You Have To Try…

I regularly read for all kinds of great info on food. She has amazing ideas for eating healthy and eating vegetarian/vegan. I really enjoy reading and have learned a lot. One day she was offering a giveaway for a really nice necklace. I decided to try to win it. By adding my replies, I was entered to win. This is always exciting. Not only do you get a chance to win, but I was also being introduced to a lovely new (new to me) jewelry designer. Voila! You have to try in order to win. So, I tried and this time it worked out for me. I won this lovely necklace. I just received it in the  mail today and I am so excited to start wearing it and hearing all the lovely compliments. The designer is Shelly Hawes-Smith. Please visit her at She has beautiful designs and it was so easy to place an order. We discussed exactly what I wanted w/ the necklace and once I received it, I was delighted. In fact, I loved it so much I asked her to keep up the special code so that readers here can order something they like. If you would like to order a necklace, you can purchase one at the Lavoro Etsy shop by going HERE and using the code VEGGIES to receive 15% off of this necklace and anything else that you see that you like!

The idea of you have to try…works in all aspects of life. You never know if you will get the job promotion, go out w/ that special someone, experience a new exercise, find a new vacation destination, whatever until you try. If you don’t try, you will never know. Get out and experience. Put yourself on the line and do something new, different. Surprise yourself. Just live and have no regrets.

I try to live life w/ no regrets. I never like to look back and think if only…. Life is too short and things will pass you by if you don’t take notice of them. I’ve never seen someone achieve something w/o trying. No one is going to beg you to do something. Make yourself noticeable, valuable, different and good things will happen. What’s the worst? Someone else gets the promotion, the guy/girl says no, you don’t love every vacation destination as much as another. Oh well, at least you tried and you have an experience to talk about. Live. Laugh. Dance. Be Noticed.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


How Do Our Mother’s Always Know?

I am very close to all of my family and my in-laws. There’s just something about a mother’s bond. I find it amazing. I am not a mother yet, but I was a mother to my 2 Australian Shepherds. I could tell you every time something about them changed. That’s how I knew to get them to the vet when they were getting sick. I knew something was wrong w/ them before the vets could even detect anything.

I find the same w/ my own mother. She is amazing at how intuitive she is w/ me. She knows things and notices things when I think I am hiding it very well. I didn’t even know I was pregnant when I was in NC for a visit in December, but my mom knew something was going on. She has always been this way. When I am down or have a lot going on, I don’t share my feelings. Somehow, my mom will call and just give me some positive advice. I don’t even have to tell her anything is wrong. She just knows.

A mother will go to any limit to be there for you. I have been trying to get my mom to visit me in Canada. She hasn’t yet for many of her own reasons. Well, the day she heard that I was going to need chemo (b/c of my molar pregnancy, but I ended up not needing it), she ordered her passport, got all the info done and was ready to take the next flight out. Any reasons or excuses that kept her from visiting me prior were out the window. All she knew was that she wanted to be by my side. That is true love. Don’t forget she just had a mastectomy a few months ago. This is the strength and love of a mother.

For her belated Mother’s Day gift, I got her a bracelet. I purchased the bracelet from Bluboho in Oakville made by humanity. This bracelet means a lot. See it comes as one whole bracelet and when you gift it to someone you cut it in half. Each one of you keeps half. There are all kinds of positive messages (live in unity, peace, make a difference, give back–just to name a few), but mostly it is something that we both can wear and from Greensboro, NC to Hamilton, ON, Canada, we are connected. Beautiful! Not much else needs to be said. We love each other and we both know it in our hearts. Sometimes it is nice to have that physical symbol that you can look at and know you are in unity.

Don’t forget to give your mother some of the love back that she gives you every day. We would not be here if it weren’t for our mothers. Give the connection back and open yourself. Do not ever take your mom for granted, appreciate her every day.

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Tidbits Of Info!

I wrote in to someone else’s blog that is discussing a 30 day challenge of clean eating. This is what I enjoy about blogging is all the learning you get out of it. During the 30 day challenge one of the big no-no’s is sugar. I mentioned that I have coffee w/ agave and a little cream. Another person replied to me w/ loads of info. Her blog is and she informed me of how bad agave is for you. I started to do my own research and unfortunately she was bang on! I switched to agave in December b/c I kept hearing about how much better this is for you than sugar. I use to use sweeteners (Splenda), but those aren’t the best either. Agave is from a cactus, but now I realize that it is not natural like they claim. It has more fructose than high fructose corn syrup. Yikes and Yuk! Check out this website–it seems to have all the info you should read Needless to say, I have had trouble getting my weight down to where I want it to be since January. I am getting rid of my agave & going back to all natural sugar.

