Many Different Subjects Await You!

There’s a few fun things going on, so I’m writing on multiple subjects tonight.

Interesting enough, my office had a presentation today from a website company. I got a lot of great info that helps me understand all the different options for web marketing. Obviously, this course was based on how to get more people to view your real estate site. I will be starting our real estate sight soon.  Luckily, there was a large amount on all types including blog sites. I found all of this info very helpful and exciting. I love technology and I love being able to promote through technology even more. 

 MG enjoyed it as well, but now he has a new problem.  I really want an IPAD. So, we will be looking into this further this week. It’s such a neat, little way to carry info around w/ you. What I mean is that I can go anywhere and pull up properties to show people or whatever. I will have to work on some better sales pitches in order to achieve purchasing one of these little wonders.  I don’t know, I’m just trying to make it sound magnificent so that we can get one. If and when I get one, I will let everyone know my thoughts and how it works. If you already have one, write me and fill me in.  Let you know how that goes.

This course taught me a lot b/c I am a new blogger. I have a lot to learn and I need to learn pretty quick. I’m fortunate b/c I’m getting hundreds of hits on my blog, so I need to make sure I’m keeping things fresh, updated and interesting. Leave a comment if anyone has suggestions or things you would like to see on my blog. Look forward to hearing from you guys.

Tonight all of us (me, MG, his parents and all his siblings) went to Waterloo. MG’s dad is being inducted into the “Century Team” for Laurier. He is already in the Hall of Fame there. His dad is an ex Ticat player (local CFL football team). So, 7 of us piled in to our van and one drove on his own after work. The food was magnificent. Tons of people. We just had a great time. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. We had a fun filled, wonderful night!

After a few days of not eating so well, I am going to have to do some spring cleaning to my diet. It’s not that I’ve let everything go, it’s just that we’ve been gone a lot and enjoying many meals out. I have a lot of things I can change. I try to eat pretty well, but I do have a junk food obsession. I love Tobelrone chocolate and Dorito’s. I’m going to work on some good tricks to get healthier and make it easy for any of you guys that want to do the spring cleaning diet w/ me. By the way, when I use the word “diet” I don’t mean it in terms of “dieting”, I mean in terms of eating as healthy and clean as possilbe. I will be doing a blog in the next few on this subject. Stay tuned!

“Make It A Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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