I’ve Been Touched By a Miracle

As you may have read in my last post, my oncologist set me up for my first chemo session for next Wens. Well, today I got my HcG levels back from the blood they took yesterday.  I am down to 7!!!!  I noticed during the week that my cardio was way better (better than before I was pregnant) & I was hungary a lot more.  I am hungary when I wake up, hungary through the day, back like before all of this. The Dr’s will usually count you as negative as anything under 5.  I’m so close.  Since I had a full molar pregnancy, they want me to be 1 or below.  That’s ok, I will get there! I could not be more elated today.  The oncologist’s nurse called to give me my levels and she said this is a significant drop. Everyone in the office was very happy and couldn’t believe it.  So far, so good, but a long ways to go.

My mom is doing very well and retires in 2 days.  So excited for her.  She can finally start living her life now.  I would never wish anything on anyone.  In some cases, bad things happen to good people and it benefits them.  My mom has been working out every day for one hour, going for walks, eating healthier.  She has dropped 20lbs. I am so proud of her and she is my inspiration.  I sit back and look at my situation, but she went through way more than me.  She had 6 tumors in her left breast.  She had to lose her left breast.  That is terrifying, but she has let it enable her to live better and happier.  She had totally turned her life around for the better.  How ironic, we are going through this together. She is amazing.

So, I’m feeling like I’m on cloud 9 right now.  MG keeps reminding me to take it easy, as we’ve seen things go up and down for months now.  I shouldn’t get too excited b/c the road ahead is still long and windy.  On this kind of day, I’m going to leave you w/ the most adorable picture of Tazz.  My favorite gum is Stride.  I was putting on my makeup one day when Tazz, on his own, came into the room holding a pack of my Stride gum.  This was Tazz in a nutshell.  If he found something that he wanted, but knew he shouldn’t have, he would hold it between his teeth and look down.  He always told on himself.  Here you go.  Hope it makes you smile as much as it does me!

“Make It a Great Day–Go Inspire!”


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