Procrastination…Yes, I’ll take some of that!

I am terrible about procrastinating. I love to workout, but most days I somehow will find at least 30mins of something else to do first. How does our minds find ways to conjure up things to do? One of my biggest procrastinations is going to the dentist. I finally made MG and I an initial consultation about a month ago. Today was our follow-up visit and we both had a full cleaning. Surprisingly no pain! Now, I have 2 more visits during the summer to take care of some cavities. Good thing they made me book the dates today, might have decided not to go back.

I was even procrastinating writing this post tonight. What is wrong w/ me? I love to write my blogs.  I think it is just in us somehow. I don’t know if it is inherited or maybe it is just a mechanical backwards psychology thing b/c I get a lot done during my procrastinating. Come to think of it, maybe it is not such a bad thing. I will even clean the bathroom when it doesn’t need it sometimes just to prevent doing what I originally set out to do. Oh well, at least the original task always gets done.  There are some phone calls I put off as well. Especially to certain clients or when I have to give them bad news. My broker has taught me many things, but one that really stuck is:  Always get your most difficult task over w/ first thing in the morning. You’ve got to do it eventually, but if you put it off you stress, worry and mess up your day thinking about having to do it later. See, I don’t just learn about real estate when sipping cappuccino at the office.

Anyway, I’ve had a few e-mails re: my four new blueberry bushes. Here is a pic of the 2 at the front of the house (they are the ones right in front of the windows in the back).  Then, the two at the back in front of my blue shed. Ironic? They are a good size already. I will be writing on these four periodically to let you know how well they are growing and which is the best (I got 4 different kinds). Sorry, you can’t see the ones in front that well yet.

So, try to stay on task and get things done, but don’t worry if you end up getting something else accomplished while trying to complete or start the first. I find it sometimes beneficial!

We played our semi final indoor soccer game tonight and lost. We had a great season! Thanks girls for the wonderful time during the games and the many laughs and drinks after the games. What a wonderful group of girls! mmmuuaahhhh!

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

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