OM…Spring is Coming!!!

Spring is nudging its magnificence through. Sure signs of spring: Chipmunks, Robins, Street Hockey, Patio Furniture, Mosquitos & much more! On this last day of April….these are all things I’ve seen.
So excited to see this is a chipmunk and a dove under the bird feeder. Below is the chipmunk trying to climb the pole. My first sighting of a chipmunk since the fall. Chipmunks do hibernate. They borough in holes & eat off the supply they have stored away. They aren’t true hibernators, but they do hide through the winter months. Similar to humans. We don’t get to hide away from the cold, but it’s apparent that spring is here. My street is suddenly full of road hockey, kids on bikes and playing, & birds are everywhere.
MG, his sister and parents had to do the annual stick pick up around his parents’ 18acres. I am usually a part of this, but real estate was a bit too busy today. I had to finish up a few listing appointments and an offer. I went over after the appointments for a lovely dinner and visit. MMMM….dinner was a yummy veggie pasta, pizza, crusty bread and caesar salad. Everyone was pretty tired and sore. See, I make it sound simple, picking up sticks, but it’s a lot of raking, carrying, bending down to get the sticks. You get the idea.  Afterwards MG and I took a walk through the woods. We love to walk back there. It’s so quiet and peaceful and we always see animals. There were so many hoof prints from very large deer, tons of birds and wildlife. It’s our little getaway from the city. It’s just beautiful here. We don’t even talk. Just enJOY the silence, the beauty. A little slice of Heaven.
Everyone needs their quiet place. We just happen to both really enjoy the outdoors and the nature. We get outside for hikes, walks, jogs year round, no matter the weather–snow, rain, shine. It’s just magical to feel the aura of the crisp breeze, nature and longer days. These pics were around 7:30pm and still bright out. I’m not sure if I’ve made it clear how excited I am for Spring. I love all 4 seasons and get excited as a new season starts to approach.
I’m ready for spring! I can’t wait to start blogging from a Starbucks patio again. To start seeing the shades of color appear in my own backyard. I love seeing all the kids out playing rather than sitting in front of the TV. I’m ready and it looks like it is beginning. Now its time to share and smile…we all know what’s around the corner.


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No CT Scan!

Luckily, I received a phone call yesterday from my oncologist and they gave me the option of keeping my CT scan appt for today or cancelling. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I wanted to get home and research how dangerous CT scans are (I know who’d have thought–me doing research). In some ways, I wanted to keep the appt b/c it is nice to have a base line and to see if there is anything else wrong. Then, I got home and started looking around on the net. It didn’t take me long to realize, I did not want to go through w/ this appt if I did not have to. CT scans can be a great resource if there is no other option and something needs to be done quickly ie. a car accident. Otherwise, the amount of radiation that is transmitted is very high. I have attached a link,8599,1818520,00.html.  After reading this link and several others, I called the oncologist and cancelled my appt. Again, some may need this technology and it is great at showing what is going on inside of you, but if you don’t need a CT scan, I would not get one.

Also, I am now on every other week for bloodwork, so I don’t have to give blood until Monday. Little nervous about that b/c I’ve been going every week now for 3 months, so never know what’s going to happen w/ my HcG levels.

Well, back to the IPAD thing from last night. I have looked in to the IPAD and the Playbook (Blackberry’s version). I don’t think either are what I want b/c you can’t get unlimited data. I need unlimited b/c I would use it a lot at listing appts to show the seller’s what is their competition. If anyone has any insight into either of these devices, please leave a comment or e-mail me.

So, I’ve been working out every day and since my D&C I can’t drop those last few pounds. I gained a few b/c of my molar pregnancy and remember, my body thought it was twice as far along. I feel like I’m more toned, but would like to take off the few extra pounds. I am working on different exercises and meals to finally kick my body back into burning. One of these is to get back into Interval training. Interval training is bursts of high intensity w/ recovery. I haven’t done this type of training in at least a month. I was nervous to get back in to it b/c it is difficult especially when you haven’t done it in a while. I did it and it felt so good to get back in to it. I did a minute at light jog, minute at a hard jog, 30 sec at light jog, 30 sec at a sprint and repeat for 21 mins. This type of training gets as much done in 20mins as a long, steady run. Not me in picture–I would not be smiling. Too busy trying to breathe.

