Give Yourself Credit!

I’m sitting outside at my bistro, of course looking at my favorite chipmunk, I realized what I wanted to post tonight. I think we, as humans, tend to sell ourselves short. We (most of us–don’t want to stereotype the world) never feel good enough. We are always looking to be happier, enhance our relationships, lose weight, tone up and the list goes on and on. I am writing this b/c I am one of those people. This will never change. I will always want more out of myself. I think I could be in better shape, more selfless, more considerate, etc. What I am not giving myself credit for is all the good. Here is where I think a lot of people fall in to category as well. It is ok to always try to improve, but we also have to be happy w/ who we are currently.

The reason I am writing this today is that I came to a realization of how caring I am. Sounds funny, I know. Sometimes I feel very self-absorbed and I read other’s blogs and think, wow they are so kind, thoughtful, inspiring–I want to be that way more! In this last year, as you all know, I’ve had some very difficult hardships w/ my molar pregnancy, my mother’s breast cancer, the death of both of my dogs and the passing of my best friend’s mother. I have never felt so lost. I have needed uplifting. All my life, things fell in to place, didn’t need to feel liked, important, looking for others to pick me up. In the last few months, I have caught myself looking to others for that inspiration, guidance, new ideas that I have always provided for myself. Done w/ that. I even had an unfortunate event w/ someone who I didn’t know very well, but liked and seemed to care about helping others. Unfortunately, for the first time in my life, I leaned on someone I didn’t know very well. They were a big disappointment. I didn’t need them and wasn’t even looking for advice, but was told that they were sorry to hear, but didn’t have time to help. Not totally their fault, they are busy, but the response they gave when I asked for a bit of guidance, which is what their whole genre is about, was frugal and really made me adjust my thoughts as to whether they were what they said they were, or if they were just playing that role for the money. They were supposed to be this inspiring person, but seemed to only be if it benefited them or their business. I began to realize my true concern for others must be legit. No matter how busy, I will always make time to help someone, show concern and give any advice I can.

Remember over the weekend I wrote about catching up w/ our neighbors. Well, there is a neighbor across and down a couple that never really talks to anyone. I met her a year ago during my complete landscaping makeover. Her dog took a #2 on my new lawn and she walked away w/ me standing there. I politely asked her to clean up after her dog. She did, we talked and she was a very kind person, but a very unhappy person. Ever since, I always give her a wave, she waves back, but just has no umph, no care. Although, when I take time to talk to her, she is super nice and really seems to appreciate it. Makes me feel good. Over the weekend I was told she was in the hospital due to pancreatic cancer. I was full of sympathy, real sympathy & sadness for her and her family. Then, just a bit ago I saw her and her dog pull in her driveway. I haven’t gotten to talk to her or get to the bottom of the rumor, but she seems ok. Seems herself. I felt elated. I don’t even know this lady, but I truly was happy that she is home and ok. I was told she would never get out of the hospital.

This is what I mean. Give yourself credit. Here I am beating myself up for not being the kindest, most caring person, but really I am. I am über caring. I am more caring than people who make a living off of telling people they care and selling them something to improve their lives. I care and it is real. This is a wake up call. Keep reading blogs, keep improving on your goals (weight, career), keep trying to make others happy, but believe in you and don’t beat yourself up. More than likely, the goals and aspirations for yourself are already in you. Maybe you just need to look, bring them out and help them grow!

On to a few lighter notes. I am not a cook and never claim to be. Although, I did make MG and I a mean Portobello mushroom dinner. Large Portobello, balsamic vinegar, a little oil, some sage, pepper, put in oven  and voila! yummy dinner! I did add a little too much garlic, which turned in to a stinky night of laughter, but it is all in fun!

Also, at my open house on Sunday, there is a cat that lives there. Her family is away on vacation. I know the family pretty well and I know this cat loves to put her harness and leash on and hang out in the front yard. It was a beautiful day. I know family members are coming by to check on her, but she probably isn’t getting outside much b/c the owners are away. So, I let her out (w/ harness and leash) and she quickly became my greeter. She laid in front of the stairs, talked to everyone who approached, which of course got her plenty of petting. She loved it and I felt good that she was able to spend 2 hours outside enjoying the sun. We even got to see a rabbit, but I held her harness so she couldn’t scare the bunny. In this pic, she seems to be living the life, eh?

Anyway, we had a great Victoria Day holiday and I’ve learned to take it easy on myself. We aren’t always perfect, aren’t always going to have the best, most inspiring days every day, but we are who we are. We are all born to be good, we just have to act on it and bring out our best qualities. Every day do something kind. I promise, it will become second nature. At first, you have to think to help others, but eventually you won’t even think, you will just do.


 “Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

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