Ever Heard of An Allergy to Fire Ants?

Today was a super busy day. First, let me say today was very nice. It was a little cool, but otherwise perfect! We got up early this morning to get our exercises in before our appointments. I did the treadmill w/ interval training (1 minute at 6.7mph and 30 seconds at 10 mph). Boy is this tiring. Then, to stretch out I did Jillian Michael’s Yoga Meltdown.

Then, it was off to see the oncologist and get my bloodwork done. Everyone at the Hospital is always so nice. I met a nurse that sells Swarovski Crystal jewelry. I have to e-mail her to get her website, so I hope to provide that info to you soon. This is my first time getting my bloodwork done every other week. Looking forward to getting my HcG levels back tomorrow.

Next (already running late b/c of my appt) we had to pick up an offer and head to my family doctor. Pay our HST, stuff to do in the middle, get counter offer signed, then drive to present counter offer to buyer. Left around 10am, back at 10pm. Phew! Yes, I have figured out that if MG gets the needle, then my HcG levels will never be above negative (one or less). Bahaha! Just kidding. Unfortunately for MG he has to get venom shots every month. See 4 yrs ago, the day after we got engaged, he had an anaphylactic shock. This is a severe allergic reaction.No, not at b/c of the thought of getting engaged.

We were in NC visiting my family and friends and decided to go to see an exhibit at the local arena. We lived  in Corpus Christi, TX for a year and MG had the unpleasant incident of being bitten by fire ants. Most of us, especially from the south have been bitten before. He had been bitten at least 6 different occasions during our year in TX. Each time being a little more irritating. These ants are about the size of a pin head, are black and attack in hundreds. If you nic their anthill, they all come out and attack. It’s pretty uncomfortable, stings and forms a painful blister for next couple of days. The most aggressive animal for its size.

Back to the story. On the way in the arena, we both were bitten by fire ants. About 10 mins after entering, we got some peanuts and started walking around. All of a sudden, he began acting strange. Very short tempered, anxious, short of breath. Luckily, I had his puffer (for his asthma), he took a puff and turned bright red. I asked him to pass me the phone and he wouldn’t, so I then said–“oh yeah, I forgot to call my mom”. He then gave me the phone (lack of oxygen–not thinking right). I immediately called 911, which I had never done. I thought he was having a heart attack. The EMT arrived, put him on oxygen and he felt a lot better. Before they arrived he was losing feeling in his limbs, ears, tongue. I later found out this was b/c your body sends all your blood to your heart and brain to keep them alive, that’s why he was losing feeling. The EMT said he was having an anxiety attack and left. Shortly after, he was having weird symptoms again, so I drove him to ER myself. They took him right in. The doctor put him on saline solution by IV and told me that had we arrived 5 minutes later, he would have died. F’n scary! I still have nightmares.  We later had him tested and he was deathly allergic to fire ants. Ever since, he gets fire ant venom shots every month to build up a tolerance. It seems to be working, but I never want to find out.

I write this story b/c others can learn. You can be allergic to something, but not have a “serious” reaction until the 10th, 17th, etc time. One way to know is if the reaction to something gets worse every time. Pay attention to your body and don’t brush off anything. This could save yours or someone you care about’s life. MG says I saved his life that day. 1.-the inhaler gave him 10 extra minutes (he never carries it, but I take it for him). 2.-I made the call–neither of us has ever called 911–you know deep down when it’s serious.  3.-I got him to the hospital and quick even though he didn’t want to go–again, know what’s right and push to help.

I hope I have added to your knowledge and gave some info that may help you or someone around you. I feel like this was a heavy post, so I’m leaving w/ 2 positive pics. One is the yellow Canary and the Grosbeak birds enjoying some yummy eats. The other, is me enjoying yummy treats after my needle. Love my Tim Horton’s coffee and a sour cream glazed Timbit (treat for getting a needle). I told you until this whole ordeal w/ molar pregnancy, I still got a lollipop when I got a needle. Not good at needles.

Going, going gone….                                                                                          I can’t vote b/c I’m an American citizen, but only a Canadian Resident, but MG definitely did. Get out and make your voice heard. We’re lucky we all can.                           

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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