Feeling Sluggish?

Well, I have started my spring cleaning of food. I’m not perfect, so I am still known to have the odd piece of Toblerone or a couple of chips. I reduced the amount of my Kashi cereal and didn’t put as much almond milk on (we make our own almond milk–the recipe is under “recipes” tab on homepage of blog). Also, we like to have a slice of toast (Kamut bread) w/ almond butter. We have cut to 1/2 a slice. MG went to all black coffee, but I still need a little flavor, so I have a tspn of Agave (from a cactus) and just a touch of cream. Since being vegetarian I try to NOT have much dairy. For lunch we had a Greek Salad. Vega protein shake and apple for snacks. My main vice is coffee though. Coffee is not bad for you, but if I could drink all black it would be much better.

Then, we had an amazing dinner. We went to the Schwaben Inn in Dundas. This is a restaurant and tavern that has been around for years and years. This is true German food and it is yummy! A couple of past clients of ours, which are now friends–their dad owns this place. We just so happened to list it for sale tonight as well. Whomever purchases this business has so many options and in an amazing location. Dundas is a unique, healthy, fun place w/ a small town feel to it. So many hiking trails, locally owned businesses and just much more. Anyway, great dinner and then off to get some offers done. I snapped a quick picture outside the restaurant and yes that is a winter jacket. It is still cold and rainy here. We had a few nice, wonderful days, but the last bit has been a bit yucky.

I’ve noticed that I feel a bit sluggish and tired lately. I have been doing some research to figure it out. Yes, it has rained every day for the last 5 days, but that shouldn’t be the only reason. I eat well, exercise every day. Work has been highly crazy, but I need to figure it out. Amazingly, I found a post through Alicia Silverstone’s page about Magnesium and this Natural Calm powder you add to your water. Now, I have never tried this, but was more interested in the negative effects of low magnesium. The first two feelings of low magnesium is low energy and fatigue. Well, there you go. I don’t know much about what low magnesium does, but maybe I need to try to get some more in naturally. The best are beans, greens (mainly spinach) and most nuts. Here is an informative link http://www.ehow.com/how_4469853_more-natural-magnesium-diet.html. Magnesium and calcium work in opposites and both are very important. Calcium excites nerves, magnesium calms them. Calcium clots blood, magnesium keeps the blood flowing. So, both are needed, but we tend to be low in magnesium. Another is low in iron. I have always had a difficult time keeping my iron high. Low iron makes you tired, pale, cold, and the list goes on. Now that I am vegetarian what are some of the best foods to provide me with iron? Another link full of good answers http://groovyvegetarian.com/2008/08/23/iron-rich-foods-for-vegetarians/. Well, I think I’ve got to work on getting more iron, magnesium and calcium.  Will let you know if I notice any difference.

Some of my energy has left me lately b/c of work. I love my work and I get very emotionally attached to our clients. Most agents do not allow themselves to get close to clients, but this is how we work. We have been on the go a lot lately and w/ some stressful situations. We had an offer this morning, we were working for the buyer and this particular property had 3 offers on it. We had to win this for our clients. Long story in short form–2 other deals rely on this one going through. Luckily, we did win this competition for our clients and they are ecstatic. In turn, we are elated, but that means more work and paperwork signings tonight. The feeling we get from making our clients so happy is well worth it. What a career?! This is one of the most important decisions in someone’s life and we get to be a part of it. This excitement motivates me, but also drains me. Just thought I’d share what an offer w/ markbacks looks like. We were making changes on the go in the car today. Phew! I’m having a tea, putting my feet up and enjoying the rest of my night. Tomorrow I’ll work on increasing my energy by following my own links above and getting some extra magnesium and iron. Waiting for the weather to see if the rain is ending any time soon. Good night!

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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  1. stephanie
    May 18, 2011 @ 10:50:20

    Another great way to get magnesium is through an epson salt bath. I have taken these for years but juat learned about this benefit over the winter when I was researching epson salts for a bath salt mix I was making. It is also inexpensive to buy at the drugstore or grocery store. Adding essential oils to the bath water makes it even better (to me). Here is a link with more details. 🙂



  2. inspirehealth16--Suzanne Williams
    May 18, 2011 @ 11:04:40

    Fantastic! Really, you get magnesiumm through Epson salt? I am excited about that b/c I love warm baths and I will add some Epson salt. Thank you. See, I learn so much from others by doing this blog. Wow, thank you.



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