In staying on the topic of coffee, here’s a fabulous article that tells us how coffee is good. Not considered a vice! Hallelujah! I love coffee and to think that it is taken off the naughty list makes me elated. Check it out Of course, I still think everything in moderation, but it is nice to know that for now it is not bad for you! Aaaahhh, this pic brings back phenomenal memories. We are at an outdoor cafe in Canazei, Italy (where we lived for 5 mos). We went every day (at least once a day w/ the dogs) to get a cappuccino. It was freezing out (you can see all the snow in the background), but the glass walls and the sun kept you warm enough to sit w/o a jacket. Italy–we love you and all you have to offer.

One late night that I was having trouble sleeping, I saw a show about curing cancer and other diseases naturally. The guest was discussing how the sun is actually not  to blame for skin cancer. He was talking about how Arizona (very hot, loads of sun) has the least amount of skin cancer. Strange? A state that is loaded w/ sun year round has less skin cancer than a cold place, where you are bundled up for 6mos  of the year? He indicated that sunscreen is actually the culprit of cancers. It blocks us from soaking up Vitamin D, which is a cancer preventer. Plus, the chemicals are hazardous to our bodies. Read for yourself Now, I’ve been raised to wear sunscreen, not to get burned, so I find it difficult to go w/o it. I am still on the fence about this b/c it seems no matter what you are talking about…there is a study that shows benefits and later a study that shows the opposite. I’m not sold 100%, but I definitely feel this is something to think about.

My last tidbit is from my dentist.  My teeth are in good shape, not many problems. Where I have issues are my gums. I have sensitivity in several of my teeth (really cold hurts). I was mentioning this at my last dentist appointment and yes, my gums are more receded than they should be for someone my age. Again, I was taught at a young age to brush w/ toothpaste, brush often and w/ a little force. Well, this was my downfall. My receding gums are partly inherited, but mostly caused by what I perceived as keeping my mouth clean. Words to think about–only use soft bristle brushes, don’t brush w/ force (pressing hard) and don’t use much if any toothpaste. I know, I know no  toothpaste!? That’s right. It is proven (actually Colgate admitted it) that toothpaste is like sand. It gets down under the gums and wears them down. A good way to brush is to use cold water and after brushing put a tiny bit of toothpaste on and brush your tongue, roof of your mouth and cheeks.  Or dip your toothbrush in clear, only clear scope and brush. Only use soft bristles, anything else is way too rough on your gums and you don’t need that stiff of a toothbrush. Also, brush using only your thumb and index finger and brush in circles. This way you don’t brush too hard and by using circles you get the junk out from between your teeth (sord of what flossing does).

Well, I am not a genius in any of these areas and I advise that you all make up your own minds to each of these tidbits. I’m just here to add some food for thought and share some really interesting things I have learned. I would love to hear from anyone who has something to add or has any questions. I am open to whatever and I enjoy hearing other’s opinions. This is how we all learn, so speak up and share.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

Did Someone Say Hockey?

It seems that a lot of my life revolves around hockey. Luckily, I really enjoy hockey. My fiance scouts for the OHL, we help coach a team, I play, he plays, we watch most games on TV and see a ton in person. Phew! I never really realized how much our lives deal w/ hockey. First, I have to say I am happy that the Canucks won last night. Bieksa is a local guy from where I live now (he scored the OT winner) and MG knows him pretty well. Second, I have mentioned that I, the newbie to hockey, put in a summer women’s hockey team. Tonight was our 2nd game and what a great group of girls I have put together. Each and every girl is good, funny, kind, unselfish and just plain FUN! It is hard to get 13 girls together and not have any attitudes, clicks, whatever. Well, it happened. There is not one thing I would change about any of the girls. We won tonight and myself and my sis-in-law pictured here, both scored. We are the 2 newest players to this sport on our team. I can honestly say we scored b/c of the other girls having faith in us and playing unselfish. Also, love the new jerseys that MG and I sponsored for our real estate business. Very sharp, thanks to Flite Hockey!

Another reason for our winning game tonight was the amazing dinner MG made for me. He really supports everything I do and believes that a good dinner provides me w/ the fuel I need. Trust me, I need more than fuel, but how kind for him to give me any advantage to playing better. A delicious greek salad w/ loads of veggies (carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, spinach lettuce, onions (sorry to my team) & whole wheat w/ grains bread and some Earth Balance butter. Yum and thank you!

