What Grapes Make the Best Wine? Here’s Your Answer!

Well, it’s been a long, but great day. I haven’t had much time to get on the computer. Today was dedicated mostly to real estate. Business has been good, steady, but is now skyrocketing. I love it b/c you get to meet so many interesting people. We had 2 listing appointments, a crazy offer (meaning a lot to deal with) & a coffee w/ my brokers. You see, I love coffee w/ my brokers. They are from Italy and know a lot about a lot. It’s nice b/c we can go to them at any time. We have called them at home at midnight before w/ questions regarding an offer. These are the type of people you want to be in business for. You see, we, as real estate salespeople are in control of protecting our clients w/ the biggest investment and decision they will ever make. Buying and/or selling their home. This is a big deal. We get very attached to our clients. They all turn in to friends. I can’t count how many dinners, stag and does, weddings, baby showers, etc that we have attended for our clients, now friends. We love our job, but you have to be a confident person to help someone w/ the largest purchase of their lives.

Enter our brokers. We are fortunate b/c our brokerage, not any others that I know of, have an open door policy. It is a family run brokerage, so someone (there’s 5 of them) is always available to answer questions. This helps protect all of us. I would rather discuss something ahead of time rather than have my client sent down the river. Some have too much pride to admit when they are unsure. I see it as learning. I have no problem admitting if I need help or that I am not sure of something. This is all part of learning and at the same time making sure that my client ALWAYS comes out safe and clean.  On the side, our brokers know something about everything. He has an amazing coffee machine (actually we went to Faema in TO w/ him and got one for our house as well). When we see him, we all go to his office for a cappuccino. He’s from Italy, we lived there for 5 months, we all appreciate a good coffee. This is good coffee, beans straight from Italy. Anyway, I learned from him today that the best cheese comes from cows that eat the grass on the side of the mountain, as well as, the best wine is from grapes that grow on the side of the mountain. See, cows that eat at the bottom make more milk, but it’s more watered down. The grass at the bottom is full of water, so it dilutes the milk the cow produces. When the cow eats on the side, the grass only grabs the amount of water it needs, so it’s not saturated, therefore the cow makes less milk, but its strong and delicious. Same works for the grapes used in wine. Capiche?

Just a little bit of food for thought. I found this very interesting and it explains a lot. I always wondered why cheese, the same kind, could taste so different. Speaking of food and taste–we went for Thai w/ some wonderful friends of ours. Ironically, they were clients originally. We have so much in common and really enjoy meeting up w/ these two. They always have a lot to offer and talk about and we usually see each other at festivals. We all love festivals–wine and food fest, cactus fest, Buskerfest. Aaaahhhh….good times. Can’t wait to meet up w/ you guys again, SOON!  Thanks for a great night.

Then, I had an indoor soccer game, that we won! We needed to win or we were out of playoffs. Hooray for some more playoff soccer.  Great group of girls. They have gotten me through these last few months and none of them even know. Thanks girls! Muuahhh!


“Make It a Great Day–Go Inspire!”

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