Hmmm….a Plateau?

Well, it’s the beginning of March and my HcG levels are not budging very much.  As of Feb 22nd they were down to 21, but on Feb 28th they went up to 27.  This concerns me.  I’ve always been told and all that I’ve researched shows that you have NO control over your HcG, which are your hormones.  There’s nothing you can do to make them drop faster, slow down, etc.  Obviously in my situation I only want them to drop faster.  What is it?  I have a hard time believing that I have no control.

Something I’ve really been in tune with lately is how damaging stress is.  I’ve always heard it, but I’m starting to think it is really as bad as they say it is.  MG decided to join a high level hockey for the last month of play.  This really concerned me b/c I don’t want him getting hurt.  The schedule that he has currently, even for only a month concerns me.  And, of course, his first game out he had his lip split wide open and teeth knocked loose w/ a high stick.  I feel butterflies in my time the entire 2.5hrs of gameplay.  Not only for his safety, but he other dimension too.  I’m competitive and I like to win! Therefore, I really want him to win.  If he’s going to play for the last month, I want him to do his best and take it all the way.  They are about to enter into playoffs. 

Is stress why my levels are trickling up or did I put it in my own head about being in the 20’s.  I don’t know, but I want to change it.  Remember I mentioned I over research.  Well, now I’ve got to go research how to take control of you mind, body & spirit.  I’ll update you to let you know how things are going.

“Make it a Great Day–Go Inspire!”

Here’s a memory that really makes me smile:

This is in Florence, Italy.  We had a great time and yes the dogs were w/ us everywhere.  They were allowed in all malls, restaurants, you name it.  That was the life!


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