I will also incorporate more strength training. I do some yoga and Jillian Michael’s videos,  but I’m going to start having one or two days of heavier, more intense weight training. You burn more fat for longer if you strenthen your muscles. Also, gotta do some spring cleaning of my diet. I will be posting on these topics to let you know how it’s going.

Who’s getting up for the royal wedding at 3am?  I’m sorry to say that I don’t have any interest in the wedding. I feel a little guilty b/c it’s such a big deal and a lot of people are excited, but I’ll be enjoying my Tempurpedic and wonderful dream while all of this is going on. I did hear that they have everything down to the exact minute it’s going to happen–the kiss, when we see her dress, etc. Wow!  Good for them, hope the marriage goes well. Until tomorrow…..



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Many Different Subjects Await You!

There’s a few fun things going on, so I’m writing on multiple subjects tonight.

Interesting enough, my office had a presentation today from a website company. I got a lot of great info that helps me understand all the different options for web marketing. Obviously, this course was based on how to get more people to view your real estate site. I will be starting our real estate sight soon.  Luckily, there was a large amount on all types including blog sites. I found all of this info very helpful and exciting. I love technology and I love being able to promote through technology even more. 

 MG enjoyed it as well, but now he has a new problem.  I really want an IPAD. So, we will be looking into this further this week. It’s such a neat, little way to carry info around w/ you. What I mean is that I can go anywhere and pull up properties to show people or whatever. I will have to work on some better sales pitches in order to achieve purchasing one of these little wonders.  I don’t know, I’m just trying to make it sound magnificent so that we can get one. If and when I get one, I will let everyone know my thoughts and how it works. If you already have one, write me and fill me in.  Let you know how that goes.

This course taught me a lot b/c I am a new blogger. I have a lot to learn and I need to learn pretty quick. I’m fortunate b/c I’m getting hundreds of hits on my blog, so I need to make sure I’m keeping things fresh, updated and interesting. Leave a comment if anyone has suggestions or things you would like to see on my blog. Look forward to hearing from you guys.

Tonight all of us (me, MG, his parents and all his siblings) went to Waterloo. MG’s dad is being inducted into the “Century Team” for Laurier. He is already in the Hall of Fame there. His dad is an ex Ticat player (local CFL football team). So, 7 of us piled in to our van and one drove on his own after work. The food was magnificent. Tons of people. We just had a great time. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. We had a fun filled, wonderful night!

After a few days of not eating so well, I am going to have to do some spring cleaning to my diet. It’s not that I’ve let everything go, it’s just that we’ve been gone a lot and enjoying many meals out. I have a lot of things I can change. I try to eat pretty well, but I do have a junk food obsession. I love Tobelrone chocolate and Dorito’s. I’m going to work on some good tricks to get healthier and make it easy for any of you guys that want to do the spring cleaning diet w/ me. By the way, when I use the word “diet” I don’t mean it in terms of “dieting”, I mean in terms of eating as healthy and clean as possilbe. I will be doing a blog in the next few on this subject. Stay tuned!

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What Grapes Make the Best Wine? Here’s Your Answer!

Well, it’s been a long, but great day. I haven’t had much time to get on the computer. Today was dedicated mostly to real estate. Business has been good, steady, but is now skyrocketing. I love it b/c you get to meet so many interesting people. We had 2 listing appointments, a crazy offer (meaning a lot to deal with) & a coffee w/ my brokers. You see, I love coffee w/ my brokers. They are from Italy and know a lot about a lot. It’s nice b/c we can go to them at any time. We have called them at home at midnight before w/ questions regarding an offer. These are the type of people you want to be in business for. You see, we, as real estate salespeople are in control of protecting our clients w/ the biggest investment and decision they will ever make. Buying and/or selling their home. This is a big deal. We get very attached to our clients. They all turn in to friends. I can’t count how many dinners, stag and does, weddings, baby showers, etc that we have attended for our clients, now friends. We love our job, but you have to be a confident person to help someone w/ the largest purchase of their lives.

