No CT Scan!

Luckily, I received a phone call yesterday from my oncologist and they gave me the option of keeping my CT scan appt for today or cancelling. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I wanted to get home and research how dangerous CT scans are (I know who’d have thought–me doing research). In some ways, I wanted to keep the appt b/c it is nice to have a base line and to see if there is anything else wrong. Then, I got home and started looking around on the net. It didn’t take me long to realize, I did not want to go through w/ this appt if I did not have to. CT scans can be a great resource if there is no other option and something needs to be done quickly ie. a car accident. Otherwise, the amount of radiation that is transmitted is very high. I have attached a link,8599,1818520,00.html.  After reading this link and several others, I called the oncologist and cancelled my appt. Again, some may need this technology and it is great at showing what is going on inside of you, but if you don’t need a CT scan, I would not get one.

Also, I am now on every other week for bloodwork, so I don’t have to give blood until Monday. Little nervous about that b/c I’ve been going every week now for 3 months, so never know what’s going to happen w/ my HcG levels.

Well, back to the IPAD thing from last night. I have looked in to the IPAD and the Playbook (Blackberry’s version). I don’t think either are what I want b/c you can’t get unlimited data. I need unlimited b/c I would use it a lot at listing appts to show the seller’s what is their competition. If anyone has any insight into either of these devices, please leave a comment or e-mail me.

So, I’ve been working out every day and since my D&C I can’t drop those last few pounds. I gained a few b/c of my molar pregnancy and remember, my body thought it was twice as far along. I feel like I’m more toned, but would like to take off the few extra pounds. I am working on different exercises and meals to finally kick my body back into burning. One of these is to get back into Interval training. Interval training is bursts of high intensity w/ recovery. I haven’t done this type of training in at least a month. I was nervous to get back in to it b/c it is difficult especially when you haven’t done it in a while. I did it and it felt so good to get back in to it. I did a minute at light jog, minute at a hard jog, 30 sec at light jog, 30 sec at a sprint and repeat for 21 mins. This type of training gets as much done in 20mins as a long, steady run. Not me in picture–I would not be smiling. Too busy trying to breathe.

I will also incorporate more strength training. I do some yoga and Jillian Michael’s videos,  but I’m going to start having one or two days of heavier, more intense weight training. You burn more fat for longer if you strenthen your muscles. Also, gotta do some spring cleaning of my diet. I will be posting on these topics to let you know how it’s going.

Who’s getting up for the royal wedding at 3am?  I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any interest in the wedding. I feel a little guilty b/c it’s such a big deal and a lot of people are excited, but I’ll be enjoying my Tempurpedic and wonderful dream while all of this is going on. I did hear that they have everything down to the exact minute it’s going to happen–the kiss, when we see her dress, etc. Wow!  Good for them, hope the marriage goes well. Until tomorrow…..



“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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