On Monday, MG’s other sister gave us front row, red line seats to the Memorial Cup. Better to understand by reading this link than me explaining We watched the Owen Sound vs St John’s game and St John won in OT. We had a great night and the seats were amazing! On the Owen Sound team is a player, Jarrod Maidens, that we helped coach 2 yrs ago. Keep an eye out for this sixteen yr old b/c you will be seeing him in the NHL. He is a great player and MG was huge in helping him excel in his abilities. Also, Jarrod’s family is amazing. We actually helped them find a home when they first came to town to join the team 2 yrs ago. We stay in touch w/ them and wish them all the best of luck!

Anyway, as you can see hockey is a huge part of our lives. We enjoy this together and have a great time. It is nice that the 2 of us can enjoy a lot of the same things. You know what else is great–being w/ someone who you can enjoy and not even have to say a word.  We can go watch hockey or long driving trips and not feel like we have to constantly talk. We just have a good time being around or near each other.

Yes, this pic is a little blurry, but after a long couple of days (real estate, hockey, entertaining), it just seemed to fit. Here’s to a great night at the Memorial Cup!

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Give Yourself Credit!

I’m sitting outside at my bistro, of course looking at my favorite chipmunk, I realized what I wanted to post tonight. I think we, as humans, tend to sell ourselves short. We (most of us–don’t want to stereotype the world) never feel good enough. We are always looking to be happier, enhance our relationships, lose weight, tone up and the list goes on and on. I am writing this b/c I am one of those people. This will never change. I will always want more out of myself. I think I could be in better shape, more selfless, more considerate, etc. What I am not giving myself credit for is all the good. Here is where I think a lot of people fall in to category as well. It is ok to always try to improve, but we also have to be happy w/ who we are currently.

The reason I am writing this today is that I came to a realization of how caring I am. Sounds funny, I know. Sometimes I feel very self-absorbed and I read other’s blogs and think, wow they are so kind, thoughtful, inspiring–I want to be that way more! In this last year, as you all know, I’ve had some very difficult hardships w/ my molar pregnancy, my mother’s breast cancer, the death of both of my dogs and the passing of my best friend’s mother. I have never felt so lost. I have needed uplifting. All my life, things fell in to place, didn’t need to feel liked, important, looking for others to pick me up. In the last few months, I have caught myself looking to others for that inspiration, guidance, new ideas that I have always provided for myself. Done w/ that. I even had an unfortunate event w/ someone who I didn’t know very well, but liked and seemed to care about helping others. Unfortunately, for the first time in my life, I leaned on someone I didn’t know very well. They were a big disappointment. I didn’t need them and wasn’t even looking for advice, but was told that they were sorry to hear, but didn’t have time to help. Not totally their fault, they are busy, but the response they gave when I asked for a bit of guidance, which is what their whole genre is about, was frugal and really made me adjust my thoughts as to whether they were what they said they were, or if they were just playing that role for the money. They were supposed to be this inspiring person, but seemed to only be if it benefited them or their business. I began to realize my true concern for others must be legit. No matter how busy, I will always make time to help someone, show concern and give any advice I can.

Remember over the weekend I wrote about catching up w/ our neighbors. Well, there is a neighbor across and down a couple that never really talks to anyone. I met her a year ago during my complete landscaping makeover. Her dog took a #2 on my new lawn and she walked away w/ me standing there. I politely asked her to clean up after her dog. She did, we talked and she was a very kind person, but a very unhappy person. Ever since, I always give her a wave, she waves back, but just has no umph, no care. Although, when I take time to talk to her, she is super nice and really seems to appreciate it. Makes me feel good. Over the weekend I was told she was in the hospital due to pancreatic cancer. I was full of sympathy, real sympathy & sadness for her and her family. Then, just a bit ago I saw her and her dog pull in her driveway. I haven’t gotten to talk to her or get to the bottom of the rumor, but she seems ok. Seems herself. I felt elated. I don’t even know this lady, but I truly was happy that she is home and ok. I was told she would never get out of the hospital.

This is what I mean. Give yourself credit. Here I am beating myself up for not being the kindest, most caring person, but really I am. I am über caring. I am more caring than people who make a living off of telling people they care and selling them something to improve their lives. I care and it is real. This is a wake up call. Keep reading blogs, keep improving on your goals (weight, career), keep trying to make others happy, but believe in you and don’t beat yourself up. More than likely, the goals and aspirations for yourself are already in you. Maybe you just need to look, bring them out and help them grow!