Enter our brokers. We are fortunate b/c our brokerage, not any others that I know of, have an open door policy. It is a family run brokerage, so someone (there’s 5 of them) is always available to answer questions. This helps protect all of us. I would rather discuss something ahead of time rather than have my client sent down the river. Some have too much pride to admit when they are unsure. I see it as learning. I have no problem admitting if I need help or that I am not sure of something. This is all part of learning and at the same time making sure that my client ALWAYS comes out safe and clean.  On the side, our brokers know something about everything. He has an amazing coffee machine (actually we went to Faema in TO w/ him and got one for our house as well). When we see him, we all go to his office for a cappuccino. He’s from Italy, we lived there for 5 months, we all appreciate a good coffee. This is good coffee, beans straight from Italy. Anyway, I learned from him today that the best cheese comes from cows that eat the grass on the side of the mountain, as well as, the best wine is from grapes that grow on the side of the mountain. See, cows that eat at the bottom make more milk, but it’s more watered down. The grass at the bottom is full of water, so it dilutes the milk the cow produces. When the cow eats on the side, the grass only grabs the amount of water it needs, so it’s not saturated, therefore the cow makes less milk, but its strong and delicious. Same works for the grapes used in wine. Capiche?

Just a little bit of food for thought. I found this very interesting and it explains a lot. I always wondered why cheese, the same kind, could taste so different. Speaking of food and taste–we went for Thai w/ some wonderful friends of ours. Ironically, they were clients originally. We have so much in common and really enjoy meeting up w/ these two. They always have a lot to offer and talk about and we usually see each other at festivals. We all love festivals–wine and food fest, cactus fest, Buskerfest. Aaaahhhh….good times. Can’t wait to meet up w/ you guys again, SOON!  Thanks for a great night.

Then, I had an indoor soccer game, that we won! We needed to win or we were out of playoffs. Hooray for some more playoff soccer.  Great group of girls. They have gotten me through these last few months and none of them even know. Thanks girls! Muuahhh!


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I was reading a blog that I really enjoy today, and she was asking what we enjoy about spring.  My response just came flowing out. I’m ready for spring. I love spring! Not too hot, not too cold. I can’t wait to take my journal back out to the patio while sipping on coffee. Can’t wait for all my flowers to start to bloom again, such an array of color. I just love spring. The beautiful warmer days w/ crispness to the night winds. Just beautiful and magical. Laying outside watching the stars and all the animals come around again. The longer days and so on. Just can’t wait. Spring is always a welcomed site here in Canada.
I got to enjoy a great morning. MG and I had needed to get outside as much as we could early b/c they are calling for rain here for the next couple of days. We went out for an earlier morning jog along one of our trails. This trail runs along the top of the escarpment (see April 21, Floating on a Cloud) overlooking the city. I stopped for 5 seconds to snap this picture of what we see the whole time we jog on this trail. It was so nice b/c it is Easter Monday, so many people were out today with their children and/or dogs enjoying some family time. This makes me really miss my 2 boys (Stryker and Tazz). I just know I’m not ready yet. Not ready to add a puppy back into the craziness of our lives right now.

We then went for a walk in Oakville and I got to enjoy 3 of  my favorite things. We grabbed a Starbucks Americano and headed to LuluLemon and Bluboho (lovely jewelry store–all jewelry from local creators I haven’t been to either store in a while, so I was going through serious withdrawal. Very proud, I didn’t buy anything, probably the first time that has ever happened. 

All is balance. Real Estate is really picking back up, which is good, but I like to reward myself by buying things. I don’t think I’ve had a real challenge lately that warrants a purchase. You gotta feel good about buying things.

