Grasp and Don’t Take for Granted!

We are helping w/ Minor Midget hockey tryouts this week.   Minor Midget is a huge year for 15 yr old boys. This is their year to shine, the year they can get drafted to the OHL (Ontario Hockey League).  The OHL is huge and is a step in the direction of going on to play in the NHL. During this time my mind tends to wander. 

This gave me time to realize how much I am thankful for.  By making this mental note of what I was thankful for, I started to realize how many things I take for granted.  I never wanted or planned on taking things for granted.  Nonetheless, I do and have.

By doing this blog I have re-connected with so many friends I had in NC. Some of these gals I have kept in touch with, but only on occassion.  We e-mail or something every few months.  Ever since moving to Canada, I have been so focused on my own life (career, house, fiance & his family/friends & trying to make a few of my own friends) that I have lost touch of who I was in NC. After starting this blog, I started to hear from some of these lovely friends I would see daily or weekly.  I never realized how important these people are to me. When they wrote me, I felt this warm, excited feeling flush through my veins. They cared about me, my blog, who I used to be and finding out who I am now. Wow! That makes you feel special. I found out that one started her own company and magazine and got married, another was married, another married w/ a 3yr old boy and moved to Tennessee, another is a promotion manager and moved to Florida. We will be keeping in touch and I’m so proud of all of you. Thank you to all of you (you know who you are) and I will not lose touch again. I took our friendships for granted, assuming they will always be there and I’m not doing that again.

We are all guilty of taking for granted. Stop for just a moment and think about it. Do you assume that every time you call your mom or dad, they will be there?  Do you assume that when you come home from work your husband will be there?  What about calling your friend for advice or a listening ear, that they will listen?  What if any of these examples were not there one day, how would you feel?  All of these happen to me every day and I take them for granted. I don’t say I love you enough, give hugs enough, say thank you enough. See where I’m going?  I can’t imagine a world w/o my fiance, friends, family (not in any order), how sad, lost I would be. But I don’t tell them this, in fact until today I’m not sure I ever really thought of any of this. Life is short, live every moment, every day like it might be the last one. Treat your friends, family, loved ones like you may not have them tomorrow. This means cherish what you care about, don’t take it for granted, remind yourself what you have and how lucky you are to have it and say “thank you” for those who take the time to care about you. I hope I’ve made my point. Go grasp life and what it has to offer and enjoy, cherish those that are willing to take the plunge w/ you.

So, after watching tryouts or mind wandering, we had to finish an offer from last night and then went to watch another hockey game.  We have to get in all the hockey we can right now, the season is almost over.  I’m always so sad when hockey ends for the season. Here’s a photo from earlier today, thought all my Canadian friends would like the flag in the background. 

So, thank you all for listening. I hope I have inspired you to be thankful and not take anything for granted. Now, go enjoy some hockey playoffs!

“Make It a Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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