sleep well and deep. I hope this helps.
    Feel free to write again, I just didn’t want to write too much. Keep me updated, I’d love to hear how you are doing and if you need any further suggestions. I do notice a big difference this time. I have a recipes tab at the top of my blog and I will try to do better to update it more often.



  3. jennifer
    May 30, 2011 @ 15:51:15

    Wow, I had no idea about agave! I’d made the switch because I thought it was a healthier option, so I appreciate the information and will definitely look into it. Such a thought provoking post ~ thanks!



  4. inspirehealth16--Suzanne Williams
    May 30, 2011 @ 22:17:20

    Yes, I know. I thought it was a healthy switch as well. Amazing, but I’m glad I found out. Been off of it about a week now and already notice a difference. I was using it quite a bit. Thank you!



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