We all have our ups & downs. We just have to find balance. You have to work for your goals, push for them, but sometimes you have to just relax and let things happen. I am very social and I usually enjoy being around others. I found that when I left my surroundings, my comfort in NC to move around w/ MG and finally land in Canada, I tried too hard. I’ve always had things just kind of line themselves up for me. I never had to try too hard. Then, I was taken out of my comfort zone and wham! it was difficult. I needed my friends, family, etc. See I’m extremely impatient. This is not an attribute. I want things done. I want them to happen now. So, when I left, I wanted everything I had & I needed it immediately. I wanted my name to have the same notoriety, I needed friends, I already had a relationship, but I needed it to be perfect. See where I’m going?

Then, I found balance. Once I stopped over pushing for things, they seemed to line up. While we were moving around and MG was still playing hockey, I started teaching fitness again. I would find a local gym and get involved. This helped me feel good that I was doing something to help myself and at the same time helping others. Actually, I haven’t taught here in Canada and I miss it, need to get the courage to get going again. Another topic for another blog. I met wonderful people who I still keep in touch with today. We don’t live near each other anymore, but we still keep in touch.

I see this in many people.  A lot of people in a relationship, want to be single. Singles want to meet someone. Once they stop looking and start enjoying time on their own, that special someone just walks right in. It’s like that w/ friends. We tend to try too hard to make people like us. I’m really bad about this. I like to be liked. I want to be friends w/ people who have similar interests. It’s difficult to make friends when you are out of school and not seeing the person every day. You have to try harder to meet up. Once I stop searching and trying to make friends w/ everyone, I sit back and realize that while trying to make connections w/ new people, I was forgetting my “real” friends. That’s when I realized I need more balance in this area. Yes, its nice to meet new people and if there is a connection, great! But, I have people already in my life, some new and some old, that care and like me. They are interested in me and what I do. I don’t have to try to get them to like me, they just do.  That’s my balance. Focusing on what I already have.

Same went for my molar pregnancy. I was fighting so hard to control something that is uncontrollable. I was told that there was nothing I could do to lower my hormone levels. Guess what, if they didn’t drop, I’d need chemo. There’s so many problems w/ this statement for me. I need control.  I desperately want my levels to drop so that I can move forward w/ life. I am terrified of getting chemo. Once, I finally stopped stressing over these 3 uncontrollable things, and just realized, I have no control, I can’t move forward until my levels drop and I may need chemo to drop my levels to move forward; my levels came way down. Amazing!

It’s all about balance. Stop trying to “make” things happen, stop trying to control everything and everyone and let the pieces of the puzzle fall where they may. I still believe you have to stay focused, fight, push for things, but just don’t overdo it. Your love, your friends, personality, career will fall into place w/ hard work and determination, but not over pursuing. This is very difficult to do. This is something I am working on, which is why I felt the need to blog about it. So, I don’t want to make it seem so easy, b/c it’s not, but if you start to think about just relaxing and taking it all in, it will work itself out.   

Nice and steady–don’t go too far left or right! Just enjoy and appreciate!


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Hoppity Hop Hop!

New Recipe for Asparagus, just added to the “Recipes” tab at top. Amazingly delicious and pretty easy to make. Check it out and leave a commnent on what you thought!

I love get togethers. It feels so nice to be around family and happy people. The little ones did the Easter egg hunt. Secretly, I would still love to do this. As they are running along, finding all the eggs, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself for all the ones I find along the way. Then, I have to remind myself of my age and the fact that we are hiding them for 3 and 7 yr olds, not…ughhum, my age.

Anyway, the day was just a beautiful, spring day. The sun was shinning, a nice breaze in the air. Just a perfect day. You know, not too hot, not too cold–perfect!  This was the first time since making this blog public that I have seen everyone. They were all  pretty interested to talk to me about my journey of this molar pregnancy. I got a lot of “I knew something wasn’t right or now things all make sense.” Strange how much people notice. I thought I was acting very normal during all of this. Little did I know that people around me who cared, didn’t know what was going on, but that something wasn’t right.  There were a lot of people that came over and an abundant amount of food. As I’ve stated, I’m vegetarian and my mother-in-law rarely eats meat. She made most all of the food and it was amazing!  There was so much and the majority was veggie. You get so full off of veggies. 