On to a few lighter notes. I am not a cook and never claim to be. Although, I did make MG and I a mean Portobello mushroom dinner. Large Portobello, balsamic vinegar, a little oil, some sage, pepper, put in oven  and voila! yummy dinner! I did add a little too much garlic, which turned in to a stinky night of laughter, but it is all in fun!

Also, at my open house on Sunday, there is a cat that lives there. Her family is away on vacation. I know the family pretty well and I know this cat loves to put her harness and leash on and hang out in the front yard. It was a beautiful day. I know family members are coming by to check on her, but she probably isn’t getting outside much b/c the owners are away. So, I let her out (w/ harness and leash) and she quickly became my greeter. She laid in front of the stairs, talked to everyone who approached, which of course got her plenty of petting. She loved it and I felt good that she was able to spend 2 hours outside enjoying the sun. We even got to see a rabbit, but I held her harness so she couldn’t scare the bunny. In this pic, she seems to be living the life, eh?

Anyway, we had a great Victoria Day holiday and I’ve learned to take it easy on myself. We aren’t always perfect, aren’t always going to have the best, most inspiring days every day, but we are who we are. We are all born to be good, we just have to act on it and bring out our best qualities. Every day do something kind. I promise, it will become second nature. At first, you have to think to help others, but eventually you won’t even think, you will just do.


 “Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

Long Weekend In Canada!

Happy Victoria Day to all my Canadian friends. It has been an amazing long weekend so far. I always prefer to write my posts at night, but since I haven’t posted anything in a few days, I’m doing it early. The last 2 days have been beautiful. Friday and Saturday were all sun around 80F.  We were able to mix real estate w/ fun. Either way we have spent the last 2 days outside, so no time to use my computer. It is so nice to see everyone getting out and enjoying themselves. The streets, trails were all full of people. I love seeing others get out for a walk, jog, play, whatever. The street I live on was busy. The kids were out playing hockey, riding bikes & we got to catch up w/ our neighbors. We aren’t the type that have street parties or go over to our neighbors to drink, but we enjoy all of them. So, when we are outside, which hasn’t been in a while due to the winter, we love to hear about what everyone has been up to.

This table was a welcomed site these last couple of days. I learned yesterday that I still can’t work out in the heat. I have never been good at the heat. Weather over 80F (with the sun out it was over 80F) doesn’t suit me unless I’m swimming. Otherwise, I prefer 75 and under. We decided between real estate appointments yesterday around noon to go for a longish jog (8km or 5miles). Problem, it was hot–for me–about 80F all sun. Boy was that a struggle. I will start getting up early to do my workouts. Like today, we got up early and did the 300 stairs (220 ft up and down the escarpment) six times. Then, we did yoga. Great way to start our morning before open houses, home inspections and paperwork. I need to get my workouts in to make my days great!

MG and I can’t believe how amazing our landscaping looks this year. We keep commenting that at this time last year, we had NO landscaping. We started mid June &  didn’t finish until September. It is so nice to have it all done this year already and everything is already bigger and healthier than last year. MG and I set up this little nook on our front lawn as a getaway.  We have a full patio, table, fountain in the back, but sometimes it is nice to sit out front and be social. Here we can watch the kids have fun on the street, talk to neighbors and best of all, see all the animals. Our bird feeder is just on the other side of MG. I can sit there for hours & watch the multitudes of birds, squirrels, chipmunks that come to this feeder. They somewhat trust us too. I don’t want them to be too friendly, but it is nice that they will come and eat w/ us only 3ft away. Thank goodness we got all of this landscaping done. We play in the outdoors all the time. Can’t stand just sitting inside. Now we can relax outside as well.

Speaking of trust. Trust is a funny thing. We all have it, but at different levels. I think I’m sord of like the animals I watch. They stay back, figure us out, come a little closer, observe again, get closer and the cycle continues until they either are comfortable or get scared away. I have always been the type to sit back and observe until I feel comfortable. I am very social and outgoing, but most people don’t really get to know me quickly. I am a very different person w/ new people than w/ people I know. Meaning, I am quiet and in the background at first, but once I know who I’m around, I love to laugh, be silly, etc. I really enjoy just figuring out my surroundings and what people are like before I let myself be free. I don’t “trust” easy. Once I do trust someone, it is full. Unfortunately, since I take a while to trust, if that trust is broken, I can’t get it back. Strange. I know some people who trust quickly, they trust everyone and have no problem forgiving and moving on. I can’t. Is it a fault? Maybe. It just is what it is. If I trust you and it is broken, it is gone. Once that trust is there, it is amazing. How nice is it to have a friend that you can tell everything to and know it is going nowhere. It is an indescribable feeling to have that deep of a connection w/ someone. I feel sad for those who don’t have that w/ anyone and for those that have trust in everyone. I think trust needs to be earned, worked for. I don’t mind working to earn someone’s trust. If you work hard for it, the chances of messing it up are slimmer. Difference between me and the animals, once I’m scared off, I don’t come back around. I can forgive, but I can’t forget. I don’t believe in holding harsh feelings towards others, but in saying that, I don’t forget. It is ok to work for trust and to ask that others work for your trust.

