Party–I Love Parites!

Today was a really fun day.  We had a lot of good things going on with real estate.  A couple listings, an offer and some strong interest in 2 of our already listed properties.  Also, one of my sis-in-laws is having her 40th bday party tonight.  We had a small celebration at the Keg on her actual bday day.

But tonight…everyone’s coming and it was a blast.  She had a really good time, which was most important.  Her mom, my in-law, did a fantastic job setting it all up.  She was kind enough to order the most delicious food (even made sure a lot was veggie for me) ie fried pickles, cheese pizza, veggie tray, you name it.  So good.  Then, we all had a few drinks, tons of laughs and before you knew it, hours had past and it was time to go home.  I really enjoyed seeing all the people I know and meeting all the ones I didn’t know.  She is lucky to have such a magnificent group of old and new friends. 

Had a blast!  Appreciate being a part of it!

Oh and I forgot to congratulate her on finishing her first Around the Bay race (30km run–it is the oldest road race in N.America beginning in 1894) on March 27 , 2011 and she did it in under 3 hrs.  Amazing and Inspiring!

“Make it a Great Day–Go Inspire!”

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