Craziness is Sometimes Fun!

Yesterday overall was a crazy day. Got so much accomplished. I didn’t think I was going last through the whole day, but I did. We had several listing appointments a couple of offers, showed some homes, got feature sheets dropped off, etc. One was w/ a new client who happened to fall in love a home. Luckily, this buyer was patient b/c we had the whole day fully booked from one appointment to the next. We covered areas from Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Cayuga, Caledonia and so on.  If you aren’t familiar w/ these areas, from Hamilton to Cayuga is around 45mins. Needless, to say lots of driving and lots of work. We had to be on our A game for this day. I love this kind of craziness though. I am not one who enjoys sitting around at home. I’m better when I’m busy than when I’m looking for things to do.

So, I did make it through the day and had a wonderful night’s sleep.  We are in TO for the weekend and back for a Mother’s Day get together w/ MG’s family on Sunday. Looking forward to TO. We have a course, MG has to be at the OHL draft.  Reference past blogs of April 16, 2011 and May 3, 2011. is the link to the OHL.  So, after the course, MG has to help w/ this b/c he is a scout for this organization. This is the big day for all the Minor Midget (15 yr old boys) playing AAA hockey. This is the day that they find out if they were drafted to an OHL team for next year. Very exciting for them. After all is done we all get together and have a fun night out in TO.

Anyway, back to real estate. I am asked all the time if they or someone they know should get into real estate. My answer is always to do what you think you are best at. You need to have a lot saved up b/c each course is a minimum of $400 (minimum of 6 courses just to get your license), signs are expensive, cards, any marketing material, all ads, etc. Everything is out of pocket and usually it will take some time to establish yourself. MG and I were lucky b/c my mother-in-law has been in the business for 23 years and made a phenomenal name for herself. We never had a slow time b/c of this. We pay $1,000/mo each just to work for Remax. This doesn’t include putting signs up at a listing, ads to market the home, virtual tour (pics of home), etc. It can get pricey if you are not selling. I also, feel that as a real estate sales rep you have to wear many different hats. You have to be a marketer for yourself and your clients, self employed entrepeneur, you have to be a psychologist (helping clients through divorce, living in a home all of their lives, as well as, very difficult to handle clients), marriage counselor, hard worker, willing to give up any and most nights and weekends and the list goes on. It’s not an easy job, but I love it. No matter the craziness, no matter the difficult sells–I look forward to each and every new day and what adventure this job will take me on next! There are so many positives. One of the main ones is meeting all the wonderful, new, exciting people every day. I’ve met so many unique people.

Well, off to have a phenomenal dinner and night out in TO. After the crazy day yesterday, I am looking forward to it. Get to eat sitting down at a table rather than in the car out of my lap.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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