Funny that I’m in real estate. This is a business where your clients have to have the utmost trust in you! They have to know that we are being fair and honest in every situation. They have to trust that we know what we are doing, working for their best interest and getting them what they want. I think that is why we deal as a referral based business. We don’t advertise ourselves very much. 95% of our business comes from the referrals of past, happy clients. Therefore, there is a bit of trust from the start. The new client trusts their friend/family and therefore trust us. Of course, we have to prove ourselves to everyone, but I enjoy that there is already a level of trust from the start. Plus, I feel that you work harder b/c if someone trusts you enough to refer you; you had better be good and do a good job. Their name is on the line for passing on your name. Get it?

I would love to hear how you guys feel about trust. Do you trust easy or does it take a while? Are you able to trust again once someone has broken it?

Well, I’m off to get some work done!  Make the most of every day and think about what I’ve written. I’d love to see some comments from all of you.




“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

Motivation–It Is Powerful!

The things that motivate us can be very small or very large. What motivates you–money, family, career, passion? The sun was shining today and was about 70F, which was very motivating to me. It has rained every day for about a week, so the streets and trails were flooded w/ people out getting Vitamin D and enjoying life. A great feeling to see all the wonderful smiles and harmonious feelings of everyone. Kids playing hockey and riding bikes in the street. Walkers, joggers, bikers on the trails. Just lovely! We were so motivated by the sun that the short bit we were home, MG mowed the grass, we weeded, gazed at our flowers (these matched the red in my jacket) and got out between offers to get a quick 5km (3mile) jog w/ 400 stairs.

Aaaahhh….it felt so nice to feel the sun. Not too hot, not too cold. Just perfect! All the brilliant colors are starting to appear in our yard, the trees, just everywhere. I love spring. The holiday is coming this weekend. Victoria Day for Canadians. Looking forward to a good cookout. I haven’t enjoyed a Veggie Burger in a while.

During my evening jog, near the end of my run I had to cross the road. I was getting tired, so not moving as fast as usual. I was completely out of the way of an approaching car, but apparently not as much as she would have liked. Instead, of slowing down or making a gentle swerve in the free lane next to her, she yelled “get off the road”. Now, most of us should know that pedestrians have the right of way, plus, I was out of her way. This to me is someone having a really bad day. Initially, I wanted to say some explicatives to this lady and of course thought what a B*#ch! Instead, I was motivated to take a deep breath (needed one at this point in my jog anyways) and realize how lucky I was. I was out on a beautiful jog on a lovely day and she was stuck inside her car. Why yell back at her? It would only mess up my good time and would have made her happy to have messed up my good time. I realized how nice it was to brush it off and continue enjoying myself. Wow, the old me would have been not very nice, but I enjoy the new me much more!

Also, I am getting a lot of real estate deals firmed up. This is truly motivational for several reasons. One being that I’m looking forward to getting back to NC for a visit w/ friends and family. The more I can accomplish, the sooner I can go.

Second, and equally important is the uplifting feeling of helping someone get what they really want. Obviously, I am in the business of buying and selling. It is so rewarding (and not for monetary reasons) to see the delightment on people’s faces when they sell their home for a great price or get their new dream home. It is not easy. Most times you do a lot of leg work and nothing comes in to fruition. Then, you do a lot of leg work and just when you think it is not going to happen–BAM!–the impossible is possible. I love it. I crave it. The idea of not knowing from one minute to the next what is going to happen.

This is why I do this blog, why I teach fitness, why I train dogs. I love to see the pleasure others get when good things happen for them. Weight loss, trained dog, new home. All makes me happy and motivates me for the next day!

So, find your motivation. Could be a vacation, making someone else feel good, anything. Find it and do it! Life flies by, so do as much w/ it and get as much out of it as you can. You don’t get a replay.

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”

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