Motivation–It Is Powerful!

The things that motivate us can be very small or very large. What motivates you–money, family, career, passion? The sun was shining today and was about 70F, which was very motivating to me. It has rained every day for about a week, so the streets and trails were flooded w/ people out getting Vitamin D and enjoying life. A great feeling to see all the wonderful smiles and harmonious feelings of everyone. Kids playing hockey and riding bikes in the street. Walkers, joggers, bikers on the trails. Just lovely! We were so motivated by the sun that the short bit we were home, MG mowed the grass, we weeded, gazed at our flowers (these matched the red in my jacket) and got out between offers to get a quick 5km (3mile) jog w/ 400 stairs.

Aaaahhh….it felt so nice to feel the sun. Not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect! All the brilliant colors are starting to appear in our yard, the trees, just everywhere. I love spring. The holiday is coming this weekend. Victoria Day for Canadians. Looking forward to a good cookout. I haven’t enjoyed a Veggie Burger in a while.

During my evening jog, near the end of my run I had to cross the road. I was getting tired, so not moving as fast as usual. I was completely out of the way of an approaching car, but apparently not as much as she would have liked. Instead, of slowing down or making a gentle swerve in the free lane next to her, she yelled “get off the road”. Now, most of us should know that pedestrians have the right of way, plus, I was out of her way. This to me is someone having a really bad day. Initially, I wanted to say some explicatives to this lady and of course thought what a B*#ch! Instead, I was motivated to take a deep breath (needed one at this point in my jog anyways) and realize how lucky I was. I was out on a beautiful jog on a lovely day and she was stuck inside her car. Why yell back at her? It would only mess up my good time and would have made her happy to have messed up my good time. I realized how nice it was to brush it off and continue enjoying myself. Wow, the old me would have been not very nice, but I enjoy the new me much more!

Also, I am getting a lot of real estate deals firmed up. This is truly motivational for several reasons. One being that I’m looking forward to getting back to NC for a visit w/ friends and family. The more I can accomplish, the sooner I can go.

Second, and equally important is the uplifting feeling of helping someone get what they really want. Obviously, I am in the business of buying and selling. It is so rewarding (and not for monetary reasons) to see the delightment on people’s faces when they sell their home for a great price or get their new dream home. It is not easy. Most times you do a lot of leg work and nothing comes in to fruition. Then, you do a lot of leg work and just when you think it is not going to happen–BAM!–the impossible is possible. I love it. I crave it. The idea of not knowing from one minute to the next what is going to happen.

This is why I do this blog, why I teach fitness, why I train dogs. I love to see the pleasure others get when good things happen for them. Weight loss, trained dog, new home. All makes me happy and motivates me for the next day!

So, find your motivation. Could be a vacation, making someone else feel good, anything. Find it and do it! Life flies by, so do as much w/ it and get as much out of it as you can. You don’t get a replay.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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