I didn’t even get a pic of the desserts. We had ice cream cake, cupcakes, muffins, chocolate, cookies, and the list goes on.

Just imagine how full we were.  Luckily, I got some proof of before and after dinner photos.  See how most are standing, laughing, looking alert….


Then after dinner, the guys weren’t to be bothered or moved, watching hockey playoffs, lounging….

The women, not much better off. This was the most I was getting….Well, at least we are all still smiling, even though we had to roll everywhere. Anyway, great day, great visiting and magnificent food!  Thank you all, if I can’t have my family here, you guys help me to make the most of it. Just fantastic!

This has been a busy week and looking forward to another very busy week.  This was a great ending to a great week.  Hope everyone else got to enjoy a wonderful Easter doing whatever makes you the happiest! Here’s to tomorrow and a new day of memories!

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Don’t Be Phoney, Be True

It’s Good Friday and I love it! We are having our family get together tomorrow. Everyone will be coming to my in-laws house for a great time and some fantastic eats. Thank you AT (my mother-in-law) for doing all of this. She has to clean, cook, entertain and play with the grandkids. None of this she minds, never complains, but I’m not sure she will ever realize how much we all appreciate her effort and how much we all look forward to being together. Oh yes, and thank you ET (father-in-law) for doing all the outdoor work. Can’t wait.

On this great day, I wanted to take a moment to talk about being trusting your instinct. Not everyone is true, sometimes people are phoney and out for their own gain. I really appreciate people, companies, etc that want to help others. I, in doing this blog want to help others. I am not getting anything out of this other than the kind comments that you all write me either to my personal e-mail or write on this site. Not everything I say will work for everyone, nor do I have the same beliefs of everyone else. Point is, I’m only doing it b/c I care. I’m bringing this up b/c I’ve come across so many kind, helpful people while doing this blog. Others have sent me their blogs, I read them and learn a lot.

On the other hand, I’ve also noticed some that are only out there for the wrong reasons. Please go in to every situation, fad, etc w/ an open mind, but trust your gut. There are some out there that don’t believe in anything they are promoting. If you think it is a product, belief, diet, political view, whatever that you feel would better your life, give it a try. Just do some research and always trust your own instinct.

I hope this doesn’t come off as negative or directed at anyone. I’ve only received positive notes from this end, but I just see so much out there that plays on our emotions. So many of us, myself included, are always looking for that easy way or that miracle that will change our situations and make them all better. Sometimes this just is not the case. I feel we have to work on ourselves to change our situations. Like I’ve stated, do something nice for someone, buy their coffee, call or e-mail someone you haven’t contacted in a while. Eat healthy, try to use natural cleaning substances and cosmetics. Re-connect spiritually and try making time just for yourself. Whether it’s yoga, meditaion, cooking, do something for you. Working on cleaning yourself  on the inside, outside and mentally will help you the most in the end.

Trust yourself and follow your own instinct. You need to decide who is out there that will help you go in the direction you want to. Don’t just fall for the next fad. Don’t just believe everything you hear. Treat people kindly and w/ respect and you will generally only get the same back in return. Get to know others and then decide if they are someone you want to get to know more. Don’t judge without giving a chance. Some may fool you.  They can be great people or they can be deceiving and only out for their own gain. Start paying attention to your inner voice.

Went to my first auction today (can you pick out the real estate agents?–stand out, eh?) and it was pretty interesting. Can you imagine being able to talk that fast for so long. We have the farm listed for sale that the auction was at, so we went to see what it was like and to be there to answer any questions re: the listing. The Seller was the auctioneer and he had to do this from 9am-5pm. Over 600 people. Well, to a long day mixed w/ autction, showings, listings, hockey and we are going out for the night!


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