Just Perfect! Good Outdoor Deals!

Oh what a beautiful day. I hope it never ends. Loving the 65F and sunny days. Put my malas out to cleanse in the sun. Just feeling the good vibes of the day. MG is still recovering w/ a bum ankle and is getting the itch to be outside, so he mostly finished putting sikkens on the cabana wood. This is a wood paint that helps keep the wood in good shape; protects from weather, moisture, turning color. Rather than pretend I fully understand all the goodness of this here’s a good link http://www.nordicenergy.ca/stains/. I would highly recommend this stain for any outdoor wood–ie. cabana, picnic table, etc. My father-in-law swears by this stain and trust me, no one knows more about fixing, renovating and maintaining anything than him.

We also saw an ad from Fabricland yesterday for outdoor drapes for the cabana at an amazing price. I will take some pics of our cabana once we get everything put up. Basically these drapes hook to the cabana sorda like shower curtains. They are made of outdoor material, so you don’t get UV rays, moisture, etc. Again, here’s a link http://www.sunbrella.com/. We were looking at having to spend a few thousand doallars on these. Now, we didn’t go for Sunbrella, but got amazing ones w/ the grommets already sewn in for around $800. Score! We are so excited b/c we can watch TV, use our laptops, etc and stay out under the cabana during the sun, rain & so forth.

We listed a few properties today, but one just caught my eye perfectly on a day like today. I snapped a few pics of MG putting up our sign. I just thought this vacant land w/ trees in the background and blue skies was perfect. There are also grapes growing in the background. Aaaahhhh….my kind of afternoon.

Tonight we had our first Minor Midget Hockey team meeting. The team was selected a few weeks ago and we don’t begin our season until September. We had a meeting to go over what we expect from not only the players (15 yr old boys), but from their parents. Unfortunatley, parents can be one of the biggest issues during a season. We try to nip this early on, so that we can all focus on helping the kids during their most important year–the OHL draft year (you can read what this is in past blogs–just search it on the home page).

We used our brand new Remax office for this meeting, which is so kind of my brokers to allow us to do. MG is the Asst Coach, one of his long time friends is the head coach and I am the trainer. This is an interesting time for me b/c I’m used to helping w/ exercises and nutrition to encourage weight loss, toning, maintenance for adults. Now, I’m dealing w/ boys who some need to lose weight, some need to gain. I did this 2 yrs ago w/ the team we helped and it keeps you on your toes. By the way, I’m always inspiring people to help in the community, do positive things for others, get involved in charity. Well, all 3 of us are doing this strictly volunteer. None of us will make a dime, we just do it b/c in this area hockey is huge, but the team budgets are very low. See, in other areas like Toronto, the coaches, trainers get paid, so the hockey is very strong. Here, there’s no extra money in the budget, so we all enjoy helping to give all these talented kids as much help as possible. Ever since we’ve been helping there’s been at least 8 kids out of 18 to get drafted. See, give back, epect no return and it will give you something to smile about.

The only difficulty can sometimes be the parents. I’m sorry, but some hockey parents are a little…..well, you fill in the blank. So, we are putting things in place to make sure we have a smoothe year. I’m sure you’ll be hearing much more as the year progresses.

Well, I’ve enjoyed this day and looks like we get one more nice day, but then a lot of rain. Good thing is my blueberry bushes could use some rain, I’m sure. I hope you all had an amazing day and remember to do something nice, positive and inspiring today.

First pic of our team. We’re hoping these kids can have a winning 2011-2012 year. Not ready to give you a good, clear picture yet. You’ll see enough once things move along.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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