Oncologist Appt #2

I don’t walk in to my Dr appointments assuming anything anymore.  I had my 2nd oncologist appointment today at 9am and I am set to start chemo at 10am.  I found out from my bloodwork yesterday that I am all the way down to ONE! This is where I need to be, one or below (can only go as low as zero).  This is tremendously exciting.  What has to be understood is that I now have to stay at one for 3 consecutive weeks, then every other week for  a month, then monthly for at least 5 months.  Now you can see why I say excited to be there (HcG levels at one), but I have to stay there for a long time, still a long road ahead.   I am hoping they will cancel my chemo based on the fact that I am now where they want me to be.  Also, all of my monthly cycles have been perfectly on timing since the D&C.  This has always been good as a lot of times people have to start on birth control to get their cycles going.

So, I enter into the Dr office (again, not the start of a joke here).  The Dr, the Resident and the nurse enter the room (ok go ahead, insert your own joke here).  They all have big smiles.  They are actually excited to tell me that they are cancelling my chemo appointment.  They have NEVER seen anyone’s levels drop w/o chemo. They are all truly happy, but very shocked and confused.  The oncologist kept repeating that he doesn’t understand how they came down on their own, that’s never happened. But it did.  Now I’ve got to keep it there.

MG and I left the office with such a feeling of happiness.  He wanted to celebrate w/ me, we decided to cross the border into Niagara Falls, NY (abt 45mins away). I have been wanting a Fossil purse and we always love NY pizza and wings (of course I’m a veggie, I don’t eat the wings).  We had a great time shopping and buying, loved the food (felt sick the rest after–don’t eat this much grease) and stopped to watch a hockey game on the way home.  Great day!

FYI–I will be doing a post on the things I think helped to bring my HcG levels down.

“Make It a Great Day–Go Inspire!”

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